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OK, been to the groomer. She checked him out for fleas... not a one.

Three possible directions to consider:

1. He is going through some sort of phase change now that he is over 8 years old. His food intake may be off because of this, and the hot dry weather we have had.
2. He picked up a tick somewhere in our yard and this is manifesting as symptoms of lethargy, low food intake and constant grooming and scratching around his ears.

(Ears the most obvious location for a tick, but they can be anywhere).

He takes Revolution topically, and no fleas are present and he just had his next application of Revolution which apparently kills ticks within 12 hours.

3. He has some other form of physical ailment that is not presenting itself.

The last two points would mean a visit to the Vet for blood work and closer examination.

Having had a cat with CRF, I am well tuned to the symptoms of it and what to look for. He is not dehydrated, his eyes are not sunken, nor is he having kidney issues with high fluid output. His weight continues to hover around 19.2 lbs and his urine output is normal for his size.

He doesn't appear to be in a life threatening situation. His breathing is normal, there is no sign of drooling, or vomiting (other than hair balls, which at the moment appear to have subsided).

The AC was checked yesterday after it quit on Monday - one of our hottest days. The system doesn't appear to be leaking; - pressures are fine. Blew a capacitor; - a common problem especially with power surges.

Thoughts anyone?
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