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Talking to strange cats.

Do you talk to strange cats that come your way? The other day I'd just got home when a tuxedo ran around the corner of the house. I did what I normally do and said "Hello cat." The cat stopped in its tracks, turned and said "Meow!", and then it was on its way again.

Some years back when I was visiting family in England, my sister and I went out early. There was a cat sitting on the grass having its morning bath. I gave it a greeting, "Good morning cat," and my sister nearly fell over when the cat stopped its wash, retuned my greeting, and then went back to what it had been doing.

I'm supecting that many cats get spoken to by their guardians and called cat which is how they know they're being spoken to.

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I dont talk to cats that i see but i do make a point of getting down low and making the familiar tongue-clicking noise to get its attention and see if it will approach me.

In my old house there was a rabbit that lived in a bush in my yard, and every night a neighbors cat would try to catch it. One night i was sitting on the porch smoking and out of nowhere that cat comes hauling ass across the yard and when he got near the porch he notices me sitting there and stops dead in his tracks and plops down right where hes standing.

My laughing my butt off at this emberassed him i think, because from then on i would see him peeking to see if im outside before he went to chasing the rabbit.

Sadly, where i live now (in the woods) stray cats are a rarity and any that come around are more than likely feral and stay out of sight.

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Sure, if I see a cat, I'll crouch down and say "hi kitty" and will stretch out my hand a little. Maybe make kissy noises. That's nearly 100% hypothetical. We don't see stray cats here and cats mostly aren't outdoors.

In the last few years all that come to mind are the one we have in the garage (semi-feral), a black feral that's not showing up anymore, maybe a few cats in the back of a double lot property in the neighbourhood (haven't seen any around there recently and can never remember between times of seeing a cat there if they're ever the same ones; I think they were fed by some ladies and are feral) and one Persian looking cat that I saw once and it was so unusual to see a cat outdoors that it really stuck with me. I really hope wasn't lost. None on that list were friendly enough to let you pet them.

Several years ago there were two orange boys that came around that were too friendly. Walking into our house like it was theirs, rolling around like every person was their best friend. They didn't take a hint to get lost. The people were renting and thankfully didn't stick around long.

There was also an outdoor cat by the condo we lived in, an extremely pretty cat. Its blue eyes were a very striking shade... really, one of the most beautiful cats I've ever seen. It had owners around there somewhere...

And that's pretty much a list of every cat I've seen in the last 10 years or more outdoors besides my own.

Along with the dogs Tara and Coco.

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There are several indoor-outdoor kitties in this area in addition to my stray: a gray and white cat who's a bigger version of my stray, a very long orange tabby, a black cat, a brown tabby with a very furry face, a brown tabby with a fluffy tail, and most recently a pretty tortie. Every time I see one, I crouch down and greet him/her and stretch my hand out. All of them are friendly - like Carmel said, some are too friendly. A couple always swish around my legs and meow when they see me, hoping for food. I shoo them away though, because Casper has marked on the deck several times - including once into his little dog house, which is why I had to buy a new cat house.

A few times, I've seen a little calico who limps, holding up one of her back legs. I got out of the car one day, and she was across the street. When I said "hi sweetie," she came over. She was a little wary but sniffed my finger, gave me a head butt and let me pet her. Then my stray sort of pounced on her, wanting to play. She went to hiss under my car.
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yes I ALWAYS talk to cat's I see when I am outside, there are 4 neighbourhood cat's that I have a lil friendship with, I cycle to work & if I see a cat on my journey I always say "hello puddycat" I actually find it impossible to ignore them lol

"what greater gift......than the love of a cat?"

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haha I always stop to see people's cats, dogs, or strays. There are a lot of roamers in my city and I know of cats who were killed on my street and neighboring streets bc of being let outside unattended. Such a sin. I like meeting all my little friends I ALWAYS talk to them.
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I always talk to any animal that I come across- cats, dogs, squirrels. There is a little black cat that lives down the street from me who comes to visit often. He has gotten so comfortable that he will sit outside my front door and peek in. If we open the door to go out he tries to come in the house. He's my little buddy.

Molly Brown December 2006- January 9, 2013
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I talk to animals too. Just this morning, one of the little guys from this year's deer herd came up to me. I could see he/she was disturbed and I noticed that one of the yearling bucks was chasing the rest of the little guys from the corn. I had to go down to restore order by putting more corn at an alternate feeding point while scolding the buck. I'm not just the "food guy" but also a referee.

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Another animal talker here!!
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Of Course. I live in a highly populated area. I Say hello to all the kittys in the windows if I happen to see them looking down at me. When the people are walking their dogs. I say hello to the Doggies as well as the people.

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