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I don't draw any conclusions before 2 years have passed. I've observed that cats are very slow to develop a relationship and to trust, and that they do so not gradually but in leaps. Prince has been with me for 2 years now, and only yesterday for the first time did he let me hold him upright with his head on my shoulder and purred and stayed there, loving it. He would've attacked me if I'd done that only 6 months ago. I love the challenge of slow trust-building and new things I can do as time passes. I'd say don't try to rush things, just let the routine, something so reassuring for a cat, do its work.

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Well today it seems as though Ozzy woke up and thought "hmm... i guess today is a good day to explore"

all day hes been moving from room to room. He was even walking around upstairs! I fell asleep on the couch last night and i think he was sleeping on the couch with me because when i woke up i heard his bell jingling and when i looked he was sitting next to the couch wide eyed like ge got spooked.

He even decided he would give me a few meows today and to top it off, he ate the meat part if his canned food! He would usually just lick the meat clean then walk away. But he ate about half of what i put in his bowl.

I was playing with him a little while ago and he absent-mindedly rubbed up against my leg. But as soon as i started petting him he did his usual walk a few feet away then stare.

So it seems as though he really is starting to enjoy it here.

As odd as it may sound he looked more like a kitten today. He has been so serious most of the time, idk how to explain it. Maybe some of you will know what im talking about... He just seemed more wanting to explore and bat at things, and his tail was doing more than just twitching. And his face just looked more relaxed i guess.. lol idk just more kitten like! Not this grouchy old man look iv been seeing from him.
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I know that expression! One of my fosters, 2-year old Mama Lucy had that look when I got her. She had three 10-week old kittens (her second or third litter) and looked super cranky all the time. Once the kittens were adopted, she turned into an overgrown kitten and looked much younger and happier.
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Well Ozzy1919 I think you're doing great with him! He seems to be coming around so just keep it up! Great for you for adopting a kitten and doing what you can to make this a happy transition even if it is taking this long. For example Lily the 5 month old I adopted won't dare go down stares because of the other cats that live here, they are my landlord's cats, surprisingly she likes my roomate's cat. So it all takes time hun be there for himand he will come around.

I Love My Kitty Lily
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Post-holiday update!

I just thought i would give an update on Ozzy since thanksgiving has passed and things are calmed down again. Hope all of you had a good turkey day

Having gone out of town for a few days, i was eager to get home and see how the little guy was doing. We had some friends come over while we were away to give him food and make sure he was okay. To my surprise, they told me he wasnt hiding the whole time they were here and was actually chasing his mice around at one point

When we came home, i didnt know what to expect. I put my bag in the room and went to look for him. After a good 30 mins of searching i found him curled up under my bed. I wonder if thats where he had been sleeping. I hope so, i plan on getting him used to sleeping in my room.

I willl admit that although i knew he wasnt going to run up to me with open arms, meowing with joy that his human has returned, i was at least hoping that he would at least come to peek at us. Nope. He barely even bothered to glance at me when i finally found him under thebed. x.x

I got settled in on the couch and found something good to watch while i wound down from the 15 hour drive.

Lo and behold, here comes Ozzfest! He jumps on the couch and just stares. I say hi and give him a huge grin. He responds with a loud MEEOW!! I dont know if it was an angry meow but he did seem a little upset. I reach out my hand and get that death stare iv been getting used to. I didnt get to pet him, but he did greet me at least. Ill count that as a win

Now some of you may be wondering, why in the world is this in the behavior section!? Well, i guess you have a point. But i DO have a question!

Ozzy has been giving me meows constantly. Iv always wanted a cat that meowed, but he just seems to meow for no reason! A lot of the time he meows because hes hungry, but every other time i have no idea what he wants..

I reach out my hand thinking he wants some pets, i get the death stare. I toss a toy across the room, he ignores it completely.

Do cats just meow to talk to you? Ill say things like "what is it?" "Where?" "Show me!" "What ozzy?" And he'll respond. Iv got this idea that he just wants attention but hes still too wary to come up to me for a good scratch behind the ears.

What do you guys think hes trying to tell me?
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Jr. Cat
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I dont know how to edit posts, but thanks for combining that post with this thread, i didnt even think of doing that x.x
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Sometimes they'll just talk to you. When mine get mouthy, I meow back. Often they'll come up to me and look at me funny (maybe I said something offensive, lol). It's kind of fun though. They do just meow for no reason some times. If you were gone for several days perhaps he was lonely and is just trying not to admit it? My cats treat me with either open affection (3 of them) or hostility (the other 2) when I've been gone for a couple days.
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I once had a cat (Siamese mix) that every evening when I came home from work, would tell me all about his day (meow meow meow meow ... quite a long time) and then would give my arm a quick lick and then he was done with his recitation. It was really cute.

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Three weeks is really a very short time, and I think you and your boy are doing great. I agree with others that it takes time and gentle patience. Often with shelter cats you have no idea what their background was and how much socialization they got with people as kittens. Ideally kittens should be handled from birth several times a day at minimum, held for a while, groomed, nails clipped. If your boy didn't get this type of handling, it's likely why he is cautious, and he may always be especially with people he doesn't know. Are you free-feeding him or giving him his meals? Cats usually respond better when you feed them....especially hand feeding them is even better by letting them lick the food off your fingers. Getting a few strokes in while he's busy eating is good too. Another thing that is bonding is to groom him. If he's a shorthair a brush is fine if it isn't too prickly, if he's longhair a steel grooming comb. Start with his cheeks and head, and just do a little at a time, gradually working on the body. Done gently and a little at a time, most cats looove to be groomed and look forward to it when they see you with the comb or brush. Play with him lying on the floor, and drag a cord around and over you, or sit and drag it through your lap. I think you and your boy are going to have a wonderful close friendship. Keep up the good work!

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Thank you i need to trim his nails but he is just too darn scared of me for that right now. I think it has been about a month + week, i have a hard time remembering days lol.

But guys. I have a big problem.... Today was his first vet trip.

Or, it was supposed to be.

When it came time for me to get him in the carrier, well, i think he had some kind of flashback or something. He seemed okay at first and walked up to it to sniff it, then as soon as i tried to get him inside ALL **** broke loose.

He was runnin and gunnin, bobbin and weaving, avoiding all of my efforts to get him in with ease. Eventually i gave up being Mr. Nice Guy and decided HE WAS GOING TO GET IN THE **** CARRIER! I grabbed a blanket and chased him up and down stairs, played musical chairs in the dinning room.

He darted off toward the laundry room, and that was that. Its now been around 6 hours and i have NO idea where he got to. I checked everywhere for this guy.

My only guess is that he found one of the holes under the cabinets and got in there, but its a pretty tight squeeze even for a little kitten. Iv tried bribing him with canned food, heated up a bit for the extra smell factor. Nothing.

I know now that iv made a HUGE mistake. I probably traumatized him between the kennel and the chasing around. I feel so horrible man...
Every hour or so ill get up and walk around calling his name, asking him if he wants food, and playing with his toys.

What do you guys suggest i do? Im not trying to find him to drag him out or anything, i just want to know that hes still in the house, and that hes still alive

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