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Oh man...all those things you were doing to 'discipline' her are the reason she's 'hissing and growling' etc.

At her age she's a baby, like the other posters said. And she's new to your home. That biting and clawing probably started as play invitations - the only way she knew to initiate play. Now she's hissing and growling because she doesn't understand the way you're reacting to her trying to get you to play.

Completely stop the spraying, scruffing, etc and offer her a toy when she pounces you. A trade - don't bite me, bite THIS.

I have no idea what a 'dominance item' might be, and I guarantee you neither does she. For starters, even in species where social hierarchies matter (which solitary cars are not one of, to be clear) babies are exempt from the structure until sexual maturity. So she has absolutely no idea what you're doing, other than scaring her, by tapping her with.. whatever the thing is.

The good news is that if you switch to more positive methods she's young enough to move on quickly. Good luck!

Welcome to the CF!

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