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Bad Kitten Manners..

Hello I have 2 13 week old kittens and have just started to give them a couple of treats. They have started getting so over excited by it that they lash out and bite anything.

The first couple of treats they take nicely but after that they just try grabbing anything and hard too!

My older cat takes each one so gently.

Any ideas how I can get the kittens to calm down and not get so crazy bitey around treats?
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Well, if they were human kids, and the kids started getting grabby from the treats, I wouldn't let them have any more. So maybe that's what you should do? Give them treats while their nice, but when they start to get aggressive, treat time is over?
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That is a good way at looking at it. Good tip for when I have children in the future too! I'll give that a try, thanks
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Rather than having them take it from your fingers, put the treat down on the floor. They will catch on that they're not getting it from your fingers but on the floor. You could also use treat to teach a simple trick, such as sitting up or standing on hind legs by holding treat above their head, and when they sit or stand up, praise kitty and place treat on the floor.

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I'm with the first reply, but I'd also teach them to take it nicely.

Working with one kitten at a time (you'll have to put the other in a room or kennel, can't do this with two at a time.) Hold one treat in your closed fist, and another in your other hand behind your back. Hold the closed fist with the treat inside out to the kitten and let them go nuts. If they bite or scratch say 'OUCH!' in a loud high pitched voice. When they back up (even just one step) or get distracted for a second...or do anything but lick, chomp, or paw at your hand say "Yes!" in a happy voice and give them the OTHER treat from behind your back from your open palm.

If you try to pinch the treat in two fingers and have them take it they might just miss and chomp you, but if you offer treats in an open palm it's actually hard for them to bite you while getting the treat. Once they have the idea that nice manners (ie, backing off and not chomping you) gets them a goodie then you can work on their aim when you're holding a treat in your fingers.

Every time you give them a treat go through this process a few times. Soon enough they'll catch on and you'll have nice polite kittens

I would have guests give them treats on the floor, as Ami suggested, but they need to learn not to bite you when getting treats, it's just not good manners.

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Since you state that the first couple of treats they take nicely, stop at that. Or at the first sign of aggression, that end that treat session.

As someone said, only give it to them when they are behaving, that way they associate good behavior with reward, and bad behavior with nothing.
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They are cats, young cats and I'm sure if you have the patience to follow the advice given elsewhere you may get eventually get nicely behaved kittens. But one treat at a time is almost like teasing them. I'm against this.

I feed Missy (older cat) her treats in one of two ways. I put four or five pieces of the treats on the floor, or I hold them on my fingers, palm up. Why on the hand? I think it makes it personal and special.

Couple of weeks ago I dropped the bag and treats went all over the kitchen floor. I worried that Missy would dive in and start eating them and worried that eating a lot would be too rich for her.

But no! While she came over to inspect and watch as I cleaned up, she made no attempt to eat. It was late at night and I left three pieces for her overnight. They weren't touched until I called her over in the morning and pointed to them.

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I want to feed treats by hand as I dont think they will learn not to snatch if I dont. We taught our older rescue cat (4years old) the word 'no' and he will listen and very well mannered. If the kitten food is down because I forgot to put it away he will go over to it but as soon as I say no he leaves it and walks away.

It worked so well with him we are using no training on the kittens also which is going well but I dont think it works with the treat grabbing as its like im telling them they cant have the treat im offering. Instead I make a eekk sound when they bite or sound and move my hand away.

Treats in my fingers or on my palm are just so exciting, either way they were getting rough and just biting and grabbing anything that moves.

Todays treats went better. I only gave them 3 each and there was only one bite.

thank you all for your tips.

I really dont want rude kittens. Someone I know has a cat that snatches food that you arw eating!! And she grabs with claws when giving treats and she drinks your drinks or water from pans that are going to be boiling!! Rude and dangerous! Manners cost nothing.. Human or animal manners
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