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IME, It's been my observation over many years with my Manx and now with my Devons, that kittens do respond to dominance for bad behavior. Many times I've seen a bold kitten pounce on mamacat's feet, for example, and bite them only to get a hard swat with her paw on kitty's head. If kitty continues his biting and boldness, he gets pinned down with a neck bite, which is then followed by licking on the head, as if to say, "There, there, now go and be a good boy". After a while kitty does respect mamacat. Even older siblings will use their paws and bite to discipline a younger cat. I'm not suggesting that you hit the kitten on the head, because it is difficult to know how much force an adult female uses to smack a bitey kitten, but I have used a piece of folded newspaper to swat a bottom, and the noise of it they don't like, and it doesn't hurt them, but they do come to respect you that you won't tolerate certain behavior, eg biting. My cats have never withheld their affection because they got swatted for something, because usually they will come and get in my lap and be very affectionate shortly afterwards. Then they get lots of loving from me. Incidentally, I don't get hissed or growled at ever.

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