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Are You A Cat Convert?

I was always a dog person,and a BIG DOG person at that. I loved all animals,but for my personal pets,they were always dogs who weighed at least 100 pounds. I never hated cats,but didn't have any desire to have any of my own because I didn't think they could be affectionate. A few later I met my now husband who had two cats at the time that I fell in love with. They have since passed away and now we have two more cats plus a few dogs of different sizes,most of which are dogs from our rescue.

So are there any dog people or cat dislikers who haven been converted?
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Cool Cat
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I always was and will be a dog person. I always loved dogs and had no desire to have cats. When I was growing up, not many people I knew had cats and the ones I met were nasty(with the exception of my aunts white cat that would head butt you when you asked her too, very sweet).

It wasn't until last year that I started to like cats. I wanted a buddy for my dog and since we didnt want another dog I started to look into cats. At the same time I started to work at a shelter for a short period of time and fell in love with cats. I now have 3 cats and I will always have a dog and multi cats.
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I’ve always had a dog and it was mostly because I rented and cats were never allowed because they destroyed or scratched things. I did manage to have a few cats as I moved around, but they always disappeared without a trace. I always slept better with a dog because they would watch over me while sleeping and i will always have a dog for that reason. now that i own my own place I can have both.
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Nope , I have always had a cat and have only not had a cat for 1 day since I was born xD. I have never had a dog, and much prefer cats probably because of that, my Dad likes dogs and had dogs as a kid, Mom doesn't so we never had a dog. Dogs have always scared me, and as a kid I would run if I saw a dog .

Rocky born April 29th, 2011, Lily born June 5th, 2011, and
Henry born October 10, 2013 (all estimates )
R.I.P Baxter August 21st, 1998-November 1st, 2011.
Barnaby July ?, 1998-January 15th, 2012
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I've always loved cats and dogs pretty much equally. Dogs may ever so slightly win out but I can't imagine my life without either around.

I've had a cat in my house since I was 5, and been around cats with family members owning them since I was born. Dogs have been around me since I was born too. I can't exactly say I've ever owned a dog but the family dogs were always sort of just that... it feels like everyone owns them. My family is very intertwined even if we're in different houses, I've been around dogs pretty much every single day of my life from even before I lived in a house with them full-time.

Never large dogs, just 15 pounds or so. Larger dogs aren't really my thing but maybe that's because I didn't grown up with them. However, I'm sure they could grow on me too, they're just a little more expensive overall and can't sit on my lap.

Along with the dogs Tara and Coco.
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Jr. Cat
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I've always loved both to be honest. And we always had a dog too, everytime a german shepperd ever since I was a kid. But we don't have any for few years already, since it would be a bit dangerous for kitties.

Though I don't like small dogs, like yorkshires and such. In my opinion, dog has nothing to do inside (in the apartment/house)... but well, that's just me.
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I was a dog lover for sure! My Dad was bitten by a cat when he was young and has never liked them since. I think he is still scared of them. I grew up around dogs and always wanted a dog.

I met my partner and we got a house together. At the time I just had small furries. We talked about getting a dog but we just didn't have the time to walk a dog twice a day etc. My partner had cats growing up so he said he would like another. I wasn't so sure and I guess I was a little scared too as I had never had anything to do with cats before. We rescued Tinker the cat and I've never looked back!

Now I would say I am a cat person! And syrian hamster person

So now we have 3!
and 2 syrians, 3 rats, 4 fish, 1 snail and a bearded dragon!
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I'm another who loves both - I have always had a multi-pet household (from the time I can remember and long before it was my choice!). As well as domestic animals we were always being brought wild animals who had been injured or orphaned so I guess I just ended up pro-animals in general!
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A pet? never had one in my life, mom didn't allow. After i got married, it was fishes, cos hubby had fishes his whole life. Hubby liked dogs, kept talking about it until i started to like dog. Am asthmatic, so a dog is out of the question until I found out there is such thing as a hypoallerginic dog. Started looking up and fell in love with poodle, silky terrier and maltese. Had always wanted one since but never got the courage to, so just played with friends'.

A cat? never ever crossed my mind. Cats belonged to the outside. Until 2yrs ago, I was sitting at the garden, a stray came sitting by my side asking for food. I had none, so decided I'll go buy some kibbles to carry along with me all the time. That was how I started feeding the strays and that was how I started finding cats lovely, but again never got the courage to bring them home, firstly cos I have tanks of fishes and secondly, was always worried about an asthma attack and thirdly, never had pets before, worried about everything to do with a pet. But more than 1yr later, I finally brought ET home.
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I grew up with dogs mainly. We had one cat when I was a kid. It pooped in the tub all the time and became an outdoor cat. My mom didnt like cats, said they were to dirty.

When I got married, we had cats and dogs (big house and yard too). I've been divorced 7 years now and have lived in apartments since. Cats are easier than dogs in apartments. I miss my dogs but have become a cat woman. I not only have my 2 indoor cats but I feed the ferals out back of the apartment building too. Some are even coming up to me now.
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