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Tom Cat
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In my personal experience, my "lappiest" lap cats were always male. I've had affectionate female cats too, just not to the extent my males have been. In my opinion, females are typically more affectionate on their terms while my lappy males needed no more encouragement than me just sitting down. For that reason I've always had a preference for males, but I have a female now. She's definitely an on her terms kind of cat, but she's still sweet and affectionate, just not quite so gaga over me that she lets me cuddle her or hold her.

Maybe some day a female will come along and change my mind, but until then, I know if I was specifically looking for a lap cat, I'd get a male, because I'd feel the chances were higher.
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Jr. Cat
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Cats are funny creatures. my family has 6 cats, I have 2 my parents have 2 my 2 sisters each have one. not all in one place of course.

The oldest is my parents female who started out as mine due to a move and new baby and a wife now ex who hated the cat (the feeling was mutual and I should have listened to the cat). anyway that cat is mean doesn't like anyone but my mom and one of my parents friends.

the second it my grey tuxedo male. My ex wife dragged him home one day (yes the same one who got ride of the female cat) he is a big lap cat. He cries if my job takes me out of town for the night. and is always laying on me if I am sick.

my older sister adopted a calico that was 2 or 3 years old from the shelter. she is friendly towards them, is not a lap cat and will hide if guest come over. in fact I have only seen the back end of that cat as she runs to hide.

my older sisters second cat is a male tiger pattern cat who loves causing trouble. and was no lap cat. She had to give him up to make room for a new baby in a little house so now my parents have 2 cats. this cat loves my dads lap, drives my sister nuts.

my younger sister has a long hair female. that cat loves humans and will cuddle with you but hates other animals and will attack them.

the last is my little calico kitten. She is very friendly and loves to nap in my lap.

so I think it is kind of the luck of the draw. I got lucky with two lap cats one male and one female.
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Cat Addict
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Out of my 4, I have one male, Sasha. Out of all of them, the most affectionate are Sasha, Lacey, and Azalia. I would agree that the females are on their own terms kind of girls. Azalia will not hesitate to swat your hand if you displease her, and Lacey knows she's beautiful and demands to be admired. She may allow you to pet her if you're good. And if you continue to be good, she'll cuddle with you...just don't try and move, please

Sasha will run up to me when I am sitting, and just lay on my chest and fall right to sleep. He is also the shyest of the bunch with others, but he's pretty attached to me, and he knows he's my baby boy!

And by the way, black cats are one of the most beautiful coat colors. They are sleek, shiny, and have a grace of movement not replicated by other cats. I sorely disagree that they are plain. They are usually of very much larger than life personalities and their eyes are so much more expressive. Black cats rock!!!


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Cat Addict
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I hate the 5 minute rule...ugh!

I was trying to dig this up:

See !!!


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I would have to agree that it depends on the cat and what their personality is like.
Our two cats right now are a Male and a Female. My boy is 3.5 years old while my girl just turned 1.
Peata (Male) reminds me of a dog sometimes. He follows my Fiance EVERYWHERE, like, on his heel everywhere he goes. If Mike sits down, Peata is right there on his lap. He's also SUPER laid back, loves everyone! Every cat he's ever seen in his life he instantly tries to be friends with. I don't even think he knows how to hiss!

Freya (Female) on the other hand is a little terror! She can be friendly and loves to lay on your lap and cuddle but it only lasts a little while. This could be though that she's still young. She is definitely a gorgeous cat though and she knows it and flaunts it! She walks around like she's the Queen of the house! She doesn't like being picked up much though, probably because she's so full of energy that she doesn't like not being able to move freely.

With the other cats I've had in my life there have been Males that are super aloof and will go wandering for days at a time through the neighbourhood and then come home and want tons of loving. I've had a Female that was CRAZY but at the end of the day she was always wanting to sleep with you (if you were on the computer she would climb onto your shoulders and fall asleep draped behind your neck).

It depends on the cat.

ps- I have to agree that black cats are GORGEOUS!! Something about them just draws me to them. We used to have a Female kitten that passed away when she was 11 months old (rip </3 ) that was all black and I thought she was the prettiest little thing I'd ever seen.

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Tom Cat
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All my male cats have been very loving, but also very tough to deal with. My females are loving to a point then go do their thing, vanity.

From our family: Pinky, Alissa, and Ransome.
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I think each cat is so unique in personality that you can't really have a definite answer. We had a male cat, Sylvester, for 16 years, who was really a lap cat. He was always sitting on me- Sitting in my lap when I sit in a chair, laying on my chest when I'm lying on the couch watching TV, sleeping on me or next to me, coming to be with me when I was sad or sick... and he always let me pick him up and carry him around.
While we had him, we got another female cat, Tiffany. We didn't know anything about a "proper" way to introduce cats, so we were kind of just like, "Hey, Sylvester, meet your new buddy!" and they were fighting all the time. We only had her for a few months before we decided to rehome her because her and Sylvester weren't getting along any better. I don't really remember her being quite as affectionate as Sylvester, but she did sleep above my head on my pillow most nights.
After Sylvester passed, we got two female cats from the same litter- Puffy and Callie. They were both very different from each other, and also very different from Sylvester or even Tiffany. Both were/are the opposite of lap cats. Puffy could be affectionate and rub on you and enjoy being petted, but she hated being picked up and I don't think she ever once sat in my lap in the 8 years that she was alive. I think she may have sat next to me on the couch once. She did sleep on my parents' bed, though. Callie is even more standoffish. She hides when people come over. Most of our family and friends have never seen her, or have only gotten a glimpse of her when she's watching everyone from the top of the stairs. And when my brother comes over, she doesn't hide, but she does hiss at him. lol. Like Puffy, she hates being picked up, except by my dad. My dad is the only one she lets carry her and she snuggles on him and everything. lol. She lets me and my mom pet her, but she gets over-stimulated quickly and then swats at us if we pet her for too long. She does sleep next to my mom once in a while, though.
So in my experience, I almost can say that male cats are definitely more easygoing, cuddly, and affectionate than female cats, but then I remember Tiffany and she was very similar to Sylvester in that she liked being picked up and she liked sitting in your lap, and she liked sleeping on my head. lol
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