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Default kitten suckling

I found this little guy at 6 weeks old, he is now 8 and 1/2 weeks.
  1. A week ago I got a rather big shock when I woke up to a kitten under my neck suckling. I've recently got him to suckle on his blanket (He adores it so it's not that hard). But, I was wondering, what does this behaviour mean? Does it mean his body is craving the nutrients he missed from stopping nursing so early? Would it be a bad idea to give him some kitten milk?
(can you tell i'm a first time cat owner...ahhaa)
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I get the feeling that you will be a wonderful cat owner! It happens - especially if a kitten is weaned young or is a bit insecure.
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Our 9 month old kitten still tries to suckle on one of our adult male cats. He was with his mother until 9 weeks old, so I know it's not a lack of nutrition. Some cats just do that. I think like Arianwen says, it's more to do with insecurity, probably. Our guy was born special needs and had to have a couple big surgeries to get him healthy. He's just now mellowing out a bit and the suckling behavior is tapering off now as well.
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MY 13 year old boy Orion has done this since the day I got him at 16 weeks. Personally I ADORE it as it makes me feel like he considers me his mother (even though I'm a guy!) and therefore the most special cat/human in the world to him.
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My kitten did this to his canned food when I first got him. So cute. I think it's an insecurity thing, or a habit. He doesn't do it anymore.
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Winston is about a year and a half now and he loves sucking and kneading my fluffy throw, specially when we are sitting down watching tv or playing video games. In his case I don't think it is insecurity, he is not shy at all! I think he just enjoys it and makes him happy. It also makes me happy to watch him be so content.
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It's most likely from being taken away from mom too soon. My youngest cat was our first cat. She was found *very* young, taken to a high kill shelter then rescued by a rescue group. When we first got her it was just her and our dog(a golden retriever). Right away she took to kneading her (she purrs like a motor when she kneads her). She is a year and a half and still kneads her at least a few times a day(my dog is pretty tollerant even though I can tell she doesn't like it... she always stares at me like "help!" haha)
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My cat (also a Winston!) was weaned from his mom around 12 weeks and was socialized just fine. For the next year and a half, he suckled throw blankets and clothing. He doesn't seem to do it anymore. But, I think he did it just because it was a comfortable thing to do. My younger cat still kneads (makes biscuits) on me sometimes. No suckling though.
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My roommate had a special needs cat named Tommy when we moved in that he was fostering. When we moved he couldn't keep him at our apartment because he started school again and Tommy had to have more attention and was on a special diet.

Mr Tommy would not stop suckling and he was about a year old. He would suck on anything cloth. If you weren't paying attention he would leave your shirt with a nice big wet spot. He would do it until you told him to stop. He was a "dwarf" but I think that is because he was taken from his mother too young which may be also why he would suckle. That poor cute guy. He was the cutest baby!
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Adorable video!! Thank you for posting! It'll get lots of views on YouTube.
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