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Jr. Cat
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When does a female cat start acting more mature?

I'm pretty sure that this topic must've come up several times over the years, but I couldn't find a thread specifically on this subject while doing a search....

Basically, my question is this: When do female cats generally start acting more calm and mature? My cat Mogwai is adorable and the cause of much laughter in my household with her quirky, playful behavior. She's only about 1 year and a half old, so that kind of hyperactive behavior is to be expected. She's certainly calmed down already from when she was a kitten, and will often be simply lounging around calmly. When she gets hyper, though, she can get a bit tiring----running around the apartment, jumping where she's not supposed to, and risking breaking or damaging valuable items and appliances. She's very willful and clever, so will wait until I'm out of sight (especially when I'm in the bathroom) to jump on the counter tops (not allowed!), walk on my Blu-Ray Player (not allowed!!), etc. I'm always worried that she will damage my books in my bookcase by using them as "scratching posts". I can't leave her out of my sight for a moment, which gets a bit tiring after a while. So I'm wondering if female cats generally become less curious and mischievous after a certain age. Right now she's the equivalent of a human teenager, and I heard that female cats tend to mature quicker than males---because once they're of breeding age, they need to have the maturity to rear their young. Any truth to that? I read that, generally, most cats become calmer and more mature around 2 years old. Is that right? Any advice and opinions welcome.
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In my opinion, cats are like people: 1 year old cat = 7 year old child. 2 year old cat = 14 year old child. 3 year old cat = 21 year old young adult, etc. It will probably be about 3+ when it starts to really settle down, assuming she is fixed. I don't think sex of the cat matters all that much. Mine didn't start to get REALLY laid back until they were over 8. I'm sure others will chime in with other thoughts.

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Jr. Cat
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Thanks for your input, Marcia. I read somewhere that the first year to a cat is the equivalent of about 14 human years, and then every year after that is the equivalent of 7. I don't know if such a notion is universally accepted or not, however.

Yes, she is now spayed. I got her spayed about 5 weeks ago----which set me back a cool $140. Her behavior is exactly the same as before getting spayed----minus (obviously) those extremely annoying cycles of loud meowing, rolling around at my feet, and biting my toes (whenever she was in heat, I had to wear socks at all times. ). So glad she's now finally spayed. She still gets the "midnight crazies" every day, though.
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Well, just enjoy the antics. She won't be young forever. I just got back from the vet visit for two sick kitties. Both have nausea, diarrhea and are not eating. Set me back $306 for all the fluids, injections and general visit. Sheesh, but pets are an obligation and a privilige! I have 5 cats total, so I hope this bug does not spread further! I've got them both in isolation now.

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Tom Cat
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While you're waiting it out, it might help to play before bed and feed her largest meal as late as possible. This will help keep her asleep instead of tearing around the house at midnight.

My boy is 11 months and I think is showing some signs of calming. I might just be imagining it because he's being a perfect angel right this second though!

Some cats keep that kitten-like behavior for a very long time.

I would say just play until she's exhausted. Once a day works for me, but you may need to try more often. If she works off that energy with you, she won't be inclined to ruin books, and nip at toes, and streak around the house.

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Lottie is estimated at being at least four - she can be extremely chilled but at this moment she is tearing around doing gazelle leaps and confusing the dog so don't hold your breath!
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It all depends on the cat. From 12 weeks (when I got her) to abut 2 years Maggie was an absolute nut job, worse than any kitten I've ever met or heard about. From age 2-8 she acted like a normal kitten. She finally started to slow down at 8. But now at 16 she still has more energy than the two younger ones put together (ages 11 & 6)...

On the other hand, Kobi had about a 4 month span where he was crazy and he settled down before he was year. Holly has never been a zoom around the house destructive type, she's more the curious need to be involved in everything you do type. So they're all different. But I do agree...enjoy it while it's happening. In the meantime it sounds like you need to do some more kitty proofing. Put the blue ray where she can't sit on it, make the counters less interesting. Move the books you're really concerned about to a place she can't access.

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Cool Cat
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I have three cats. Two are 1.5 years old and one is 6.5. The younger two calmed down significantly but like yours can become quite tiring when they get active. They are still very hyper and get crazy at least 3 x a day. They will run around the house sprinting, getting into things and causing trouble. It is frustrating. The older one never ever does this. She's still playful and plays with toys but does not wrestle and won't get hyper like the younger two. I've heard they don't settle until 2.5-3

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I have boys and one was already 4 when I got him so this may not help, but I got Book as a 5 or 6 month old and he was unbearable until he was 13 months old. Then it was like a switch went off in his brain.

Now, he still has his moments where MowMow and I both look at him like "Wtf is WRONG with you?" but in general he's pretty laid back now.

Thinking back on it, I think what helped a lot was MowMow. As Book matured he eased up on (it's never STOPPED) antagonizing his brother and that encouraged MowMow to play with him more. Now they spend a LOT of time (all day according to the poor woman who lives below me and works from home) chasing each other around the apartment. They sound like a herd of elephants when they get going. Of course one of them always takes it too far and it ends up in a fight/standoff but it wears them both down really well. A tired kitty is a well behaved kitty.

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I heard that it's around three where they really mellow out, but I'm not sure at all. I know Jake is pretty bad, when he wants to play and you don't get out his toy he starts trying to wrestle and nip, but you just have to watch for the signs. I know that when he starts rolling around on the floor, it's time to take out his feathers or risk being attacked (it's not painful so much as annoying).
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