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Well I donít know about the ďcanít fetch thingĒ because 2 of my cats fetch and my dog donít. I just saw that inmates have taught a cat to smuggle in contraband such as cell phones and drugs, so they can be trained.
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yup spirite, you nailed it!

Anna + Josie and Blackberry

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I always have both - I would never consciously choose - I would be led by who needed me at the time!!
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The worst two weeks of my life were the two weeks I was without a dog. I would never voluntarily be without one. I wouldn't be able to sleep without one in the room to guard me. lol

Last summer I took in an abandoned kitten and got cat fever! In November a wounded starving tortie showed up and made it clear my home was now hers! She gained 1.9 lbs between vet visit to treat wound and vet visit to be spayed. She's so beautiful now that she's healed. She and my kitten got along from day one and both kitties love their dogs.

Now I can't imagine my life without either. Their both wonderful in their own way.

The thing I love most about my cats is that they each love my dogs but only like each other. Watching an 8 pound kitten play fight with a 60 pound German Shepard mix and then curl up together and sleep after they tucker each other out... priceless.
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Ok, that just might be enough to melt my heart, too!

Cat owners' prayer: "Lord help me be the person my cat thinks I am"

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One thing I love about cats is how versatile and unique they can be. Take my cat, Booger, for example. He actually defies several assertions about cats that you have in your list.

He can't fetch, sure, but he's more affectionate than any dog I've ever owned or met. He wants to be touching me at all times. He lays his head on my mouse hand when I'm working on the computer -- I posted a picture of that on this forum. Or he lays in my lap while I'm working. He sleeps on top of me at night and he grooms my beard several times a day (cat slobber all over my face). He follows me around everywhere. Even if I go to the restroom I have to let him come in and watch me or he cries at the door and sticks his paws under.

I can't speak to the loyalty comparison, but I can address the training assertion. I trained Booger to use the toilet so he doesn't have a litter box. It was about as easy as training the couple of dogs that I had years ago. The difference, I think, is that to train a cat to do something it has to be something they're willing to do and capable of understanding. Dogs are indeed willing to do more than cats.

On a different note, Booger is definitely NOT independent and he does NOT give me my own space whenever I want it. We've grown to be almost a single entity because of clingy he is.

Like I said, I love how cats can be so many different things and be so unique. The cats that you have met have given you certain impressions about how they behave, but I (and probably many others) have cats that defy those "rules."
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We dont have a dog, so i am a little biased on that front but what I love about my kitties are:

They are so aloof at times but so loving.
They are so soft and cuddly
They are pretty low maintenance
I love cats Meows its cute
I love how they hang around you like your the best thing since slice bread
I love how my kitties know when im down and give me a cuddle.
I love how they play and make me laugh with there antics
They are not as clumsy as dogs

I could go on and on but i love my kitties like they were my own born babies. I dont have any kids so they are a great substitute.

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I love cats and dogs both! Growing up, I was a "cat person", but in my early-mid 20s I started wanting a dog a lot (I was scared of dogs as a child, but not anymore). When I moved out last August at age 28, I wanted a dog, but was not allowed to have them in this apartment. I ended up adopted two kitties, and now I am obsessed with cats right now. I still love dogs as well, but I am very happy I have my two kitties.

What do I like about MY kitties (since all cats are different):

I like that they are independent, but also dependent at the same time. They can do their own thing, but aren't opposed to some serious cuddling either.

I like that they can be very calm, cool, and collected at times, and other times be extremely playful.

I like that they relieve themselves in a box, I do not have to take them outside for a walk when it is raining, icy, etc.

I like that they seem to communicate with me, and they seem to know when I am down and need them.

I love basically everything about them. If I had a dog, I am sure I would love everything about him too (except for walks in the rain...)
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I like dogs and cats.I would love to have a small dog as well as having Missy, but my age prevents this.

I've been thinking about your question, and I don't have an answer. I can't even answer a question that keeps puzzling me; why did I adore Zenobi, while I just love Missy, especially as one of the first things Zenobi did was to bite me. Not a love bite, but an angry snap that drew blood. At times I actually find myself appologising for this to Missy.

There are those on this board who have multiple cats and mention that one of them is the favourite.

I dunno!

While cats have their independence, sometimes I get the impression that they are more emtionally dependant on people than dogs are; or perhaps dependant in a different way.

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In comparison to dogs:

1) Cats canít fetch slippers or newspapers like dogs

No, but they can be taught to fetch......or put it this way, "There are no poor students, only poor teachers who couldn't teach properly." But a dog, I think, fetches and does tricks because somewhere in their brain, they are conditioned to please......not so with cats...cats think too much and come to the conclusion that fetching is demeaning to them.

2) Cats arenít as affectionate as dogs, They arenít out to please human as much as a dog

They are affectionate on their terms. But if summoned, most will come after they think it over, and they will be as affectionate to you as you are to them. Beat a dog and it will come back looking to please the one who beat it.....again......something is wired in the brain differently.

3) Cats arenít as loyal as dogs (read in a book that cats do pack their bags and leave home if they feel threatened in the house).

Well, maybe they didn't get the loyalty memo. A cat will give you what you give to them. A cat who escapes from cruelty only proves higher intellect. also, I think a cat has a better memory disc in their brains and is capable of reasoning on a higher level. At least we see Kermit think things over, assess the options, and then decides what to do. A dog merely comes first and then doesn't remember previous behaviors by the summoner.

4) Cats are harder to train, unlike dogs
I left for work once and wife was throwing a cig wrapper and having our cat bring it back...I scoffed and said good luck....8 hrs later the cat brought the wrapper back even when I tossed it.....Hard? Well, she used praise and perserverance for sure but she did it. Ever toilet train a puppy? Compare that to plopping a kitten in a sandbox, litter box, they pick up on it right away...How come?

Headcount!....didnt take long to teach them all (4) to come to me when I got home....that way I knew all were accounted for...no treats....just a hello and a little petting and then off they would go.....Trained? I guess.

5) Cats canít guard the house like a dog

and not all dogs are good security guards but their natural instinct is to bark....so protecting their surroundings is a natural thing probably evolutionary.
Some dogs have done extraordinary rescues, no doubt...Their size helps in that....how many tiny dogs have rescue badges?

I've heard many a single woman tell me that when she brings home someone, her cats instincts are almost always correct. If the cat don't like that person, she is on alert. When I was in the service trade and went to a home, I would sometimes hear, "wow, my cat doesn't usually go to strangers, but she came right up to you." To which I usually replied, "cats can look into your soul thru your eyes". In other words, I guess I didn't represent a danger yet they had never seen me before.

All in all, it comes down to apples and oranges. I have had both, sometimes both together. I take each for what they are. I nuzzled with Kermit soon after he was born (he was little, maybe less developed than his 3 siblings) Mom was aprehensive at first as he was only days old then. Now, he rarely stays in another room and follows me room to room, is as affectionate as can be (on his terms) but will always come when I call him to lay by me. Been like this for almost 12 yrs now.
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