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Cool Cat
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'Replacing' cats in a multi cat household

This is kind of an odd thread and hopefully I don't have to worry about it for a long time since my oldest cat is only 6.5 years old. Anyways, I was wondering for those who have multi cat households, when one of your cats passes, do you get a new cat right away or do you wait until they all pass?

I think I would feel a void having one less than I am use to but the time that happens my two younger cats will be old and will not put up with kitten antics. Plus the one doesn't like new cats. I most likely will have to wait until all three pass before getting new cats. I was just wondering what other people did/will do?
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Tom Cat
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When I was making the decision to have my 17 year old cat put down this past May, my plan was to not get another for a long time. I wanted to wait until my other two passed, which will be a while, they are 6 and 1, and then get two kittens or a bonded pair. Within two weeks though I was cruising petfinder and craigslist. I ended up getting Zoey in July and it was a good decision, she and Tigerlily get along great and that's really what I wanted, cats that get along.

Now I have no idea though. I still want a bonded pair, I guess I will just wait and see how much money/time/space I have when the time comes. If I can afford it I will probably get two when Muffin passes but that will be hopefully 10 more years.

Muffin, Zoey, and Cheddar Biscuit
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Cool Cat
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Thanks for your response. Our plan is to wait until all three pass and get a ragdoll from a breeder and a rescue kitten(siamese if possible)both the same age and at the same time. Then 6 months or so get a third kitten(rescue) again.

Unfortunately I am very impatient, but I don't think getting a kitten after Sasha goes is a good idea(hopefully she will be around for another 10 years at least) since Anna is dominant , hates males(that's what I want next) and territorial it will probably upset her greatly in her old age. My two younger are only a year and a half. Can I wait 15-20 years for another kitten :s. I this rate ill end up with 6 cats. Lol
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Cat Addict
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I try not to think on these kind of things, it's pretty morbid. Plus things have a way of falling into our lap, plans or not. I could say to myself "I'd like this color or this gender (father and I had both sworn never to have another male cat)" ... and then something happens to totally upend it. All I know for sure is that with the two cats I have know, I will not be getting another until both have passed; Blaze has less than an ideal situation and Blacky is indoor/outdoor and I wouldn't get another cat that I can trust outdoors like I can Blacky, so I wouldn't get another cat until she's gone. Meanwhile we've got semi-feral male cat that I'm working on taming... hah. No idea what'll happen there.

Along with the dogs Tara and Coco.
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I think it depends on the remaining cats. My cat doesn't like other cats. Earlier this year I was stubborn and got a second cat anyway. Sadly, she had FIP and died less than 2 months after I adopted her. When she was still alive, it was very hard to get them to get along and due to her illness I had to halt the introduction process. But still, the whole thing was very stressful for my first cat.

I'd still like another cat, but I'm not planning on getting one anymore, as long as Liz is alive, and I'm planning on giving her a very long and happy life, at least another 20 years (she's 2 now)! So it'll be a while before I can have another cat. Next time (in 20 years, lol) I'll adopt a bonded pair.

Until then, I'd like to at least foster a cat. My heart breaks when I see so many cats in need of homes, yet I can only have one because she is so selfish... fostering would be nice, but still very stressful for her so I am only going to do it if I ever have a house that is big enough, with a big enough room to keep a foster cat separate from her.
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You can never, ever "replace" but I do look for new friends almost straight away - although they often just turn up. I don't always have the same number of pets (not just cats) but it is always multiple.
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When I lost Cinderella, I adopted another cat from a rescue a couple months later. It didn't work out, so I'm not introducing any more cats into my house. As my girls pass, which hopefully won't be for years and years, I'm not going to get more until they're all at the Bridge. Then I'll get ONE adult cat who needs to be an only cat.

Of course, we can plan all we want, right?

Cali, Cinderella, Cleo and Charlee

Always in my heart, my lovely Cinderella, running free at the Bridge.
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It might be me, but I am like Right away, now, like yesterday, new fluffies! Kittens! There are not enough cats in the house. Need a new one FAST!

Having said that, it was not such a good idea. I wanted to replace my lost boy. I set out to the shelters and made a couple bad choices. To make a long story short. I wanteded a boy, I got a girl. I wanted shorthair. I got long hair. I wanted any color other than black, She is black and white.

Eventualy, I had to get the cat that would fit in with my exsisting Hoots. Not a cat that would help my hurting soul. And they lived happily ever after.


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The cats I grew up with (Roxie and Blue) lived to be 12 years old. Roxie passed away first and Blue was devastated. Less than a year later, he passed away too. It hurt so much to lose him...they had been in my life so long that I couldn't remember a time when they weren't around. I always loved cats but I wasn't ready for another cat to be in my life right away. It was about five years before I felt like I was ready to adopt another cat. I think it's different for everyone and how bonded you are to the cats you have now.
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Cool Cat
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My elderly cat, Wintressia, was devastated when her lifelong companion, my German Shepherd, Ember, died two years ago. They had grown up together and had been best friends for 12 years.

However, when Ember died, Win began to grow a lot closer to me. She'd always been a skittish, standoffish, unaffectionate cat, and now she's super-affectionate and wants to be close to me at all times. It was an unexpected ray of sunshine from my beloved dog's death (although I would not have traded Ember for it, had I had a choice).

I wanted a new puppy (or kitten!) very badly once I got over Ember's death, but my situation makes it impossible for me to get any new pets (caring for my disabled father in-home). Now, I also know it would be terribly unfair for me to stress Win with a new addition, since she is still somewhat skittish and frightened by ANYTHING new; plus she has several health issues. Despite the fact that I selfishly want a new tiny fuzzball in my life, I know that my obligation to my current fuzzball takes precedence :}

I also think that it's possible that, if a cat passes in a multi-cat household, the other cats will grow closer to each other and to their humans and might not need a "replacement".

Any replacements are usually for the humans' sake anyway ;}

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