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I don't know Crisco but we certainly kept the same chip fat (fries) going for ages - usually with dripping (beef fat).

This week I had a medical for an operation I have to have after an accident on my shoulder and they commented on the fact I was abnormally healthy - says it all really!!!
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Jr. Cat
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There is only one shelf we tried to keep as 'restricted' from the cat... a narrow one above the computer with delicate things on it.

Since we tried to keep him off it, clapping and making loud noises, or physically removing him every time ... he turned it into a game. Now its the place where he goes if you aren't paying him attention.

He just loves to sit up there and tap, tap, tap, things until they fall onto the keyboard.

Funnily enough, he has very little interest in any other surfaces!

He might jump up on the kitchen counter occasionally, but as there is nothing left out, and we never tried to keep him off it, its boring.

He likes to sit on the windowsill of the kitchen (above the sink which is accessed by the counter) and watch you wash dishes ... fine by me.

He likes to sit on the table when we are eating dinner, its a sociable thing I believe.... but since he has never been given human food or food from a plate, he doesn't bother you. He seems to like watching us eat.

He's very clean.

My parents cat is not allowed on counters ... she will mostly stay off them if you are in sight, but when you go away, she does whatever she likes .... worse still .... when she used to jump up on the counters... my mothers response was to put her outside (like a punishment) .... as a result ... now, if she wants to go outside and she's not allowed???? She jumps up on the counters!!! She does so in a particular fashion... jumping up at the furthest end, and running the length of the counter... so that she's closet to the door when you get to her

Halloween night, when we didn't want her going outside, she spent the whole night trying to 'get put out' by running on the counters.
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Tom Cat
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All this talk of fecal matter and litter dust is somewhat pointless. Do you pick your cat up and love on him? Does he snuggle next to your face? Does he crawl into bed with you? I'm sure all these things have been one before and after being in a litter box and we think nothing of it.
I for one like to hold my babies in my arms like a baby and kiss their little paws!
Just clean your counters before you prepare a meal. And there should be no worries.
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I definitely agree that you should bring your cat inside ASAP. Aside from the cold and discomfort, what if he gets hit by a car? It happens so often.

Not to threadjack or anything, but I've read a lot of the "so what?" type of responses and I have a reply and would also like advice. My kitchen has an island. The non-island counters are not accessible to my cat, so I leave the electronic appliances on those. The island doesn't have much on it, just a MiniDisc player (weird, huh?) and a cafetière, coffee grinder and coffee beans on a tray (he has no interest in any of those items).

However, the island is where I prepare food - all the slicing and dicing and what-not. It's the only counter spacious enough for it. But when that happens, Ares gets curious and he jumps up on the counter with all the ingredients. Not only do I not really want cat hair in the food, but I usually have an extra-sharp knife in my hand and he wants whatever my hand is near. It's scary. I set the knife aside, rinse my hands, take him off and put him down, wash my hands, turn around and he's on his way back up the counter.

I don't know if I can bear to spray him with water. I might try foil, but I have a feeling he'll just think the foil is fun.
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Cool Cat
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Originally Posted by AdoptAnAngel View Post
I don't know if I can bear to spray him with water. I might try foil, but I have a feeling he'll just think the foil is fun.
There's nothing wrong with using water as a deterrent. You might try canned air used to clean keyboards too. That should irritate him enough to make him stay down.

The OP could try this too:

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Haha my cats are on the tables and counters a lot. Callie will sit next to me on the table when I eat breakfast. My cat when I was growing up was trained as a kitten from going on the counters and tables by my mom shooting him with a water gun whenever he did. Haha it worked, though. But I don't know how well you can train an adult cat, but I'm sure you can if you're persistent.

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This is a battle I've given up on, I don't like the idea of the cats on the counter but now that we have a puppy they take advantage of puppy-free zones like countertops and the table. I wipe everything down before preparing food or serving but I'm not thrilled about it.
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LOL I know it. Hubby and I are planning to build a few extra shelves and fun spots for them to climb but I'm pretty resigned to the fact that they have the run of the place. It's ok, the payoff is totally worth it

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Tom Cat
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I can't stand the cats on the table or counters. The table I've pretty much given up on, we rarely eat there and it's just being used for my sewing right now. The counters drive me nuts, mostly because of the design of the kitchen. We have open shelves where we keep food, we really don't have anywhere else to keep it, and those shelves are accessible to the cats from the counter. They like to sit on the window sill above the counter and look out on the road. They have a 6.5" cat tree and about a million other places to climb and sleep. The counters are mine. I've resorted to scat mats. The thing with any deterrent is that the animal quickly learns when the behavior is safe vs not. Shouting and spray bottles only work to deter behavior while you're there to use them. Even with the mats I left them out turned off for weeks so the cats got used to them being there and nothing happening. That way they don't realize that the mat is part of the correction.
I certainly wouldn't live with my great Danes counter surfing just because they can reach it, same with the cats. Everything else is their realm, but not the counter.

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Jr. Cat
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Growing up, cats on counters just DIDNT happen. Mostly because cats were outdoor creatures, that were charged with vermin patrol in the barn. They got straw, food, a barn to sleep in. Later on, they got the swanky, expensive water de-icer...kept the water warm enough not to freeze, so it was drinkable. Living outside is ok. I have a friend that has a number of beautiful, healthy, well cared for cats that live strictly outside.

It sounds like you want to do something for sounds like you would like to try to let them indoors... I agree with everyone that cats get on counter, and they are darned determined especially if your back is turned. The people that make the invisible fence for dogs makes a training product for counters and cats. I used it on my cat to keep her in our yard...that's a story in itself. In our house, we have rooms where the cats can be "free" in....other rooms where they are only permitted if we are in there to supervise, like the kitchen. After a few corrections for inappropriate behavior, they stay off the counters while we're in there. And they stay off our legs and laps while we're eating. I wouldn't trust them while we're away though...instead we just shut them out of the kitchen.

If you don't have a way to have an indoor cat area, maybe you could find a solution for them outside. A well made "dog house" with a heat mat...or a heat lamp. Some small place where they could get in out of the cold and wind. Just take precautions that your heat source doesn't overload a circuit or something. One winter I decided to set up some cold frames to start lettuce in January. I had this clear plastic umbrella looking thing that I hung a 40watt light bulb in. I left it on 24 hours a day. I did manage to sprout lettuce seeds, in the ground, in January, in Michigan. As it turns out, I also was creating a warm place for a couple of the strays to take refuge in.

Whatever you decide to do, you can still have well cared for and loved cats. Indoors, or out.
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