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Jr. Cat
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Right now we have two litter boxes in the bathroom where turtle was pooping in the tub. The big one on the left, is the normal box, in the normal location. The smaller one on the right is there because she started using the corner of the floor at one time and putting the small bax there at least forced her back to the tub.

She sometimes uses the small box, but dislikes the big box on the left that all the other cats favor. I understand her not wanting to use a spot the other cats use...I know that can be an issue for cats.

The curtain to the shower, we always keep folded up and out of the way. If we left it down, the cats would have it demolished. So the bathtub does not have curtained privacy unless a human is in the act of showering.

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Jr. Cat
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The box she has decided to start using in the rear kitchen/pantry. It has a clear lid, and rarely gets used by other cats. The biggest problem with that box (for the others) is the clear lid. Whenever someone is inside the box, trying to do their business, the rest of the cats have to come bat at them through the clear lid....jump on the box...inspect what's going on....and try to play with the kitty using the box.

This morning, Turtle went in to potty, and instantly 4 sisters decended on the box...circled it, jumped on top of it, and climbed in to play....But as long as she is choosing a box to potty in, if she can take the harrassment from her sisters, I'm happy.
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Cool Cat
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"So the bathtub does not have curtained privacy unless a human is in the act of showering."

I was thinking that, to a cat who's only 8-10 inches tall, the sides of the tub itself would provide privacy, no curtain needed.

What kind of litter do you use? From the pictures it almost looks like it might be pellets (like feline pine or similar). The shelter sent me home one time with fosters and a bag of feline pine and EVERY SINGLE KITTEN in the litter refused to use it (there were 6 kittens). They'd go anywhere but in their box. I switched to a more "traditional" litter and they were fine. Perhaps, if you're using pellets, she might prefer another texture of litter?
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I skimmed the thread so I might've missed it, but have you left a few inches of water in the bathtub at all times?

I'd also suggest having a litter box in an entirely different room... farther away than just the one outside of the bathroom. She might not like the room, or being anywhere near where the other cats do their thing. The could also be territory issues with the general area where they use the litter boxes.

Offering different litter options (I see you use pine? She may like clay or something else entirely better) and different litter amounts could have positive results as well. I'd suggest uncovered boxes, but the two you already have are uncovered. Some cats don't like going in covered boxes.

Along with the dogs Tara and Coco.
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Jr. Cat
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"tub sides being plenty of privacy...", Good point!

Yes I do leave 1"-2" of water in the tub at all times right now. It is (so far) breaking the behavior. She has transitioned to using the covered box. She mostly has that one to herself, the other cats do not often use it.

I do use pine. I buy bags of either horse bedding, or right now I buy furnace pellets because they're like $4 for a 40# bag. I have tried using chicken feed (which is identical to SWheat Scoop) but it was drawing mice. I need to use a litter that I can compost on my property, or scoop and flush AND it must cost no more than $6 for a 40-50# bag.

I definately agree that she probably doesn't like the texture. But on this matter I must be firm. It is the absolute best value, both for initial cost and disposal. I can flush the poop and compost the urine soaked pine. And since it is a natural plant product, I can dump it out on the curb with the leaves at "fall cleanup" in my town. We don't have a trash service and the recycling center doesn't have a plant rubbish bin. I guess I like how it breaks down too. When push comes to shove, I can dump anything out on my mother's country property...but I hate seeing the GIANT PILE of clay my sister has at her house. It's unsightly and it doesn't go away.

I guess I'm as stubborn as she is. Actually probably more-so. Like owner like pet...sigh. Things are looking up though. Since putting water in the tub, she has not had a single accident anywhere. She has taken to using the covered box all on her own. I am planning to keep the water level on the tub the same for at least another month. Then I think I shall try lowering the level slowly. If she relapses, I will refill it and start over.

Also noteworthy...She has NEVER EVER had a "normal" solid poop before. It has always been the consistency of pancake batter. MMMmm pancakes.... We started feeding raw to all 9 of our cats a few days ago, and she is now pooping normal. I know I've already mentioned it, but I am just so happy she has normal poops! She must feel better too. I know I would feel yucky if I always had diarrhea!!
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