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Struggling with my cat allergy

Hi everyone,

when i bought a kitten from my aunt i didn't know that i had an allergic reaction from my cat and after 9 months i'm realizing that maybe it's my cat that's causing this allergic reaction, and i was right about it
I own a Siamese cat for about 1,2 year.
after 1 month my nose suddenly got stuffed and this is been hapenning for about 1 year. I really don't want to find my cat a new home because she's a part of my family now.
These are the symptoms i get :
1.Stuffed Nose.
2.Itchy Nose
3.Sneezing, followed by
4.itchy throat after sneezing
5.Eczema on forehead. it's not extreme tho, it's just 3 or 4 dots, that's all
But having a stuffed nose for 1 year is really uncomfortable, instead of breathing through my nose, i'm breathing MOSTLY through my mouth.
At this point my mom thinks to find a new home for my cat, cause of my cat allergic.
i'm against that decision, but can't say she's wrong.
If i can't find any good medicine or tips that would help me through this allergic reaction, then it's time for a new home for my cat.
Because after all living a comfortable life is important.
What do guys think, how can i minimize my cat allergy?
I actually wanted to ask this for some time now, any tips are welcome.
I mostly get stuffed nose, everyday basically.

p.s I'm from Belgium, so sorry for my English

Thanks in advance
A picture of my cat
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