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My childhood cat always had a breakaway collar on and it didn't bug her. Once in a while she'd pop it (probably in a tree or something), but we'd just get her a new one. She was also an outdoor in the days before microchip popularity.

Currently, my old cat won't wear one, so I don't bother, she gets angry and scratches at them-plus she is mostly indoor. I do keep one for travel though. To fly with cats, they have to have tags so I keep one around for when that happens, plus a leash and harness for the same reason. My outdoor kitten will be getting a chip and a collar at some point soon. This is just safety. I feel like the bells would be annoying though, and since I encourage all my cats to hunt (I live in a rural area, mousers are needed), I think it would hurt their chances of catching something.
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Originally Posted by CJinCA View Post
wow, you sound super prepared! I have lived in hurricane country, and know the pains of evacuations, not just from my experience, but even now, my mom and brother still live on the gulf coast and have had some major hurricanes since Katrina. Their late cat Garfield was a found kitten all lost and forlorn in a field after a hurricane.

my main concern now that i live on the West coast is earthquakes, followed by fire, then flooding (the park across from us flooded recently). I'm really worried about getting both the girls out of the house if we need to evacuate quickly, esp finding Lickorish, who typically hides somewhere when something happens, like under one of the beds where its hard to reach her. Its one thing to know danger is coming and be prepared, but when it just jumps up on you, what to do?
That is precisely why I have things set up the way I do. It would be bad enough to try and pack for the two of us, but when you have to think about pets I like having it all ready to go - or at least a ready list of grab and go essentials. You would be surprised what peace of mind it gives you to realize you can take off in a hurry if needed. Hurricanes usually give you a couple days notice. In an earthquake you don't get much, if any, notice. Not much you could do and depending on damage may not even be able to evacuate.
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With the kittens, we have the breakaway collars on them with the little bells. It's twofold; one we'd like them to be used to collars so that they don't freak out about them as they get older. We don't have any intention of allowing them outside, but I'd like them to be able to wear their license numbers without having to fight with them about it. The second thing is that we are in a large house and it makes it easier to find them (especially if they have a tiff with the other cat).

I will admit that they get annoyed with them especially since it hinders with their "hunting" ability of one another so they try to pull it off themselves. (Since they are breakaway collars, this isn't hard either).
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My 16 year old cat does not have a collar because I don't consider him a "flight risk"- he loves to sit at the window and look out but he has NEVER snuck out.

My two kittens wear breakaway collars with ID (and they are microchipped). They are so incredibly sneaky and fast! I have worked a lot on shooing them away from the doors to dissuade them, but they still dart out at times. One of them has taken her collar off a couple of times, but for the most part the collars stay on (although I have no doubt they could easily slip out or unclip them if they got stuck on something). Instead of tags that hang down I have the flat kind that rivets.

My dog only wears a collar when in our fenced yard or outside- not in the house. His collar is not breakaway and I have heard of dogs getting their collars stuck on their crate, getting an arm stuck in, etc. and being strangled. Plus he is trained much better than my cats. Of course he is microchipped as well.
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