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What stops me is my husband! Our limit was 3, then we found Sam and he stole our hearts. What's one more, right? Then we found Winnie, a 15 yo dumped at Animal Control PetSmart, and on and on it goes. Up to 6 here now. THAT HAS to be our limit!!!!!! I just love cats so much more than most people!
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Originally Posted by Saydee View Post
I have one cat and I refuse to get another until I have the resources to afford emergency care for both cats if that happened. Right now I have enough liquid assets to cover almost any emergency that Booger encounters, but I don't have enough for two.
I wish there were more people like you Saydee!! Too many people take in pets and never think about the expenses involved. I hope God blesses you with an additional source of income so you can have more of these wonderful creatures!!
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Space and energy. We keep 4 litterboxes which get scooped out 2x/day. They get fed raw so their food needs to be sourced, butchered, and then rationed. We also live in an apartment and right now, we are ok. Any more and cats would just get very uncomfortable and would not be fair to them or us.


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hi everyone im new to the forum, i only had 1 cat, Stella and she is a real hand full and very nasty & also have 2 dogs (yorkies) plus an 8 year old and had my hands well and truly full until 1 day someone handed in a cat that had had 5 kittens into my familys boarding kennels when i lookin closer i found that 1 was a lot smaller than the rest and bearly clinging to life so i picked her up and took her home. Dolly she is beautiful and loves me soooo much she has a lot of problems including dwarfism but i would never part wth her and in the future if another cat needs my help im sure i will be adding to my brood.
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Awww that is so wonderful what you did Dollysmamma (((HUGS)))

At the beginning of 2012 I had four cats but as we are long-term fosterers the cats still belong to PARRT. Any vet bills for ongoing health problems are picked up by the charity so all Neil and I actually fork out for are food & litter.....though I do know of some fosterers who get EVERYTHING from PARRT. I won't do that as I just feel the charity's cash could be put to better use...especially as I would have a cat or two in my life anyway! I also pay for worming & flea treatments out of my own pocket even though Linda is always trying to get me to accept them

The cat in my avatar is Lily who was picked up in August 2011 with a broken front leg after being hit by a car. She was handed in to our local vet and was there for a week before Neil & I heard about her from Linda. We immediatey said we'd take her as she needed cage rest and we had more time to look after her than Linda would as she is running the charity virtally single-handed! Lily was a big cat and the first op didn't work so she needed a second. In all her care, operations and medications, would have cost nearly 1000 but as she was a PARRT cat the expense was paid by the charity. Sadly, she didn't learn from her previousd experience with traffic and was hit by a car in May 2012 on the road outside our flat. It absolutely devastated me as she was MY princess - even now, just thinking about her makes the tears well up! She was only a youngster and fit and well as her leg healed up was just sheer bad luck that she sneaked out of the flat and dashed out in front of that car. My neighbour saw it happen and said it was instant so that was some sort of consolation to know she didn't suffer
I hate keeping cats indoors but with my current two having a deadly virus they cannot go out. We are hoping to move house later this year to somewhere with a garden so we can enclose it or build an outdoor enclosure for them.

But....I'm waffling on again.....

I doubt we could afford more than two cats if George & Suzi weren't foster cats and any future health issues are covered by PARRT as I'm not working at the moment. I've heard of some FeLV cats costing their owner's hundreds, if not thousands, in vet bills Hopefully this will be a few years away yet and I would like to think we could contribute towards those instead of just relying on PARRT.
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you are right it does cost a fortune Dolly had really bad ear mites and over the last 6 weeks cost nearly 200 but hopefully we have got rid of them plus her vacs, iv just uploaded an album and some photos of Dolly my precious little baby everyone cant believe how small she is and im struggling to find any info that relates to her. The vet mentioned dwarfism but im not too sure
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Originally Posted by GhostTown View Post
A multitude of reasons, including but not limited to:

1. Litter box space
2. Home square footage
3. GF wet food prices
5. Unwilling to disrupt the psyche of my present four cats
6. The group I have are hard on furniture as it is
7. My wife would kill me
8. Facebook wouldn't allow me to post pics of a fifth cat
Hahahaha!!! I like # 8!! We have 6 now and the cat hair problem was an issue until we ripped every square inch of carpet out of the house!!
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My parents,lol. Also the fact that Albert is really cat picky. He is fine with females but if a male gets near my house it is wwIII in my house! My dad doesn't really like females(because they do into heat and he thinks they meow more). Even after saying spaying and no it just depends on the cat, it is still a no, But Albert is okay being the only cat because i also have 3 dogs,a ferret, 2 rabbits and a lot of fish so the time he gets is HIS time. I a okay with one cat also. no reason too add another.
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I have 2 small children, work, etc so I don't have time to give attention to more than 2 cats. 1 is a better number though.
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On the money front, while we're by no means rich, I have a specific credit card (care credit) that allows me to afford any emergency vet bills. We're able to cover regular vet bills and food/litter out of our monthly expenses. Over 5 years and with some very bad luck, our girl Tinners cost us about $5000. She had a broken leg (amputated after 3 months due to infection). She went into liver failure. Spent a week in ICU at the vet and then I tube fed her for a month. She had a bladder infection.

People said we were crazy to put money like that into an animal. I said if our son had broken his leg, it would be treated. The cat is no different.
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