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The 1st time I hear ET purr on day 2 after I brought him home, I thought he had breathing problem, lol. Then when I brought him in for his vaccination, I asked the vet to check his breathing and mentioned about the sound I hear. He was cleared and then I found out, he was actually purring, lol.

Anyway, ET doesn't purr in the day, no matter how much I massage him. But he purrs when night falls the moment he sees me, without any stimulation, no petting, no massage. He is a timid boy, but he does purr, but its soft purr, audible, not very loud and not very long. Whenever I hear him purr, I pet or massage him, he will stop purring. Don't understand why, so if I want him to continue purring, don't pet him, lol.
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Originally Posted by my4kitties View Post
All cats purr, even deaf cats. Cats will purr when in pain or distress. It's an instinctual behavior.
Thanks for the info. Maybe he still does not feel very secure or safe around us. Hopefully he will learn to trust us enough to purr. He enjoys having his ears scratched so maybe one of these days he will surprise me.
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My kitten is super affectionate, but when he was only 3 lbs, he had a louder purr than he does now. It's like his purr gets lost in his body now. Same purr bigger body (12lbs now ). My siamese has a very loud purr, just say his name and he starts the motor going. My little girl has always had a very quiet purr
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My girl Alkee's purr is very quiet most times inaudible, but felt in her neck....at other times when I'm trying to post to the Cat Forum (lol) she tries to help by poking the keys and walking on the keyboard. Then she purrs louder and drools! My boy Zuba has a louder audible purr and he's inclined to purr more often as well. Both cats are affectionate lap sitters and they both love to purr while kneading my lap as well.

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Mogwai has a medium-loud purr, I would say. She's quite affectionate----but on her own terms. She doesn't always like to be picked up and petted. If I pet her when she's not in the mood, she then starts taking swipes at me with her paws semi-playfully (semi-seriously?). She also will bite lightly. If I keep on trying to pet her, she progressively gets more ferocious----taking swipes with her claws extended and biting harder. She's definitely feisty. I should've made more of an effort to stop that bad behavior of hers when she was younger. She's now a year and a half, so it's harder to train her probably. She's very friendly and sociable, but not a lap cat. If I'm watching TV or reading a book, she'll jump on my lap for a minute just "to say hi". When she does so, she wants to be petted and/or scratched next to the ears, and kneads on my lap (which can be a bit painful if her claws manage to pierce through the fabric). She purrs fairly loudly when she does so, but not as loud as some of the purrs described in this thread. She'll sometimes then momentarily curl up in my arms----but never for more than a minute. After about a minute or less, she hops off and will go sleep on another chair, on the couch, on the floor, etc.
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Mitsey is more a quiet cat,but does purr when she's really happy to see you. Rico otoh purrs all of the time.
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My six all purr but they are different in "tempo" as well as volume - in their case I don't think it relates directly to their affection levels.
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I had a little blue-creme point Himalayan we called Faith of the Magnificent Purr. She was a tiny cat, but she had a purr so loud it could be heard in the next room, and she would keep purring as long as you would hold her. In fact, we rented professional recording equipment, and then I snuggled into bed with her. She turned on the purr, and we have a full hour of Faith purring recorded. We sold them for a time, and people claimed her purr helped with medications, migraine headaches and many other issues. I'm just glad to still have her purring for me as she's been gone for 10 years now. Dear little Faith, I still love her so

One big Persian I had years ago used to get so into his purr that he'd sit and drool. His litter sister used to purr with her mouth open, which amplified that big purr like a megaphone.

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All of mine purr at different times and at different intensities.

Sasha - Follows me ofter and purrs loudly as soon as I touch her. Will purr loud when I brush her and will also purr when she is in a lovey kind of mood. Will roll around on the ground purring waiting for someone to rub her belly. She purrs also when she is kneading any soft surface such as a blanket or the bed

Anna - Wakes us up purring every morning very loud until we give her attenion. She loves to lay on my lap and purrs hard when I pet her

Sophie - Has a very quiet purr and will also get in a lovey mood when she will rub up against someone purring. She purrs the loudest when she kneads my dog
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