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Jr. Cat
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Considering we live in a one bedroom apartment- absolutely no more than two
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Senior Cat

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2 is right for me, most of the time. I'm currently living with my GF while I wait for rennovations to be finished in my new apartment. 2 is right for her also. so for the last 3 months, and for about 6 more weeks, 4 seems to be working.

At weddings, my Aunts would poke me in the ribs and cackle "You're next!". They stopped when I started doing the same to them at funerals. Dave Barry
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When we had just one cat my limit was two and now that we have two cats my limit has gone up to three. I think though, that my limit will remain at three even after the summer when our third cat joins us.
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Originally Posted by Desert Hippie View Post
I have had as many as 18 in the house at one point, which
anyone with any thought processes will recognize is an
impossible number in a small home, but I moved and couldn't
place the (very socialized) barn cats and couldn't leave the
barn cats to starve, and so they came with....

In any case, I am down to 4. I have also recently lost the
last of my 4 big dogs, so the place is feeling REALLY empty,
and I find I like it. I think I would prefer 2-3, which is where
it stayed as the house number for many years, but I think
even numbers would work best for what I'm observing. Mine
(including barn cats) used to hang out, sleep, eat in pairs,
and sleep in like-colored piles, blacks with blacks, torties with
torties and reds, pointed cats all together. I don't know why,
but they still do, so I'm leery of having one being the odd cat
out. So, I guess it will be 2 from here on out. I really enjoy
having littermate sisters. Now if I can just convince some
obliging queen to have my dream kitties in the same litter we'll
be great!
What is it like to have so many cats at once? I'm just curious.
I currently have 1 bald cat and one foster and am hoping to add a few more soon!

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I have two cats right now. But when I move into my new home I can easily see that number doubling. My two just accepted each other so easily I'm really tempted. On another note, I think I can admited to you guys that the first piece of furnature I bought for my new place was a 77 inch cat tree!
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Jr. Cat
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Originally Posted by JustOneMore View Post
What is it like to have so many cats at once? I'm just curious.
Actually rather stressful for all involved. There were cats
EVERYWHERE, on everything, in every cabinet, etc. I took
to doing twice daily head counts to make sure I had seen
everyone that day and that they were alright, and again
before I left the house to make sure no one had slipped into
my office, spraying my work computer. There were constant
squabbles as they tried to stake out little bits of territory
for themselves, and the males sprayed everything. Neutered
or not, they did. The cleaning was constant. No matter how
many litter boxes I put out, they said it was never enough.
Each kitty got personal time and petting and cuddles every
day, and I did my best to make it good, but I would rate it
as an overall fail. Poor kitties, they were used to roaming
my 10 acre farm, and this was a nasty and abrupt transition
for them, but I felt it was better than abandonment and

Some moved outside, many found new homes, and two got
hit by the local idiot drag racer in front of my house. Once
it was down to 10 inside it became manageable, but I was
terrified of being classed as a hoarder because of the number
and smell. I do not recommend this.
Live simply. Love generously. Care deeply. Speak kindly.
And never regret anything that made you smile.
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I don't think there's a "right" number of cats to have, just like there's no magic number of kids to have. Everyone should commit to however many they can afford and care for. I watch the cat hoarder shows, and I have a LOT of respect for them because it's a full time job to take care of so many animals. Sometimes it gets out of control and the cats suffer, which is where I draw the line and then I condone taking some of their animals. If you have the space, time and money then take it one at a time and see!!

My first cat was a feral who might've been socialized somehow because he walked into my home and had ZERO social issues. He's been an amazing amazing little boy! My girlfriend and I can easily afford him and we fed the outside ferals too. We have no kids so time wasn't an issue. When my girlfriend was making dinner I'd play with the cat. However, we felt bad that he was alone all day, so we decided to adopt him a companion. We did our research and found that (neutered) males get along well and so we went to the shelter and found a social little 10 week old kitten for him. The first few weeks were dicey because my big boy didn't know how to play nice and he outweighed him by a lot and he got too rambunctious at times. Now the kitten is almost 5 months old and they get along wonderfully. My little guy follows his big "brother" around all the time and the big boy plays with his little brother a few times a day. My vet told me that cats hit "social maturity" at 2.5 years old and maybe their behaviors will change, but so far it's been a great match.

