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I had one cat who regularly took his collar off and always left them under the rhubarb in the garden. When it died back, we'd find them!!
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Originally Posted by Apocrypha428 View Post
The little bells drive Sam crazy! He much prefers the harness he wears on our walks outside
One of my boys, Papito, LOVES his collar. He ruined one, so I took it off to switch his tags onto the new collar, and he was standing in my lap waiting for me to put it back on, squeaking indignantly. He seems to really enjoy his jingles.
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Originally Posted by rdswan14 View Post
You should be able to contact the company that he is registered with. They can help. Especially if you paid for it.
I did, but it is not that quick. They had to get approval form previous owner to change contact info to mine, etc. Actually last week we finish the process and finally it works, I can access their data online at the microchipping service website and I am listed as owner of my cats. But it took 6-7 weeks.

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Originally Posted by jawramik View Post
I've noticed a few people complaining about updating the info on a microchip being's always been easy for me, I just go to their website and update my info every time I've moved, and it's been no big deal.

I forget what the company I use is called (assuming there even are different companies) and I'm not sure if it's a local thing or not, but I've never had any issues changing my information with them.
Since I finally have password it's not a problem at all. the problem for me was to legally change ownership of my cats from local rescue group that I adopted them from to me. I had to submit special forms and they had to contact rescue group to confirm that I am the owner, etc. doesn't sound that complicated but it took almost two months. Now it works ok

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If my kitties were outdoor cats, I would definitely put a collar and tag on them. Since they are indoor-only, I would not force them to wear one because I know they would find it uncomfortable. Maybe not all cats would, but I know mine would.
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I havent put collars on my girls as they are microchipped and indoor cats, however, I do have collars along with copies of there medical records inside there cat carrier in the front hall closet for vet visits and in cases of evacuation and emergencys. they have on them there rabies tags as well as city license tags (yes we have to be pet licensed here in Toronto)
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Originally Posted by Marcia View Post
No collars on my babies. They know who butters their bread and wouldn't dream of running away!! =D
Ditto, my thoughts exactly.

2 of my 3 cats go for daily walks in the garden downstairs. They don't wear collars because even the break-away ones aren't totally safe. Plus the stray cat haters who'd love to hurt me badly for feeding the strays would be too happy to know which of all the cats are my house babies and kill them. And when I tried a collar on Prince a couple times, a lovely one with his name and phone number that cost me a lot of money, he wouldn't stop scratching.

Bells sound like a nighmare for the cat and for me, having to hear that noise all day and night.

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I bought three collars for two cats. I was excited to accessorise them. I tried on Blaze first since he's indoor. He had it off in less than 30 minutes. I tried again when he was wandering the yard (unlike Blacky he won't leave the backyard) and we found it in the grass 10 minutes later. He didn't look like he hated it either when we put it on, so it must be very easy to fall off.

I never tried it on Blacky; I could see I'd be losing the collar in a matter of minutes if not days. I don't think I want to constantly wander the neighbour's yard to find a collar, either. She has worn flea collars without issue but they weren't breakaway, it was to serve a purpose... however, I wouldn't feel right putting a regular (non-breakaway) collar on her just for the sake of wearing a collar. Even though she is indoor/outdoor she never goes far.

So no, my cats don't wear collars.

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I have a collar on my inside cat with a bell.

The first collar I got him had a very pretty irredescence design on it, but I noticed he was scratching a lot, so I though it was making him uncomfortable. So i went out and bought another collar that felt softer, so far so good. I like the bell so I can hear him moving at night. He's black so if I can't hear the bell I don't know where he is in the dark and thus he gets stepped on (he loves to be under my feet).

I got him a break-away collar just in case it gets caught on something he doesn't strange himself.

Not to get off-topic, but I was going to get a tag to add to my guys collar & get him micro chipped. I was thinking about instead of putting the address, putting the city & state, then the words 'Micro chipped' in case he was found (along with my phone #). Is that a good idea or just stupid? It wouldn't matter if he looses his collar, but would the microchip data serve anymore use if he was found with the collar?

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I don't have collars on my indoor cats. We have had Zipper for 7 years and we have never had a collar on her but she has a permanent ring on her neck from the previous owners (she was 9 when we got her) where the collar used to be.

We have 6 cat carriers in the attic in case evacuation is needed. Inside one carrier is my "bug-out" list of essentials to pack (food, water, litter, etc.), 5 collars with their tags and a folder with their updated rabies and city license info. If we ever have to run for our lives (we live on the east coast - hurricanes) I don't want to have to think in detail about grabbing stuff for ourselves AND the cats.

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