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Training help for new kitten mom

Hi I'm a new fur mom from PA. My Marceline is a 3 month old purebred Russian blue (Scandinavian type- not the American type that has Siamese blood lines) I sighted her parents and their papers but the breeder did not register the litter as she breeds kittens for people with allergies and not show cats. She has all the features of the breed and their loyalty but her temperament is the opposite of her breed and is just nasty in general. She bites hisses scratches and I have tried everything to discourage her behavior - timeouts, tapping her with a dominance item, squirting her with a spray bottle- and nothing works. She's so smart that she do it more when I'm trying to train her and will resort to doing it slowly and showing no reaction to any discipline. Any training help or advice would be much appreciated! I love my meany but my legs and forearms can't take much more.
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