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Tom Cat
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The slow blink?

Hey everyone, I've heard a few of you mention the slow bink and I'm not quite sure what it is.... I've tried doing what I think is a slow blink while looking at Joy and all she does si stare back at me as if im a crazy lady! Should she blink back? If she doesn't is it something I should be concerned about? I'm assuming it has to do with the bond you share with your cat. How can I improve it?
Alot of questions I know. Thanks for your time
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Cat Addict
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The 1st time ET slow blinked at me was when he was a stray, about 2-3mths or so after we 1st found him. He was very close by, then I slow blinked at him and he responded with the slow blink and then he started rubbing up my leg for the 1st time. Till now, we still slow blink at each other, I'm not sure if it has anything to do with our bond. But we didn't had much bond when he was a stray back then. But its funny, I taught the other nite feeder to do likewise, and apparently it didn't work for them, I don't understand why too.
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Jr. Cat
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I think it also means 'I don't mean you any harm' or something like that, I read that somewhere once. It doesn't work with my own cat, she never really blinks back, but I know that she loves me. I've also tried it with a feral cat that my boyfriend's parents feed though and she always returns it when I do it even though she barely knows me. I think it helped her understand that we are friendly and she doesn't have to be scared of us, and she has become a lot more friendly with us since.
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Cat Addict
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By the way, I just recalled reading a book that talks about eye contact with cats (don't ask me for the name of the book or author, cos I don't remember). Its all about who's the boss (leader), between you and kitty. You may wanna re-establish that relationship. If kitty stares at you, you stare back and do not be the 1st to look away, if kitty's eye so much as roll away 1st, you win. She will accept you as the leader, then watch out for the change in behaviour thereafter.

ET didn't quite like my hubby initially and wouldn't allow him anywhere near my computer desktop where he and I share. I talked about the eye staring incident, which my hubby said, ET always stares at him, but he is always the one to look away 1st. I told hubby, next time ET stares, you stare back and never be the 1st one to look away. Hubby did just that the next time ET stared at him, and wow! ET finally submitted.

Let's see what the other experts have to say about this.
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Some article here, read "Cat's eye" Cat Behaviour at Animal Corner
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Oh this is so interesting! Tinker slow blinks at me a lot and I try back but I never feel like he really responds to it.
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Jr. Cat
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If I slow blink at my Taz, he looks at me like I've sprung a second head.

If he does it to me, and I respond in kind, it almost like he smiles and goes to sleep. Or comes over to me and rubs me then sticks his rear in my face.

If I slow blink at Daisy, she'll roll on her back and ask for tummy rubs.

Bruce just shrugs and ignores me and my 2 newest babies don't sit still long enough to watch me blink at them.
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Premier Cat
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Winston does it when he gets cozy with me while I am watching tv. He snuggles on my fluffy throw, kneads and sucks a corner of the blanket, then he gets comfortable and does the slow blink. I return the blink but I don't think he cares anymore, by then he is in heaven. Niska, I don't think she has ever done the slow blink, in her mind she is to regal for that sort of thing.
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Originally Posted by Kitty-The-Cat View Post
Funny you should say that! For several months after I first got my cat (she was still a kitten), as a goof I would do stare-downs with her, with my eyes really wide open, and invariably I would win. Maybe that's why she's such an affectionate and well-behaved cat!
hahaha...there was no need for me to do the stare-down at all. ET wouldn't dare stare at me for long. After reading the book, I taught my hubby to do it cos he needed to do it, lol...

I'm glad it worked for you too. Anyway, I thought many forumers here would dispute cos cats are different from dogs that have the pack leader thing, while cats don't. Well, all I can remember about the book was about how a behavourist helped 2 owners with a cat behaviour problem. The way around it after the behavourist's observation is to re-establish the relationship between cat and owner by the stare-down method. Cats have that domineering attitude, so there is a need to let them know you are the boss, not the other way round. But I have also read somewherelse that we shouldn't do the stare-down too often, cos kitty will feel threatened and leave the place instead. So I guess, do everything in moderation too. Its like after disciplining, we go up to our child or kitty for a pet or a hug, to reaffirm our love, something like that.

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