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Vet refused to apply soft paws claw caps.

I took my cat to be neutered yesterday and asked the vet to please put the soft paws claw caps on that that I bought while the cat was sleeping. At first the vet agreed but when I came to fetch my kitty the vet informed me that he didn't put the caps on because they will press against the nail bed and cause the claws to become ingrown and they are not allowed here in Germany.
After doing a bit of reading I decided to put the caps on myself while my poor baby was still groggy and he has acepted them with no problems - he doesn't even seem to notice that he has the caps on.
When I put the caps on I made sure that they don't go right to the back of the claw and press on the nail bed so I don't see that they can be a problem. Once they fall off in a few weeks I don't think I will need to replace them as I think my kitty will of learned not to scratch so much...
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