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Dwarf cats!

Has anyone else heard of this?
Its strange really because last week i asked my boyfreind if there was such thing as dwarf cats- he told me not to be silly, well we were both surprised just now!
We were watching a program on genetics- mostly genetic mutations, they had a guy who bred shynx's on there, but he had also managed to inbreed enough basically to breed a cat which has really short legs! its legs were tiny, it could barely jump, i was amazed but saddened at the same time. People who breed to change the look of something i dont agree with. Anyway it turns out with this guy, the gene that controls the length of the limbs also controls something to do with the heart, and so this cat is more likely to have health problems when he is older.

But really this program was soo cool! It had a snake who had 2 heads, pigs with 2 heads, and 2 brains! A cow with 6 legs, kittens with 2 heads, turtles with 2 heads, and some with 2 tails. Most amazing was the frogs, some parasite that lives on snails in the water with the frogs, and pestaside use was effecting the frogs growth when they went from tadpole to a frog it was causing cists at the joints, causing them to grow extra legs, some only grew 1 legs, some grew 2 legs with like 4 feet!
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This is a strange breed that I just leanred about myself.
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It's not a breed, it's a mutation. A barn cat in Texas had a deformed kitten, and the morons kept her and bred her, and got more deformed kittens. Now they're everywhere, even at cat shows. Goes to show once again that greed is more important than the welfare of the cat. Not that I'm cynical or anything!

Dr. Jean

Jean Hofve, DVM
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Dwarf cats

I saw one of these on a TV programme (not the one you saw, Zalensia, I missed that). I think they said it was called a Stumpy. And that its not a recognised show breed any more, to discourage people from breeding more. This could just be in UK though, the programme didn't go into that much detail.

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Well that is facinating! Very sad, but very facinating. I have heard some strange things. A mouse with an ear on his or her back...but that sickened me. Experimentation should be shot!
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The mouse with an ear on its back wasnt a "natural" (is i can use that word) mutation. That was scientists testing on animals, and they managed to grow a human ear on a mouse's back.
As to the short legged cat, yes i expect it wont go very far becuase they are also highly likely to have heart problems when they are older.
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the munchkin cats sure are cute, but they should probably stop doing that...

anybody remember that crazy lady that created her own breed of "floppy cats"? now that was just wrong.

- Marion

"yeah its strange, but what's so strange about that?" - built to spill
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Are the cats healthy though?
I would agree with stopping breeding of these cats if they were prone to bad health.

But if they're otherwise fine I personaly wouldn't care. Like the whole polydactyl thing (the other well known mutation). I don't think I'll ever get a purebreed cat anyway for that matter.
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Munchkin cats have actually grown in popularity in some cases.

I first learned about them a few years back, and even now it can be hard to find solid and NEW information on them, most of what I have come across is the same jabber over and over.

At one time they were promoted as having no defects and a lot of people wanted them, a lot still do. I happen to fancy the munchkin la pur, but not sure exactly how keen I am on the continuation of breeding them.
The common question was if they suffer from the same spinal problems dashies can and the answer was no, but often failed to mention, or were not aware of this compression defect of the heart and lungs.

While I'm not thrilled about yet another "ornamental" breed, but if they breed for health as some claim is their goal, I can not be against it in it's entirety. As it is a genetic mutation, much like polydactlism, breeding for it intentionally or not, there will still arise cases.

However, what a lot of people fail to consider when wanting to breed munchkins, is that only about 1 out of every 8 or so kittens will actually be a munchkin, so then you are left with a horde of normal cats and no one to adopt them.

While the "breed" is part of TICA I do not believe if is part of the CFA.

As for the floppy cats. *sigh*
Their other name is Twisty cats, I feel it is a horrible and needless purposefull genetic mutation this one sick minded lady happens to breed for. There is a lot of information you can find on it, but quickly, kind of picture a cross between a cat, and a rabbit.

I have heard it is basically stemmed from attempted breedings of polydactyl cats together, but I'm not sure if genetically it would actually work that way, as I believe polydactylism is a spur mutation, meaning it's something far more complex then just breeding polydactyl cats togeth and expect their offspring to be the same. It doesn't work that way.
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I knew a couple (online) who breed Munchkins. They were lovely people, and told the members that Munchkins are just as agile as other cats. These people are experts on cat care, so I hope that is not the type of cat you mean. They are very well known and well thought of by breeders. Evidently this was a genetic mutation, because the husband agreed with me that breeding practices that affect the health of the animal are just plain wrong. In a litter about half of the kittens will have normal sized legs.


A dog, I have always said, is prose; a cat is a poem. ~Jean Burden
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