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Post Crusty Ear on Cat

A couple weeks ago I found a little scab on my cats ear that was small and had some liquid coming from it. At the end of the week it was covering more of his ear and he was licking his back end for 45 minutes and we took him to the Vet. He also has some spots on his back end that have scabbed and has hair loss around those spots. The vet could not figure out what it was allergies or a skin infections. They gave him an antibiotic shot and a steroid shot. we have to wash his ear every couple of days. Went back a week later he still was having crusty ear and they did the black light test to see if it is ringworm and nothing glowed. Gave him more antibiotics and said we are going down the right path just don't know what it is. Wanted us to come back in 2 weeks if he was getting worse, so they could test if it was fungal.

my other cat is fine no issues at all the only thing he gets that she doesn't is friskies party mix cat treats

anybody else deal with this or have heard of anything like it??

He has me worried.
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