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Jr. Cat
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Law about number of pets per household?

I'm just curious, is it common for cities to have a law about the number of pets in a household? Where I live, we have a law of no more than 3 cats and 3 dogs in a household. I think this is a stupid law considering the shelters are overloaded with animals.

How would having 3 dogs and 3 cats be much different than having 6 cats and no dogs or 6 dogs and no cats? It doesn't make any sense.

Does anyone else have a law like this where they live? I see lots of people who have 5+ cats in a household so I'm wondering if maybe this isn't so common?
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My city has a limit of 4 dogs or 4 cats or any combination of those, not to exceed 4 animals per residence, but I also saw on the animal control site that they will NOT seize animals in excess of the limit unless they are not properly cared for or abused. I guess you cold still be fined...

I also ran a across a law that all dogs and cats kept as pets must be spayed / neutered, with some exceptions allowed, such as rescuers and breeders (who must get a permit).
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Most cities have such laws, yes. I've usually been in violation of them--you're never going to have a problem unless your pets cause someone else a problem and they report you, so the key is to make sure no one ever does. And be prepared to move if you ARE discovered. Otherwise, make sure to stay under the limit.

I now live in the country in a rural county where no one cares LOL.
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Tom Cat
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Law/Ordinance, whatever. It's 3 here. Why? DIIK. The term arbitrary and capricious comes to mind. "Laws", especially at the local level, may or may not have any logic that makes sense to an individual. Like many local building codes. Personally, I think that many of them are on the books as a demonstration to them citizens as cares that the city is "doing something" by having a law that they can point to. Many are so old that the original justification, if there was any, has long become outdated. On the plus side, as hoofmaiden mentioned, laws like these are seldom enforced unless someone makes an issue of it. Wanna have some fun? Try changing one!

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No laws here regarding numbers unless animals are suffering as a result (hoarders, etc.). I currently have six cats and a dog (and a horse but she obviously doesn't live in the house!!!). If you rent a house, though, then the landlord can specify how many if any animals you are allowed to keep and could evict you for breaking the contract.
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Tom Cat
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I have heard of laws like that, but there are none where I live, I've checked.

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Where I live all dogs are required to be licensed yearly (at which time you have to pay a $30 fee), and you are only permitted to have two dogs licensed to a residential property. If you want to license more than two dogs to your property you have to apply for a hobby kennel license, and then pay a fee each year to have THAT renewed. Oh and if you have a hobby kennel license you can have no more than six dogs licensed to your property.

I haven't been able to turn up any laws where I live even mentioning cats, much less limiting the number you can have on your property.

And yeah, I think these limits are pretty ridiculous. Unless the animals in question are so many they're obviously not being properly taken care of according to local laws, or maybe if there's so many they're causing some sort of noise or waste problem affecting others in the neighborhood. Unless that's the case I don't think it's anyone's business how many pets a person has in their own home.
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Yes, many places have these types of laws. I believe that they exist in case there is a problem so they have something to fall back on. Otherwise they turn a blind eye.

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I have no idea of the limit here, or if there is one for home owners, but I do understand it. It tries to stop hoarders, and more than x amount -- should there be complaints or problems -- can cut back on these issues.

For instance... three cats, great. 10 cats? More likely to be fights, possible unaultered cats breeding, unclean home conditions, cats spraying... dogs likewise, where one barks they all join in. If you have a bunch that's not so fun on the ears. And who is walking them all? They would likely be unexcercised.

Overall I don't have an issue with this. It's not enforced unless there are problems anywhere that I know of.

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We have a limit here because I’m always reading in the news of animals being removed. Usually it’s a like 20 or more cats, but I also heard of much smaller numbers. I don’t know exactly what it is for my area and it might be 4 not sure, but I do know its is different from county and city.
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