I have 2 tree houses and lots of windows and perches and at least one scratching post in every room. I have 2 liter boxes which are cleaned twice a day. My older cat is a bit lazy, but I play with the kitten to the point of getting him to pant at least one a day to make sure he gets enough exercise. I can easily afford more cats, but sometimes I come home and I'm tired and I don't have the energy to play with the kitten. I wish I had a larger apartment so that cats could run around more and burn off more steam.

Bottom line - If I had to recommend something to someone who wants a cat: Get siblings. 2 is a nice number because they can play with themselves. Once you have them you'll see if you have enough time, space and money for more. If you can afford more, can provide them with the love and attention that they need and they have plenty of room to be happy - then consider having more!

Hope it helps!
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Jr. Cat
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There is a feral colony at work. Sometimes my husband finds abandoned kittens in need whom we nurse, find homes for, or adopt. We currently have four at home and that is definitely the limit. It gets crowded on the couch and in bed, and it's a lot of litter boxes in the laundry room. I wouldn't trade any of them for the world, but with all of the above in mind, my perfect number is two.
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Cool Cat
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Originally Posted by JustOneMore View Post
What is it like to have so many cats at once? I'm just curious.
The most I've ever had at once is 20 (see my earlier post in this thread). I had a mom and her six 3-week-old babies in a very large dog crate in the garage. I had another mom in another large crate away from her babies as they were 10 weeks and I was trying to dry her milk up to get her spayed. Her three babies had run of the garage. At the time, I had another mom and her three babies from the shelter (fosters I already had before accepting the emergency intake of the other two litters) in the laundry room. Plus my five permanent kitties in the house (2 of whom were under a year old).

It was insanity and if it hadn't been temporary I wouldn't have done it.

The shelter batch was only set to stay with me another week and a half at the time the extra two litters came in. If that weren't the case, I wouldn't have been able to handle them all. The only thing getting me through the first 2 weeks is that it was temporary.

For a week and a half I spent an hour every morning and 2 hours every night feeding everyone and cleaning litters. I had 6 litter boxes in the house at the time (1 for each batch of kittens, 1 for the mom who was separated, and 2 for my 5 indoor kitties). It took half an hour just to scoop them. The kittens who had free run of the garage were 10 weeks old, but not box trained, so I was also cleaning up after them. The two crates were destroyed on a daily basis as no one was happy about that arrangement, so I had take them apart and clean them out twice a day. The smallest kittens (the six 3-week-olds) had to be bottle fed because mom was in sorry shape and not making enough milk for everyone. They were behind in weight for their age. It took over an hour to bottle feed them and make sure everyone got enough. Of course, they were all black or mostly black so it was nearly impossible to tell who I'd fed or not yet.

After a week and a half, the shelter batch went back to go up for adoption and I was down to 16 cats. The 3-week-olds (now 4.5 weeks olds) and their mom moved into the now-empty laundry room. At two weeks, the kittens who had free run of the garage and their mom went up to be spayed/neutered. They stayed in the garage primarily for another 2 weeks (so a total of a month) while they healed, then I got the kittens adpopted out. Yay, down to 13 cats! The little guys I'd bottle fed were 9 weeks before they went up to be spayed/neutered. They've mostly been adopted now...I still have 2 of the 6 left. Also, the mom from the older batch got adopted right before christmas, but one of her kittens came back as he wasn't working out in his new home.

So at the moment I have my 5 permanent kitties, two of the kittens from the 3-week-old batch (now 4 months old), their mother (who is nearly recovered from her spay surgery now) and the one kitten who came back (now 6 months old), for a total of 9. The house feels almost empty.

The 9 here now share 4 litter boxes, which are cleaned once daily. No one needs bottle feeding. They get along pretty well for the most part. They're pretty manageable.
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Jr. Cat
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My apartment is small, so I couldn't imagine having more than one cat. lol
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