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Under my feet!

I have a cat who refuses to walk anywhere, other than under my feet when I'm moving around. If I'm walking somewhere, he's walking so close to me that I am literally hitting him with my feet. If I'm standing, he's laying on my feet, or literally right behind me. Sometimes he walks right in front of me, and if I goose him in the bum, he does a somersault, and lays right there, batting at my feet as I'm tripping, trying not to step on him. Ok, the somersault is funny , and I can't help but laugh when he does it.........but it's got to stop! I've actually stepped back, stepped on him, and in a reaction not to hurt him, ended up twisting my back.

It's just getting old! I'm going to trip one of these times, and end up getting hurt. Nothing I do seems to make it stop. He's been stepped on accidentally, and that doesn't even bother him. His tail gets it alot if he's laying right by me too, and other than pulling out a few hairs, it doesn't phase him.

Any suggestions?
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I don't have any suggestions but I know how you feel, my girl does stuff like that too. If I'm in the kitchen especially she'll plant herself right behind me, and I can't tell you how many times I've stepped back and stepped on her. I stomp my feet at her in the kitchen when she gets really annoying, and she'll behave herself for a week or so, but then she goes right back at it again. Yes her tail gets it too. I had Manx before so never had to worry about stepping on tails. She also does this thing of running right in front of me just as I'm about to go downstairs. I've come close to tripping over her going headlong down the stairs, so I just slow down and stop before going downstairs. My boy rarely gets under my feet. He was stepped on a few times, and is really afraid of getting stepped on again; I wish she were more like that.
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Yes! So you know how it feels then too! If I'm going downstairs, or upstairs for that matter, I am extra cautious, and make sure I speak very loudly too him. He has a habit of stopping half way up, and if I'm carrying something, look out!

If he gets stepped on, he's maybe good for a half a day...........so you're lucky if you get a solid week!
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We walk in our home with a sort of shuffle so we don't lift our feet and step on tails/feet/bodies. We also use our feet as shovels and will gently shove kitties out of our way.
Really, the only way to combat it is to be prepared, and we do that by changing the way we walk around the kitties so we don't hurt them and they can't hurt us. I think we'd be goners if we had stairs, though. Even with our precautions, I've done quite a few crazy dancing/leaping moves and even fallen to the floor a few times, but luckily I've not been hurt. Hubby has stronger legs and his shuffle manages to keep the kitties out of his way and from being able to affect his forward movement the way they are able to do with my lighter legs.

My three barn kittens? The male (Ha! appropriately named "Mayhem" I might add!) and his sisters (Madelyn and Madison = the two Maddies) run, pause, weave and stop RIGHT in front of my legs when I'm carrying their plate of canned food to the barn. I *swear* I'm gonna wind up doing a face-plant into the dirt and/or land IN their dang dinner one of these nights!
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There are *very* few things that annoy me about MowMow but that is a pet peeve. When I walk towards the kitchen he is always a half step in front of me. If I take a full stride I wind up bumping into him. Every so often I remind him to keep moving. I slap my foot down really hard RIGHT behind him and he shoots forward a few feet....the slows down to make sure I'm still behind him.
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LoL Mowmow - my Tuffy does the exact same thing - I started walking slow and very small steps in the house just because of him.. the things we do for our babies.
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Apple doesn't so much do that, but she runs across me cutting me off all the time. Several times I have done epic in the air sorts of falls because I was trying to avoid falling on her after she trips me!

What worked for Zoe? My ex was blind so she learned pretty quick to not be underfoot

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Originally Posted by MowMow View Post
There are *very* few things that annoy me about MowMow but that is a pet peeve.
Is that a pun?

We all seem to have cats that do this, so I wonder where it comes from? Is that some kind of instinct? Or are we just that interesting, that they have to follow our every move?

When I'm about to go down a flight of stairs, I've gotten into the habit of stopping at the top and letting Murphy run ahead of me. He'll run and stop halfway down, but at least he's in front of me and I can see what's going on. Same when I get up from a chair -- stop, look for him to bolt upright, and run ahead of me. At least you can see them then.

Holly and Murphy
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LOL! Well, I guess it's at least good to know I'm not alone! LOL!!
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Originally Posted by SpellQ View Post
What worked for Zoe? My ex was blind so she learned pretty quick to not be underfoot
That's interesting. My Dad is blind and, when he comes to visit and starts walking around the house, both Muffs and Abby stay well clear of him. It's as if they know they'd best not be underfoot.

So, there you go Geri...you must start walking around the house with your eyes closed!

Dogs have owners. Cats have staff.
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