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The environment is the one thing that is difficult to control this time of year with the temperatures up and down the AC on and off.

We just discovered this week that the AC has a leak in the evaporator which means it is leaking into the home. R410a refrigerant used in modern AC systems has a host of side effects that include some we have noticed in Marley, lethargy, loss of appetite to name two. The AC is scheduled to be repaired, but until then we have kept the windows open as much as possible.

The MSDS on R410a:

I may be grasping here, but small animals are sensitive to anything and I think it is something to eliminate. In the mean time he is still picking, but through weight checks his weigh remains around 19.3 lbs and he is working front to back in the litter box. But, the grooming is still prolonged, and his hairball frequency is still too high, about once every 10 days as opposed to once ever 6 weeks.

We've introduced a brush to comb him which he looks for every evening and more 'lubricant' in his food choices to help the hair move through.

On another quest for food this morning since we ran out of the fussy cat alternative.
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