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Default Anything else smell like cat urine?

Hi. I've been lurking on here for a while, but this is my first post. I have 3 cats (5 and 7 year old females and 12 year old male). Over the past month I would say, I have noticed a smell of cat urine in this one corner of our finished basement (carpet). I bought a black light, but I don't see anything. For as strong as the smell is I figured I would see something. I was going to steam clean the carpet with nature's miracle carpet shampoo today. So while I was smelling the carpet to see where I needed to clean, I noticed the carpet was wet. I discovered we have a leak in our basement due to a leaky outside faucet. Oh joy! I wondered if maybe it had been leaking longer and that is the smell I'm smelling. The emergency service clean up guy said that mold/mildew has a different smell than what he is smelling down there. They put these huge dryers under the carpets and boy does it smell like a litter box now. Why am I not seeing any evidence of urine on the carpet? What else could it be??

I know the male cat chases and terrorizes the 7 year old. Do you think she could be spraying out of fear/stress/etc? Wouldn't the spray show up on the blacklight?

Help!!! Thanks in advance!
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hmmm....what kind of blacklight are you using?

Here are some interesting things that I found:
Do a walk-thru inspection and try and identify musty or objectionable odors. Mold related odors have been described as musty, sour, citrus-like, urine-like, earthy, pine-like, dirty socks, fruit, and oily, just to name a few.
Interesting discussion about people who have urine smells in their home, but no urine:

New carpeting that smells like urine: ... turine.htm

And apparently, MANY, MANY, MANY car air conditioners...produce an aroma that smells like urine. In case you were wondering.
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I always get faked out by juniper bushes. But I may be the only one.
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We just built a new home and we were getting a very strong
cat urine odor in one bedroom....

Turns out that bedroom has a door that leads out to a deck...
Every time it rained....water was leaking in through the bottom sill
of the was mildewing and molding the carpet, and furniture,
that was near the door and absorbing the water.

So YES YES........long standing water absorbed in carpet or other furnishings.....smells just like cat pee.

Thank goodness we found the problem and have solved it.
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Kitty's Mom.....Thanks so much for those links! That is very interesting. I will be sure to tell the ServiceMaster guy that yes....mold can sometimes smell like cat urine.

I bought the black light from Petco. The carpet in the entire basement looks the same...there are no spots or anything.

I found out this morning that our insurance excludes mold! That is news to me. Now I'm going to have to try to figure out where the water might have come from.

BoscosMum....glad you found a solution. It has become an obsession for me. I've crawled around the entire basement with my nose to the DH thinks I'm crazy!
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