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Originally Posted by catloverami View Post
IME, It's been my observation over many years with my Manx and now with my Devons, that kittens do respond to dominance for bad behavior.
None of that is dominance.

The example you used, of a feisty kitten pouncing mum or an older sibling, is a baby trying to play. The baby doesn't yet know about personal space, but it's not trying to dominate the other cat in any sense of the word I've ever seen or heard used.

Dominance is either used, incorrectly, to describe an animal attempting to take over the world by any and all of its actions (peeing in fear is asserting dominance, not using the litter box is dominancd, cowering is domince, stealing food is dominance, etc.) or it's used correctly to describe social interactions regarding access to resources such as food, mates, and high value items.

There is a lot of allowance given to young animals of all species when they are learning the rules. Consider your own example - what would that queen do if a strange (or maybe even a well known) adult cat suddenly pounced her and chomped her neck? Unless there is context of play she'd likely respond as though it was an attack. Given that, a hiss and a no-claws swat is nothing.

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