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Tom Cat
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Shop cat?

I would like some opinions on keeping a cat at a place of business. My husband owns his own business and we are considering having a cat there, not as a mouser or anything, just for company and to save a cat with nowhere else to go. He currently brings one of our dogs there 3-5 times a week, but taking a dog out to potty in the area is difficult.

So...the business is a childrens theater. There are two theater spaces, a lobby, and concesions area downstairs, but the cat wouldn't be there, it would be in the four rooms upstairs. Currently one is an office, one is a lounge with a couch and tv, and the other two are mostly empty with some cabinets and a few boxes.

My husband is there every day anywhere from 8 to 12 hours depending on the day, and I and/or our kids are there a couple days a week.

Does this sound suitable? Any issues that may arise that anyone can think of? If anything crazy happened like he went out of business, the cat would just come to our house, and we have already checked the legality when he started bringing the dog.

Muffin, Zoey, and Cheddar Biscuit
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Jr. Cat
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Be careful about how the employees of the business feel about the cat. A small kitten showed up where I work. The technicians loved having a "shop kitty" but I knew she needed to go before one employee in management came back from vacation. This individual hated cats and has killed some of the stray cats before. I ended up taking her to the city animal shelter since the no-kill shelters wouldn't take her. Apparently, they all operate where they take in cats scheduled to be euthanized at the shelters. I kept up with her and I'm happy to say that she was adopted almost immediately.

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Senior Cat
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We had a cat staying at my work and it never went inside, but one employee was allergic to cat and complained so much that they called animal control to come and set traps.
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Tom Cat
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He has three employees right now and none of them would mind. The offices upstairs are private, even the employees only go up there if they need to get something or ask my husband something.

It would be important for the cat to stay upstairs though, I wouldn't feel comfortable with it in the theater area because of possible patrons allergies or the possibility of it getting outside...the lobby is often chaotic with 30ish kids there rehersing or 150+ people there on nights when there are shows.

Muffin, Zoey, and Cheddar Biscuit
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I was in an antique store once that had 2 old cats roaming free inside the store. The owner said that every once in a while someone would come in that largest cat didnít like, but she would watch the cat with each customers entry and knew exactly when to put the cat in back. I found it amusing to see that big orange cat sitting up on the counter next to the cash register like it was the boss. I bought a few small items and tried to give the cat the money, but it wasnít amused.
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Cat Addict
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Sounds like a lovely idea. Since someone is there everyday, there shouldn't be an issue with the cat being alone for too long or potential problems going unnoticed.
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Cat Addict
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Sounds like a great idea provided a few things...

How often is your husband upstairs in those rooms and not just at work in general? And while maybe irrelevant, how long until he may retire? Are there windows the cat can look out? How likely is it anyone could accidentally leave doors open for the cat to go exploring?

Employees are also a consideration; if any are allergic or against cats, or if any in the future may be. However if you say they don't go up there much, it may not matter. My aunt decided to get a cat for the nursing home she was in charge of, ensuring it was all ok with the people there. But then someone complained -- not sure why, and one of the nurses ended up adopting him because of it less than a year later.

If the cat isn't going to be mingling I'd probably look into getting an older laid-back cat, or maybe even a nervous one that would be less likely to be adopted otherwise (not to say that the cat won't adjust and become a wonderful lap cat eventually)... the younger/immediately super affectionate ones I'd probably leave for other people, unless you are in a high-kill location.

There's another consideration too... a cat alone a lot of the time may not integrate well if you ever want to have it move in with the rest of the gang of cats at home, so I'd think carefully on if it's a good idea if that could ever become a possibility.

Along with the dogs Tara and Coco.

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Tom Cat
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Carmel, you touched on two of the things I am worried about. Windows...there are two large ones but they look out over the parking lot. He's up there probably 5 or 6 hours out of the day, but the cat might be bored.

I also worried that a cat used to being the only pet would have trouble in my busy household if it ever had to come here. He's a long way from retirement (we're both 37), but you never know what might happen.

Muffin, Zoey, and Cheddar Biscuit
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Super Moderator
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I don't know, it seems sad to me that the kitty would be alone every night. I know I'm just imagining on of my own little girls there alone at night, but still....

Maybe if you got TWO kitties!

Cali, Cinderella, Cleo and Charlee

Always in my heart, my lovely Cinderella, running free at the Bridge.
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and to save a cat with nowhere else to go.
Do you think the cat would be better off? Any possibility you'd consider getting two cats to give company? Would it be a rescue from a shelter where it's now living most of the time in a cage? Some cats adapt well to being alone, but a shelter cat has been with others, or at least had others around.

These are a few thoughts that may help you decide.


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