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Cat possibly seeing something that I cannot see

Hey everyone! I am a new pet owner. I have a 7 month old kitten that I've been raising for 5 months now. He is pretty fond of my boyfriend and I and is usually within eye shot of at least one of us at all times.

Our cat Randy usually sleeps with us by our feet half the night and plays the other half the night. Last night he tried to hop up on to our bed in the middle of the night and immediately fell off the bed as if he were roughly thrown off our very tall 3 mattress bed. He whimpered and ran away immediately and every time he walks in the bedroom he becomes really afraid of the bed! He won't get within 3 feet of the bed. When I picked him up and walked him towards the bed he started crawling up my shoulder in a very frightened manner. He scratched up my bf when he tried carrying him to the bed which he's never done.

Now all he wants to do is be held. He keeps trying to crawl onto our laps and be close to us and just seems scared. I don't know what is causing it. I don't know if I believe in ghosts or spirits floating around but he is often staring off into space and seems like he is following things with his eyes that I can't see at all. Do any of your cats behave this way in certain places? This is just so weird!Click image for larger version

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Ouu this is a really good thread starter! I do kind of believe in spirits but I'm not open to saying that they are around all the time or floating in the air..

My cat Tinker often stares in the corner or the living room up my the ceiling and it's always the same corner! I have no idea why but it takes ages for me to get him to snap out of it!

As for your little guy being scared of your bed, this might help. Tinker was in bed with me firework night and although he isn't scared of fireworks one big one went off 2 gardens away and it really scared him. He shot out of the room and would not come any where near the bed. The morning I got some treats and his fav toys and starting playing on the landing and rewarding with treats and bit by bit i got closer to the bed until I was laying on it and he was playing right by it. We just worked our way back onto the bed and now he is fine with it again. After all, it is his favourite, biggest, softest bed he believes is his..
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I don;t know. If he really hurt himself falling off the bed he doesn't want to go up on it anymore. So if there's a blanket rumple or pillow out of place that he didn't investigate yet he might get a bit of a spook from that.
Just today I dropped my wet jeans in the bathtub but picked them up as Oliver came into the bathroom. He only heard the sound and was very cautious about approaching the bathtub which he always likes using as a hide-and-seek safe spot.
I guess I'm more of a skeptic to the supernatural but let him know the bed is not a spooky place.
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Thanks guys! What really bothers me though is how afraid he is of the bed all of a sudden. A few minutes ago I brought him back into the bedroom, held on to him tight then slowly got on the bed. I could immediately tell how uncomfortable he was. He was shivering and made little whimpers and he was staring off at the ceiling the whole time he was up here with me. After about 2 minutes he couldn't take it anymore and ran off the bed.

What's peculiar is that he's fallen off the bed many times and hasn't made a peep. He actually loves playing on the bed when me and/or my bf are up here. He likes to hunt our fingers and toes when we move them under the sheets and loves sleeping between our feet.

I feel like he must be seeing something up here that's scaring him but I can't see it! I hope he comes back up here because he's so cuddly and cute, I love kitty cuddle time!

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Missing a jump is pretty embarrassing for a cat. It probably scared him. Let it be his decision to jump back up on the bed; I wouldn't force it. Consider getting him a bed of his own and put it in the bedroom.

My cats see things like bugs that I don't see all the time, or maybe cobwebs on the ceiling. Or sometimes if they have seen a bug in a certain place, they will go back there and look for it later.

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I admit I wouldn't like this - mine "see" things all the time but usually it is a bug or a cobweb or a moving speck. In other words it's something normal but I do believe that sometimes animals sense things beyond the norm. My cats (especially the youngsters) , will misjudge jumps (only today poor Baz ricocheted off my head) but they don't react this way to any of the places where that has happened. I agree with the idea of using treats to over-come the fear but if it carries on in this way it wouldn't hurt to have a few prayers said as well.
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Oh never thought of that. Oliver usually gets fixated on something on the ceiling too, but it turns out being a speck or chipped paint or a fly. Keep in mind, cats are much more in tune to sight/sound senses and have a whole different spectrum for reading things.
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Sadie once developed a prolonged fear of a cd case. She wouldn't go anywhere near it and would freak out if you moved it near her or tried to pick her up and get her close to it. I don't know what triggered it, but it went on for weeks.
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That sounds scary.... Stories and movies that involve "beings" in places that you cant see really freaks me out. Not that I believe in ghosts or demons but it really gets me. Like the movie Paranormal Activity scares the living cr*p out of me.... Godzilla kinda did this same thing once. But it was to a friend I had over and who was sitting on my bed. I left for like two seconds and walked back in and he was growling at the guy like he just tried to kill him or something. I asked what the **** happened and he said I have no idea he just freaked out and started growling. I don't think the guy did anything to him honestly because he loved my cats. It was just extremely weird because Godzilla is really social and likes everyone. I tried to pick him up and put him on the bed and asked the guy to talk nicely to him but he wasn't having it. Even after he left he was nervous about the bed. He got over it in a couple days though....

Like everyone else said I would try the treats or maybe feed him on your bed?!

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I do believe that cat's & other animal's as well as human babies can see spirit's that we can no longer see .....

that being said I think in this case your kitten most probably hurt himself or/ and had an awful fright when he fell off the bed

I would NOT try to force him near to or onto the bed as this will stress him & likely prolong his fear of the bed & may also result in him associating you with feeling scared

he will forget about it soon if you just let him figure it out in his own time & when he is a lil bigger he will have no trouble jumping up onto the bed for a snuggle

"what greater gift......than the love of a cat?"

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