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Jr. Cat
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Default Running and internal clock in indoor cats.

My cat loves running around the house, initially when we got him, he would just run up and down the house at nighttime or when excited.

The running up and down at night was not great, but once he got into a routine and learned to play fetch with his favourite toy, we would spend time during the day, throwing his toy for him, he gets all his energy out and now in the evenings, he goes to bed when we do - or he is at least quiet at night. We'll often take him on trips away in the car and when he comes home he sleeps like a baby.

This has been the way for several weeks, unfortunately sometimes, his daytime/nighttime routine is upset, because I work shifts, and often work late, or sleep during the day (he sleeps with me when I do)

Firstly I am wondering if indoor cats ever settle down into a pattern?
My rota is never the same, and although my OH is often home, it seems whenever I come home - that is the start of his day as far as he is concerned!

We feed him morning and evening at the same time of day, but late at night if I am going to bed, he will always look for food ... feeding him 'last thing' would be impractical, as it varies so.

We were away for the weekend with him, and we left his favourite toy behind and had to have it sent in the post. We got it back last night, and after 3 days of being despondant, refusing to play with other toys and generally being a misfit (he left a nice present on the carpet for us overnight - which he never ever does!!)

It was late at night and he was very excited, he was running up and down the house with it (we were still up)

And the neighbours from downstairs called up to complain about the noise

I feel awful about it, but him running around like that late in the evening, is not typical behaviour anymore, he's a cat I can hardly stop him from having the odd bit of excitement at inappropriate times.

But stop him we did, and he was very upset, though he did go to bed then.

Whats worse is that, the cat doesn't make as much noise as we do, we have the TV on late, the floor boards are creaky and the soundproofing is awful - walking across the floor makes a lot of noise ... not our fault. We recently got some underlay in part of the house, but not in all ... Landlord is not going to want us ripping up more carpet.
When my OH walks across the floor the ground shakes - as I'm sure their lightfittings do ... we hear these noises from our neighbours ... but we don't complain about them, as we know the reason.

The cat makes a soft repetitive noise as he runs throughout the house - he's a small cat, he weighs less then 3kgs ... he's not capable of making anymore noise then that.

But they were complaining about him and this noise 'could we stop whatever it is we are doing'.

Last night was not typical - is it fair to stop him running if he has the odd bad night? I can get thick rugs and try and dull the noise otherwise.
Will he always run? Plenty of my friends and neighbours keeps cats in similar apartments (the area is all old period houses that have been split into appartments) but they don't have an issue as their cats don't run!
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Cool Cat
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Yes they ususally settle into a pattern, but if you are coming home at different times, he will want to be with you. When there is a full moon,they will run around too, so it would be helpful if you can block out the light from the windows at night. But if they see strays or other animals walking through the yard, you can't do anything to make him not get excited.

How old is he? My two are 2 years and 1.5 yrs and are not running around as much during the night now. He might settle down, but maybe not. My last cat, who lived to be almost 18, ran around and up and down stairs all her life until about the last 4 months.
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Jr. Cat
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1 maybe 2yrs, still a young cat.

Thing is, he has no interest in outside at all - he doesn't look out the windows - ever (even though the sills are at ground level )
There would often be a bird or two sitting on the back window, and he has never noticed!

If you get up and walk into another room, he will run with you, or if something in the appartment catches his eye, he'll run. He runs after he's been to the toilet (which I would consider fairly normal) and sometimes after eating.

He's get his mood on, his eyes go all big and round and black, and he just wants to run. He's quite an affectionate little fella, but when he's like ths he has no interest in being petted or calmed - if you hold him he groans at you and breathes really heavily!
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Tom Cat
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could it be possible to try playing with him with some kind of wand toy to wear him out before it gets too late at night? my kittens are very hyper too and love running, but when we bring out da bird, 10 minutes of jumping and chasing it, they are panting and ready for another kitty nap..although i can only seem to get them down at night for 30 minutes sometimes cause they will be back up again.

our kittens have been pretty good about adjusting to a pattern though. they are only really rowdy early in the morning and early in the evening, and calm down mostly at night.

that is tough that you have an ever-changing schedule and have to deal with neighbors. good luck!
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I have a similar problem with Mowmow @ night. I'm a terrible insomniac so if he wakes me up, I'm totally screwed for the night. I also worry about the downstairs neighbors (they haven't complained...yet..). He sounds like an elephant when he gets to racing around and thumping onto the floor from high surfaces.

You don't need an ENTIRE meal at night. I buy duckbreast jerky as well as evo's grain free treats. Each night as I get into bed I give him half a strip of jerky and put 4-8 evo treats into his treat puzzle. Cat behavior kicks in. He eats his treats, grooms and then lays down to sleep.
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