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Originally Posted by Marcia View Post
I'm personally annoyed that people would comment on MY brood and expect me to say nothing about all their little snotty nosed .....sorry, did I just say THAT???? BAD cat mom!!!
Very GOOD cat mom in my books For years I used to 'apologise' and make excuses for not having kids but since I hit my 40's I just don't care anymore! I will openly say that there's too many humans on the planet and why would I want to add to the problem - I've actually felt like this since the age of 10!

Before we started fostering the old cats three years ago we often used to go to visit one of Neil's friends who lived in the Lake District. Whilst Neil and G would talk for hours about gadgets or tinker about in the garage I would be left to my own devices - in the winter I would get the fire going and read or write letters and in the summer months I'd go for a walk and do some birdwatching along by Lake Ullswater. Eventually though I got tired of this and when we got our first old cat who needed three lots of medication a day (enlarged heart, hyperthyroidism, arthritis) I just stopped going. Neil still occasionally went across for two/three days at a time. This past year G has started getting quite 'nasty' about my not coming across to see him (perhaps I should just out and tell him that I find him a boring bigot who likes to boss folks around?) and Neil has explained we have cats that need regular medication and, in the case of our current two, cannot put them into a cattery because no cattery will accept cats with FeLV So G. said we should just 'get rid' of the cats and come across to see him!!!! How lovely, eh? He really knows how to get on a person's good side, doesn't he? I've told Neil - warned him - that the next time G rings up I will speak to him and calmly tell him a few home truths! And G wonders why, at 48 years of age, he is still single and cannot keep a girlfriend for more than a few weeks

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Originally Posted by spirite View Post
The children v. pets thing drives me out of my mind. I don't have human children and have never wanted any. I think they're cute for about 20 minutes and then I want them to go back to their mom or dad. To some people, that's weird but acceptable. But then they find out that I have two cats that I spoil to death, and suddenly it's not acceptable that I don't have children.
That is SO true I've had folk who, when they find out I dont have kids, will say ''But who will look after you in your old age?'' or, the best one, ''You must have a terribly lonely life''

I don't hate kids (folk just cannot accept that fact) - I was just born without a broody gene.....well broody for a naked baby, I love my furry ones

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Originally Posted by JustOneMore View Post
This is one thing that makes me mad very quickly and I WONT stand for... being called a hoarder. The lady who talked to me (it was my dear aunt) started to threaten that I may one day become a hoarder. Upon seeing the look on my face, she stopped. I think she knew if she continued that she would have been in for it.

I STRONGLY DISLIKE it when people use the word hoarder incorrectly. Hoarding isn't JUST about how many animals you have but also how well they are taken care of. Technically someone could have just 4 cats and not take care of them well and be considered a hoarder.

I totally agree!! Hoarding is very different from caring for many pets. People can be so ignorant. I've had people ask me if I'm turning into the Crazy Cat Lady of Kings Grant (our subdivision). If so, it's a badge I'll wear with honor!
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I get a mix of reactions when I list my pets to people, but I usually start off stating that I'm very aware of how many animals I have and that it is more than normal.

The most common reaction is something between awe and disgust because I have:

10 Rats
2 Ferrets
2 Dogs
2 Cats
1 Parrot
4 Quail
and a few Fish.

Also about 5 foster animals of any sort at any given time.

I have a pretty good routine down pat when it comes to taking care of them, and in fact having them keeps me more active and organized than when I'm without them.
I like having them, I work with them, and I study them, so they're just part of my life, and even when people don't quite get it/dislike it, I don't mind.

So long as they're well looked after, and I can support them and myself, people shouldn't judge me. I certainly don't care that much about other peoples lifestyles.
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I have a good number of friends who've decided never to have kids for their own reasons. I'm a mom of one and I think it's perfectly fine. It upsets me some of the things they hear from family and friends. As if people who choose to live their lives differently are somehow wrong. It shouldn't be kids vs pets. It should be what is or isn't right for this person.

I currently have 1 bald cat and one foster and am hoping to add a few more soon!

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Originally Posted by Zilla View Post
Just because we "think" we are the better species doesn't give us the right to abuse others.... I have this slight issue with my husband sometimes..... He really wants kids and I tell him every time that " when you can take care of the cats like I do then we can have kids but until then... NO" and he always preaches to me that a cat isn't the same as a human child and I say well you may think that but I disagree. Haha
Your a smart woman. That's how it is in my home. We both take care of my son equally, wouldn't have it any other way.

And since when was a married woman with only 2 (count them 1, 2) cats a crazy cat lady? You just have to laugh at some of the things people come up with.

I currently have 1 bald cat and one foster and am hoping to add a few more soon!

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I was never the maternal type but I always loved animals. Luckily I was born into a family of animal lovers. As well as domestic pets, there was always a movement of injured or ill wild animals moving through.

I have no doubt that some people think I'm "odd" for my priorities but that's their tough luck!
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I also never had any desire to have children, but I've always loved animals. We have 4 cats right now, but if we had the room, we'd probably have more. I've also been called crazy cat lady and I really could care less what other people think. My family understands, as they are mostly animal lovers. Our cats are our "kids".
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Whenever we send a card (birthday, Christmas, Fathers Day etc) we always wind my father-in-law up by ALWAYS putting our cats' names in
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Something funny happened yesterday. The person who got mad about each cat we got... Well we saw them yesterday and we received a bunch of great Xmas presents for the cat. They even got us a cat picture for the house. Some people act this way out of jealousy. They love cats and have been debating about getting a cat for a long time now but don't want to spend the money or have the responsibility for one I think.

The person who said those who dislike animals were deprived are right I think. All the people I know who do not like animals never had one as a kid. All the animals lovers I know grew up with at least one. I think all children should be raised with animals. If I have kids(very big if) I will always have a dog and several cats. I have a niece and nephew who grew up with a few cats(they now only ave one) and they adore my dog and. Cats(they always ask about them and are so gentle with them). I have another niece and nephew who had one cat briefly but it ran away because my sister views pets as objects. They met my dog once when she was a pup at my moms house. They spent the whole time screaming on the kitchen counter that they want to go home. My dog is very kid friendly too. I can never host family events because I refuse to lock my dog in a room because they are scared of her. The same sister of these kids met the dog once and was disgusted about how big she is(she's a golden retriever) and she is actually small for her breed. Luckily most of the family are animal friendly though.

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