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Default Can I do anything else?


I've been feeding a cat who would use to pass by the house. It started with treats, then a cup of food "just in case". A month later, shes eating more than my two indoor cats together and she's sleeping in a box I put out for her.

For 3 weeks now I've been transferring her scent to my cats and brining in the blankets from the box so they can smell those. I've also let her come inside a couple times while the boys were upstairs.

Today I am going to the clinic to get her checked out. Its evident she is going to queen soon so I need to get her inside and out of the cold asap.

The problem is, one of my cats will hiss at me if I try to pick him up after he's smelled her. He's done this everyday for a week now.

He did okay when we got our second cat, which was another male of equal size and age. That was 2 years ago. I think if he made it through that he can make it through anything.... but the hissing has thrown me for a loop. I would except it a few weeks ago, but by now I figure he'd be over it.

They've also met at the door crack a couple times and once at the glass front door.

Have I done all I can? The cat needs to come in soon, it's been below freezing 3 days in a row.

Any other suggestions?
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If she's going to queen, she'll have to be kept separate from your boys anyway (locked in a different room) for the safety of her kittens, so even if your boy is unhappy, she won't really be "in" with him anyway. He might adjust more once he's smelling her more often too. Good luck!
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Venusworld is right. I would encourage you to get her inside right away. Maybe put her in a spare bathroom to get settle and feeling secure with you. Rifle as much food as she will consume. She has to be at her best to deliver and have healthy viable kittens.

If she is familiar with her area she wont be so stressed when delivering. If she delivers outside some of the babies might not make it esp with the cold weather. You are a saint for taking this mother kitty on and caring for her.

She will need to be kept separate from your other kitties when she has her kittens. She will be very protective of them. If you've established a relationship with her before the kittens are born she will let you handle the babies which is important for socialization and eventually to find them good homes. Best of luck. Keep us posted how its going!


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Just checking (and this is probably again because of a different culture) when I talk about a cat queening (or a mare horsing for that matter / a cow bulling etc.) I mean coming into season but you all seem to mean giving birth. Have I understood you correctly!
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wow this is wonderful you're doing such a good job!
I Love My Kitty Lily
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It's normal behavior for a cat to hiss at some new animal smell
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Yes, re the queening, they assumed you meant she was already pregnant.

There are some forum treads on introducing cats. You probably need to keep her separated in a bedroom or other inside room from your hissing boy for a while. She will smell like the vet's and he won't like that either. Re-do the scent exchanges and cracked door thing.
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Greetings friends.

Thanks for all the good words and information! I did mean queening as in giving birth.

Bad news however! I went to the vet yesterday and they can't take her til Dec 5. Okay no big deal, I figured I'd just stash her in the basement or the back bedroom. I came home to see a nibble of her food gone and no cat. She didn't return at all yesterday and no sign of her today. Considering shes been sleeping in the box outside, I can only assume she took off to birth. I'm really sad now because it was my intention to keep her safe and I feel like I failed.

I'm going to go look for her today but behind my house is 200 acres of woods. I know of a random car back there (yes an old car in the middle of decolet woods, creepy right!). I can only pray she is there.

She's eaten two, 2/3 cup servings everyday for the past month, so I think I am her only source of food. Can I assume that with a few days of birthing she is going to need to eat? In that case I will keep my eye out for her and perhaps I can follow her back to the nest.

Does this seem like a good plan? I'm feeling terrible right now.

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Yes, waiting for her to come back around seems like the best you can do...sometimes they'll go off their feed a few days before they give birth (I've been reading about cat pregnancy like crazy as I've got a foster due to pop at any moment). It could be that she hasn't had them yet, but is just looking for the perfect spot. When she does have them, perhaps you'll get lucky and she'll bring them to you. Good luck!
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QUEEN/ING! I LUV it! Cf,we have a new 'house' term!
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