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Jr. Cat
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Default Do cats feel the cold?

Might be a silly question, but do cats feel the cold. My cousin has a collection of little wooly jumpers for the winter time. I thought that was a little overboard, but she insists her cat is always cold.
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Cool Cat
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Tina doesn't get under blankets when it's warm but she does in the winter. She won't wear clothes. Our chihuahuas on the other hand love their sweaters and the attention they get from them.
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Of course they feel the cold, they're warm blooded animals. Short haired cats would be more likely to, and I certainly notice cats are more often under covers in the winter. Blacky spends the winters on my bed, as soon as spring hits she's back outdoors most of the time.

As far as getting a sweater for the cat, that does seem overkill unless you have a Sphynx, Devon or Cornish Rex. Most cats detest clothing.

Along with the dogs Tara and Coco.
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Jr. Cat
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They definitely do. Cats are notorious for sleeping next to warm fires, heaters, udner blankets, cuddled up together, curled up to retain body heat etc.

I remember reading somewhere online that during their sleep their body temperatures actually drop so they need extra warmth, and seeing how most cats sleep at 16 hours daily, it isn't difficult to see why they seek out warm places.

As for knitted cat-clothes I couldn't say. I always have an electric heater on for my babies :-D
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I'm pretty sure mines does -- I always catch curled up to the crock pot when I use it. I have never heard a cat doing that before but she is pretty unique.
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Oh they feel cold. Example, in the summer when I pull the sheets, towels and blankets out of the dryer, Orry just watches me fold and put them away. But on cold winter days & nights as soon as I fold the first blanket and put it in the basket, in goes Orry ready for a warm nap. He especially loves when I place his fluffy blanket on our bed straight out of the dryer and "wrap" him in it.
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I always bang on my truck in the winter before starting it up because Iíve seen cats running out of my engine compartment where they were trying to keep warm. I have one cat that was discovered by my neighbor in his engine when it was a kitten. It was a good thing he had checked his oil that day before leaving because the kitten would have been killed in the fan.
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Jr. Cat
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For sure they do. Granted that question has all ready been answered . My guys hardly sleep with me during the summer. It's just starting to get chilly, cesar sleeps between us and Zoey has been cuddling on my side ...Spot he's a big furry boy, he's gotta be really chilly to stay long during the night.
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The winters here are very mild, but my cats all adore being wrapped up in their fleece blankets (pink for the girls and sky blue for Prince, see my avatar, hehe). They feel protected and warm. On the coldest days in January they love to sleep inside the caves I make them with the duvets. I put 2 duvets on my bed, fluff them up so they'll be bulky and light, and Prince sleeps at his best because this is a very hot country and he's a Norwegian Forest mix so he's too hot most of the year. I can't wait for winter, here it's too hot until November.
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And, yes, I am hoarding 100 watt incandescent light bulbs because Oscar likes to curl up under his favorite lamp. I got a very strange look from him when I tried to put a CFL bulb in there. He also has his very own fleece blanket.
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