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I don't think I would want to willingly take on a cat with problems. I've been blessed with my old kitties. They come to me as old throw-aways but usually are wonderful after the adjustment period. With old cats it just takes longer for them to get settled and own you - but they do.
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Originally Posted by marie73 View Post
Yup. I think I'll just get new kittens every year, and as soon as they start getting bigger and not so cute, time to switch them out for kittens again.
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We have been tottally blessed with both of our girls. They tottally both picked us out at the shelter.

Bee has been amazing and has adapted so well to everything, including the arrival of her sister. it literally took all of a week before they were hugging it out grooming eachother and being BFF's.

Bee has been a little more of a challenge with some minor health issues but again she is such a superstar cat and is so darn adorable you cant help but love her.
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Originally Posted by marie73 View Post
Yup. I think I'll just get new kittens every year, and as soon as they start getting bigger and not so cute, time to switch them out for kittens again.

lol.... you're terrible. I don't think they ever picked up your tone.
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When I went to adopt a second cat to be a companion to my first cat I found Mz Tess thru a rescue. She was waiting for a home for over a year. She had a fan club at Petsmart she had been there so often with no takers!!! She was a year and a half old. I had no idea about introductions or much about cats at the time.

She came home with me and blended in with no problems. I credit what a well balanced cat she was to the person who fostered her in their home from the time she was rescued off the street at 6 months old.

I want to give a heads up to those who lovingly foster and give us the wonderful gift of a companion kitty who is trouble free!


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Originally Posted by 3furbabies View Post
My youngest sophie had it the worst and was going to be put down at a high kill shelter. Ironically enough she is the best, She is super easy going, adapts to any new situation/change, loves every animal she meets(dog cat, etc) with 0 intros needed.
Your Sophie sounds like my Galileo, who was 4 - 6 years old when we adopted him from the OSPCA. He was very sick when we got him, though we didn't know it at the time--he had been hit by a car at some point in his life, and any external injuries had healed, but his lung capacity was 1/3rd of what it should have been because most of his internal organs had migrated up into his chest cavity and were slowly smothering him from the inside. At the time, we just thought he had a shelter cold, but afer a few weeks we realized that wasn't the case, since his breathing didn't seem to be getting any better. It took months to figure out what the actual problem was, and once diagnosed, we were told that his only shot if we wanted him to live through his next cold was a $3,500 operation with 40% odds that he would die on the operating table. I'm so thankful that the shelter didn't know he was sick, as he would have been euthanized on the spot, and that we were the family to adopt him. He's a wonderful cat, extremely calm, confident, and empathetic, and is immediately friends with anyone he meets, whether they're another cat, a dog, or the telephone repair guy. I trust him implicitly with the ferals I'm rehabilitating, and he has really helped draw them out of their shells.

I really lucked out with Autumn, an adult semi-feral, in that sense too. She's never been the least bit agressive, has become very affectionate with people, and is very good with my other cats--even Dante, which is impressive, since Galileo is the only cat whom Dante's even remotely friendly with, and they've lived together since Dante was a 4 week old kitten.

Cosette and Ramona are both quite good too, though Cosy sometimes purposely picks fights with Dante when he's lashed out at her earlier in the week, and Ramona's a kitten. Dante is Dante, but we love him anyway.
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I don't really like cats much, and I don't need one for companionship or entertainment. The super of the building told me one day that the strays downstairs suffered very much and needed someone to take care of them, that's all. And then I took home 3 of the neediest ones who were like fish out of water in the street life. So about trouble-free, plug-and-play kitties, I know nothing, I never took an interest.

All I know is about adult, traumatized, semi-feral, highly defensive, set in their ways, unruly, often scary, scratching and biting, love and attention starved beings who constantly challenge me to prove to them that life is indeed worth living as I claim.

They're an awful amount of work 24/7, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I only long for the times when I could get up to grab a bite or use the toilet without having to convince someone in no human language that I'm not abandoning them and returning them to starvation, just getting up for a few minutes and yes, I swear, they'll be back on my lap in no time at all.

I can't even imagine the aloof, low-maintenance pet that everyone talks about.

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It's recently hit me just how lucky I am

My husband & I found our first cat, Patches, when he was 6 months old. He had fleas, worms and ear mites. We later discovered that he belonged to our landlord. But our landlord told us that we could keep him.

I decided that he needed a friend and we bought KC from a pet store. KC has had medical problems since he was 2. He is almost 14 now. He had bladder surgery, skin allergies and most recently diabetes. But we love him.

And now we have Shadow our newest member which we adopted from a rescue.

We also have a dog that we adopted from the shelter almost 5 years ago. She has been the best dog.

Patches is no longer with us. He got sick, 2 years ago, and we had to put him down.

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R.I.P. Patches (1998 - 12/3/10) & KC (4/9/99 - 3/13/13)
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I've been really lucky, too, all things considered.

Zephyr was an easy kitten, and has grown into an easy cat. He's loud and demands a lot of attention, but I don't mind either of those qualities, and I'm glad he's affectionate.

I knew when I took Maisie in that he had some behavioural special needs, so it wasn't a surprise. It did surprise me how long he took to adjust to living with me, since he was only two years old at the time - but he'd already lived in multiple different homes, so he refused to get attached to a caretaker again because in the past everyone always left him. It was seven months before he even acknowledged me, and about three years before he fully accepted me. Now, he's very loving and affectionate, and we have a good bond, but it was a slow process.

I'm kind of glad I didn't know in advance how long it would take, because I think I would have convinced myself I couldn't handle it. It wasn't always easy - especially in those first months - and I was afraid I had made the wrong choice by adopting him, because I was under the (incorrect) impression that he was miserable living with me.

I even considered rehoming him - not because I didn't want him, but because I thought he'd be happier with someone else. I realize now that would have been the worst thing I could have done, because it would have destroyed his trust even further, but at the time I thought it might be what was best for him. He was bonded with Zephyr almost from the start, though, so I figured at least he had someone he liked. Anyway, there was really nowhere else for him to go.

I am so very, very glad I kept him. It has been totally worth it to watch him finally heal from what he went through in the past.

Zephyr has never had any serious health problems, except one time when he got very sick from (we think) eating a spider. Maisie is currently having some urinary problems, but with the vet's help we're getting that under control.

All this to say, I feel like I've lucked out with both my cats too.

Originally Posted by GhostTown View Post
lol.... you're terrible. I don't think they ever picked up your tone.
It made me laugh too. But then, growing up in my family has given me a pretty well-tuned sarcasm detector.

Calling cats "trouble" should normally be read as affectionate, I think.

The Boys: Maisie, Zephyr, and Cullen.
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Originally Posted by marie73 View Post
Yup. I think I'll just get new kittens every year, and as soon as they start getting bigger and not so cute, time to switch them out for kittens again.
I was thinking the same thing.

Trade you?

If we switch Blacky and Cleo maybe no one would notice.

Along with the dogs Tara and Coco.
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