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Default How often do you play with your cat?

One of my two cats is far more hyper than the other one and starts trouble if not walked regularly and played with regularly, which i understand is normal.

I was just wondering for how long and how many times a day does your cat require to satisfy his or her playful/hunting instinct. And if you also walk your cat, how often?

Just wanted to take a poll.

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we have 4 cats and we have to play with them ALOT. The male cat who's 6yrs old wants the most action. He can play play play play non stop. We use laser lights and other toys with him to wear him out. We just got a new cat who we thought was about 6 months but found to be about 10 months needs a lot of attention as well but the male cat wants the most. Our 8yr female still plays and things with the male a lot but she cant keep up with him more than a few minutes of chase and playing. The 15yr old does her own thing but gets a lot of attention as well. We do a lot of string and toy balls, mice, laser light, long piece of wood with bigger then shoelace string as a fishing rod since they break the plastic ones. I would say all in all about 15-20 minutes at a time many times a day. It really depends on how they are.
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Tom Cat
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I try to get in 1 good play session a day. My kitty is 11 months, and I usually play until he's panting. For him, if its fetch or stalking and pouncing he'll usually go for about 45 minutes. (Yes, he'll fetch for 45 minutes straight)

If its more of a chase game and he stays active the whole time, it's more like 15-25 minutes.

This amount keeps him from being destructive and/or from waking me up but I'm sure he'd prefer more.

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Jr. Cat
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Maybe an hour total throughout the day? I also take Sam (8 months) for a short walk to go get mail with me everyday. Both of my cats are indoor only, so he enjoys getting a 10-15 minute exploration session outside. Took a while to get him used to the harness, but once he realized it would allow him to explore outside he settled down pretty quickly!
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When Midnight is in the garage at this time of year, I pet him for a bit and we exchange head butts, but since he is a wild cat, he is always on the move when he is not sleeping in his house. He is gone for hours at a time, even in below zero temps and deep snow.

He reminds me of that Robert Frost poem.

"The woods are lovely, dark, and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep. "
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Book requires play multiple times a day or there is just no living with him. Before work I get him racing around and at night before bed I repeat. Sometimes he demands play time after work. No hands on play though, that scares him for some reason. He wants Da Bird or the laser pointer.

MowMOw is a lot less than he used to be. A few times a week he gets what we call "BOODGEKITTY" and I wants me to chase him. For this I lock Book in the bathroom so there are no fights while MowMow and I race around the apartment. He likes it when I hide on the other side of the bed and call him when he's feeling frisky. He comes running into the room, then I pop up off the floor to yell "BOODGEKITTY!". He puffs his fur out and goes crazy racing around the house. When I catch him I put him on his back on the couch or bed with my hands spread over belly and chest and 'bounce' him while I say "Bouncy bouncy bouncy bouncy!" When I let him up he goes nuts racing around again.
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Tom Cat
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As often as I sense Ritz wants to play--which has recently increased from at most once a day to sometimes two or even three. She's never been one to play for 30 minutes at a time, 15 minutes is a lot for her. The only type of toy she likes is hunt and pounce, like DaMouse or a simple feather at end of string (she likes to chase the string).
I recently started giving Ritz probiotics (I've been feeding raw for over a year), and I wonder if maybe she is feeling better so she wants to play more.
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Lots of times but not normally long sessions - never as much as an hour which I know others on the site do.
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Our cats are indoor/outdoor so winter time is really the only time they are bored. I have tried playing with them, but they seem to be in hibernation mode. They eat little, sleep a lot, and only go outside for litter-box/potty if it is not too cold or there is not too much rain.
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I don't. Well, not much. And I never did play for long sessions, just 5 or 10 minutes at max.

Blacky used to be semi-feral and is also indoor/outdoor and likely because of those factors, not interested in playing. She might get a little involved but then she'll hightail it out of the room, or just in general be annoyed about it all, so it isn't worth it.

Blaze plays, but he's 17, so it's been reduced a great deal. He still loves the occasional wand toy or laser game.

Jasper, the semi-feral in the garage, I've tried to play with. Every attempt ends with a broken toy almost immediately, since he views it as prey to drag off and eat.

Along with the dogs Tara and Coco.
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