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Default "Houston, we have a problem..."

OK, now that I have introduced myself and "my" cats, here we go to the heart of the matter that has compelled me to post on this forum.

Please see the attached photo; it should be self-explanatory, but in case it is not, please observe;

1) The wide-angle photo is of our bathroom.

2) The toilet paper roll is empty...this is not, in itself, unusual as they get that way from time to time, sometimes remaining that way when errant family members (almost invariably husbands) neglect to change them. But wait...

3) Note, if you will, that the contents of the WHOLE NEW ROLL have, in fact, not been utilized and subsequently disposed of in the normal manner(s), but are situated on the FLOOR OF THE BATHROOM. In a pile. A pile directly below the roll holder.

This situation was not the result of some erratic behavior of my wife, and I sure didn't do it. Furthermore, there have been no recent visitors in the house to explain this fantastic occurrence!

Now, we have used this brand and specific type of toilet paper for quite some time, and have heretofore not experienced any defect in the product that might result in this 'self-deployment' when utilized in accordance with normal procedures. Nor have I ever heard of this happening with other brands of toilet paper, from ANY known manufacturing or design defect.

However, there is another explanation, however improbable; it has come to my attention that THE CATS THAT LIVE IN OUR HOME might have been instrumental in this mysterious..."use"...of the product, as depicted.

The fiendish suspects are shown in the close-up photo.

My question to all experienced Cat-Whisperers......WHY would these non-sentient, pea-size-brained, non-opposable-thumbed little beasts engage in such mischievous behavior???

And......what can I do about it?

Look at this (below)...
Attached Thumbnails
"Houston, we have a problem..."-toilet-paper-trouble.jpg  

"Houston, we have a problem..."-toilet-paper-culprits.jpg  

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My cat doesn't unroll toilet rolls, instead she claws, bunny kicks and bites it if I leave it on the holder and the roll is usually unusable after that and there are shreds of toilet paper everywhere! My cat only does it during the night or when we're away during the day, so I just put the roll away into a drawer during this time where she can't reach it.
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Jr. Cat
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Ahahaha your cats just LOOK mischievous!

just a thought, but maybe use an almost done roll of TP and spray it with something that the cats hate the smell of? Maybe vinegar would work. Leave it there for a while to be sure theyve had a chance to mess with it and decide for themselves to leave it alone. Have a roll of usable paper in a cabinet for actual use while the 'decoy' is out
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I had that problem, also paw prints in the bath. The bathroom door now remains shut.
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Premier Cat
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Let me start by saying, I am enjoying your posts...you are a master of the tongue-in-cheek.

Now, turning to your question, WHY might they do this? Let me respond on behalf of all cats, by asking why not? The paper is SO much more fun when it's in a pile. Of what earthly use is the paper on the roll? Yes, we've seen what these humans like to do with that paper. How ridiculous. Why don't they just lick? If they learned the proper art of grooming, there would be no further need for paper on a roll and we could then play with it. Surely, that is a better plan.
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Cool Cat
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It must have been fun! Turn the roll around the other way so it unwraps to the back.
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Jonah does this. YEARS ago I gave up on putting TP on the roll. It lives in the cabinet above the toilet--easy enough to reach back there, and when I have guests I just make sure to remember to tell them.

I tried leaving it out a few months ago to see if, at age 3, he had outgrown it. Nope. Back in the cabinet it went!
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Cool Cat
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I have a cat who's a little over 1 year who used to do this. She's been good for several months now, but just this morning I found about half the roll on the floor again. Conspiracy! Kitty conspiracy!
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Why? I can only think that the cats at some time have been allowed in the room while it's in use. Having seen the paper being unrolled, being copyists, they want to help (or they think it's a fun toy).

Zenobi used to do this which led to me removing the roll from the holder. I would have banned her from the bathroom but her drinking fountain stuck out from the washbowl on the counter. Besides, Zenobi was a special cat. I would occasionally give her a facial tissue and she'd stick her nose on it and wipe. She'd watched me and that's what you do with a facial tissue.

Missy is banned from the room when it's in use.

Have you tried putting the roll on backwards so that the paper rolls down the back? Then when the roll is turned from the front, it doesn't unroll.
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Tom Cat
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If they like to unroll it, just put it on the roll backwards. This makes it harder for them to unroll with their paws.

Mine unrolls and disembowels it. I keep the bathroom closed or put away the TP if I'm letting the bathroom de-steam after a shower (the fans don't work we'll in my bathroom)

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