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Default Habanero pepper as a cat toy

This morning as I was drinking my morning coffee, the kitty went into the kitchen, jumped up on the counter, and found what to her seemed like an ideal cat toy. My wife saw the kitty running through the living room carrying something in her mouth - we realized she was carrying the habanero by the stem, and taking it upstairs to play with it, I suppose.

I went up after her - she had abandoned her little toy in the middle of the bedroom floor - it didn't look like she had tried to take a bite or anything, and as I was standing at the sink shaving, she was calmly sitting in the middle of the floor watching me...

I would add though - the cat toy with which we have tons of success (with multiple cats) are rolled up paper balls made from the outer wrapper of a tea bag. I don't know if the tea odor in there does anything to them or not or not, but the size of the thing is ideal for her to carry in her mouth. We can flick the things across the room and she will chase after them at breakneck speed.
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Default Re: Habanero pepper as a cat toy

oh man! kitty could have seriously regretted that pepper!

a few weeks ago, i was sitting on my couch in the morning eating an egg burrito with a ton of hot sauce on it, and my Allie jumped up and started sniffing the drips of spicy sauce on the plate.......i didnt bother to stop her, because i figured it wouldnt smell good to her and she wouldnt want anything to do with it. Yeah, i was wrong. She licked the sauce twice before she realized it was a bad idea. She sat back and immediatly looked me in the eyes, and made a squinty face at me....then her jaw dropped open and she started licking her lips at 90mph, and shaking her head from side to side every few seconds. and she looked at me and MEOWED at me, as if to say "WHY THE HECK DID YOU LET ME DO THAT!!!!" i felt so bad, but i BURST out laughing!! she just didnt know what to do with herself, so i picked her up and set her in front of her water bowl, and she drank a whole bunch. then she seemed over it.

now when i eat anything with hot sauce, she sniffs it, and promplty looses interest. learned her lesson i guess!
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Default Re: Habanero pepper as a cat toy

Originally Posted by toonces33
I don't know if the tea odor in there does anything to them or not or not . . .
Seeing as how the catnip plant is a type of tea, I would assume that certain teas also have minor effects on them. I'll give that idea a try and see how my little dudes like it. As for the pepper, I wouldn't let my cats play with them just because I'm a merciful parent. Although watching their faces as they realize what they put on their mouth would be hilarious. Dustin, next time you let your cats try hot sauce, video tape it please.

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Default Re: Habanero pepper as a cat toy

Rofl! Reminds me of when my dog ate a treat for my sun conure that was made with a hot hot pepper (parrots and other birds have few taste receptors, so hot peppers are a tasty treat to them!). Peaches, my parrot, dropped it mid snack from her playgym, and of course the dog went for it. Oh boy did she ever regret that! She made a beeline for the water dish and was only cooled off after I gave her some yogurt.
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Default Re: Habanero pepper as a cat toy

I like to watch Alton Brown's TV show called "Good Eats" and I remember recently watching a show where he discussed MILK was the best thing to reduce the fire of "hot stuff". He said it was the casein in the milk that neutralized the 'fire'.
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