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How cats choose thier favorite human.....

So my wife first picked out Allie, or little calico. And allie was much more attached to my Wife, though she still liked me plenty. Then i picked out Mr Higgins, and he like me the most at first.....i think because i spent more time with him when he was segregated from Allie. Now that all the initial huffing and puffing and hissing has passed after introductions, and the kitties are good freinds. Rolls have changed. Mr Higgins much prefers my Wife, and Allie much prefers me.

Not sure how exactly this happened, i actually wanted to be buddies more with higgins, than with Allie, and my wife was much more concerned about Allie.

Allie is 10 times more affectionate with me, than with my Wife, and will tollerate me picking her up, and smothering her with hugs and kisses, and carrying her around. Not so with my wife. My wife has about 5 seconds once she pickes up Allie, before Allie has had enough.

On the flip side, Higgins will do almost anything to keep me from picking him up, he RUNS from me when he sees me reaching for him,, little booger. But he NEVER runs from my wife. Once i pick him up, he tollerates me fine, but he really tries to avoid me, unless he wants affection on his own terms, and crawls into my lap.

At night, when allie wants affections, she allways climbs on me, and when Higgens wants attention, he allways climbs on my wifes face.

I was wondering if gender has anything to do with it. Any one have any input? Do female cats tend to like men more? Do male cats tend to like women more? I kind of doubt it, so its just a thought. But i cant really see why our cats have chosen favorites this way...ultimatley, i dont care, as long as im ONE of the cats favorites....if they BOTH prefered my wife, i would be a little jealous.

I thought maybe Higgins dosnt like me because im the one who allways disciplines the kitties for getting on the wife does nothing, so im the bad guy. But i discipline Allie the same as HIggins. He seems to fear me somewhat, but Allie is completly un-phased by me. I say NOOOOOO very loud at her, and she just looks at me with a smug look like "whatever, your not scary" as where higgins takes off running, full speed.

i would love to hear some other experiences about kitties choosing favorites and how/why you think they choose who they choose.

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Re: How cats choose thier favorite human.....

Well, my female cat, Martha, doesn't seem to have a favorite. It's "whoever is feeding me".

My male cat, Jethro....I am definitely his favorite. He barely acknowledges my husband's existance, and often will look offended if my hubby tries to pet him.

He was originally a real skittish untrusting stray, and I worked with him for months before I could even get him indoors. We've had him indoors for 9 months and he's still not 100%, but if I'm on the couch, that's where he is. Either in my lap, or cuddled as close to me as he can get.
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Re: How cats choose thier favorite human.....

I'm our cat's favorite. That is because I'm the one that feeds her, cleans her box, plays with her, gives her treats, spends the most time with her, knows how to pick her up properly, and pets her at 5 am when she comes to bed for pettings. My boyfriend just snuggles her when he sees her lounging around, or when he comes home from work. Since Zaya is not naturally affectionate and you really need to work with her to get her to open up, it only makes sense that I'm the favorite. But it was (and still is) a lot of work....
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Re: How cats choose thier favorite human.....

Our case is very similar as well. Every night Minnow (our female) will jump up on my husbands chest and nuzzle and purr as he pets her and she sleeps with him this way. Jig (our male) jumps right past dh and lies down next to me for his attention... sleeping next to my cheek.

In our case, I'm the one who does all the cat care and am home most of the time. Jig seems *very* food motivated and I'm sure his affection to me is connected..
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Re: How cats choose thier favorite human.....

Many people have observed a similar pattern: female cats preferring men and male cats preferring women. Although the plural of "anecdote" isn't "data" I've heard it so often -- and seen it myself -- that frankly I believe it.

Certainly my parents' cats have always loved Dad best, even though Mom was the one who fed them. We used to joke about how much the cats loved Dad and how much more cooperative they were for them. Then my parents got their first male cat and darned if Dad isn't suddenly playing second fiddle. Maverick likes him well enough, but Mom is clearly his favorite.

If Dad feels bad he can always visit me. When he was helping me move, my (female) cats were all over him, even though I'm the one who feeds them...

I'm not saying this is true of every single cat -- it's a tendency, not an absolute -- but it seems to happen enough that I believe the phenomenon is real.
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Re: How cats choose thier favorite human.....

I have something interesting to add to this.

My cat Monty, hates men (he's a neutered male). He runs when any come into the house and won't let them pet him. He loves women on the other hand and rubs against them when they come in.

I was talking about this with a friend of mine, who is a guy...and is, how can I put this, very camp.

When he came round to my house Monty jumped on his lap...he smirked and said something along the lines of: 'See, your theory is not correct.'

I kept my thoughts to myself, but I think it proved exactly what I was thinking...that male cats can maybe sense the 'male' in human males and are scared of rivalry perhaps...since my friend seems to be uhh lacking in certain male traits, well....
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Re: How cats choose thier favorite human.....

I don't have vast experience with different cats liking different genders of humans, but I've also heard that male cats like women and female cats like men.

I am my female kitten's favorite person, and I'm a woman, but I'm also the only person she lives with. When my boyfriend came, she warmed up to him pretty quick, but I've had a few female friends over, and she acts pretty skittish with them. So from my observation, my female cat warms up quicker to men than women.

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Re: How cats choose thier favorite human.....

Interesting theories, I have heard the story about females preferring males too. But all my cats (females) have always preferred me over the men in my life. Bella, the newest kitten, does like to snuggle with my boyfriend. But Missy, my first cat of 8 years, followed me everyone. She had serious issues(though, we worked through that one) if I was out of her sight for long periods of time. Heck, that cat was so clever, I got her to come when I just whistled. Brandy is a friendly cat, but not overly affectionate. But I am the only person in the house who's lap she sits on, and follows around like a dog. So from my experience Brandy and Missy prefer me, but Bella could be a toss up. She seems equally happy to show love to me and the boyfriend.
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Re: How cats choose thier favorite human.....

My SO has his heart cat (Penelope) who -I- saved and -I- feed and -I- clean up after... and I am just.. well.. I won't even say chopped liver, because she LOVES that stuff. LOL I guess I'm like an annoying room-mate to her.

All three of our boycats love both of us, but clearly prefer me. One is 15 and is my heart cat, so that's a given. The other two I spent more time with them when they were young, so maybe that's why?

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Re: How cats choose thier favorite human.....

I've heard about cats preferring humans of the opposite gender, but Sophie definitely prefers females over males. The only males she likes are my boyfriend, who lives with us and she's gotten used to him, and his brother who is very, very quiet by nature.
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