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I'm a cat convert for sure. I've had dogs before when I was younger and was really allergic to cats. My eldest daughter always wanted a cat but I said we couldn't because of my allergies. 4 years ago my daughter's friend brought one of his bengals over and I was fine with him! That year I got Yuki and my daughter got one of her litter mates. A couple of years ago I had allergy testing done and found I'm allergic to dogs! I used to be one of those people who thought cats were aloof and unfriendly. Now I know better!

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Big convert here. A cat was my first pet as a young child, but as an adult I had dogs exclusively for over 15 years. Thought they had so many advantages over cats, and although I love animals in general, definitively counted myself as a dog person.

I ended up adopting one kitten after my elderly dog died, and now have three cats! I miss the companionable walks a little still, but the cats are incredible additions to my home that I am very, very happy with.
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I can't really say I'm a convert. I've always loved all animals. We had a family dog growing up and then when I was ten, my parents gave me a German Shepherd puppy for Christmas. Best present .. ever! I also usually had at least one cat as well. My dad also brought home for me - bantam chickens, a mallard drake, rabbits, pigeons, fish (had a 29 gallon tank on my dresser in my room), turtles and once he even brought me home a giant bullfrog (like the size of a dessert plate!). Yeah, he was totally an enabler as he loved animals as well.

Now, if I have anything to do with it, I will always have at least one dog and cat .. and I would prefer at least two of each (but my husband balks *sigh*).
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I'm definitely a convert. I mean, I've never hated cats or anything, but I had no idea how wonderful they were until we got Coda. Now I wonder how I ever lived a worthwhile life without them!
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Originally Posted by gharrissc View Post
I was always a dog person,and a BIG DOG person at that. I loved all animals,but for my personal pets,they were always dogs who weighed at least 100 pounds. I never hated cats,but didn't have any desire to have any of my own because I didn't think they could be affectionate. A few later I met my now husband who had two cats at the time that I fell in love with. They have since passed away and now we have two more cats plus a few dogs of different sizes,most of which are dogs from our rescue.

So are there any dog people or cat dislikers who haven been converted?
You sound just like I used to sound. I used to be a dog person. I liked cats but never wanted one of my own. One day I walked into a store looked at the cats available and fell in love with one of them. I went in to play with her and fell even further in love. It was just before closing so it was to late for me to get her (as the stores rule). I came back the very next morning to adopt her and she had already been adopted. I was devastated. I cried on the way home. I knew then I needed a cat or two, or three.
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yeah, i am a convert too

since i was little I always wanted a dog. finally i got one, and she stayed with us for years, I loved her. after she died, i was too hard broken to take another dog. so i was waiting to be ready, but friend gave me a kitten as a gift (stupid idea to give a kitten as a gift, but it worked for me ). sine then I am crazy about cats and do not want dogs anymore. it's not like I dont like them, I love every animal, but cats are my favorite
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I grew up with dogs, budgie and angora rabbit, and we did have a kitten for a very short time. Someone gave it to my father, tho he really didn't like cats much. The cat pooed on a table and my mother threw a fit, and asked him to get it out of the house, so it went back to the person who gave it to my father in the first place. Had cats when my kids were little, and a large dog. Unfortunately the dog was unstable and attacked people. After that I've only had cats ever since, and actually got into breeding them for eighteen years. Retired from that now, but still enjoy all kinds of cats. I'm not fond of large dogs any more, but do like toys or medium size dogs that are well behaved, but after having cats for so many years now they're my choice pets.
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I had cats when I was a little kid, but when my Mom remarried my Step-dad declared that he hated cats. As a result, we had every kind of pet that you could think of OTHER than cats (dogs, turtles, lizards, rabbits, guinea pigs, etc, etc). Then, I lived in places that didn't allow pets for a long time. When I could finally have pets again I immediately went and adopted a cat from the local shelter. I had that same cat until she passed back in November.
I'm not waiting for my Burmese kitty to get old enough to bring home. I'm not even interested in other animals. I guess I've always been a cat lover. My love was just repressed.
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Yeah, I always wanted a dog and while I didn't hate cats I really didn't want one either. When I decided to get a pet I didn't have time to train a dog so my then-girlfriend and I got a kitten. I was hooked and changed.
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Nope, I grew up with cats. My parents had two cats when I was born, so I spent my infancy in a small apartment with felines, and learned to love them early on. Those two cats were surprisingly patient with me; I think they realized I was a "kitten."

I'm actually more of a dog convert, although I don't own one.

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