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Jr. Cat
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What do your cats do that you find adorable?

Is there anything that your cats do that just melt your heart?

One of my kittens likes attention. You know when someone has a small dog and you go to their house and the dog is so excited it jumps up on your leg? When my kitty is wanting attention, she does the same thing! She'll meow at my feet and if I don't pick her up she jumps up and puts her front paws on my knees, continuing to meow. This is the first time I've ever had a cat who loves to be held, so I love this!

My other kitten is a lot more independent. She enjoys being held, but she doesn't ask for attention as much as her sister. But she likes to be where we are. We have a few rooms off-limits to the cats and when we're away from them, she will sit by the door and meow her little head off. When we wake up in the morning (the bedroom is a no cat area) she is the first to greet us and makes the sweetest meows that sound like "eh!". She then likes to walk circles around us, not so much wanting to be pet, but she likes to do her own thing.

Tell me about the adorable things your cats do!
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Premier Cat
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Our Abby used to be like that, ask to be picked up but not to be held. She liked sittng by my keyboard and getting her belly rubbed.

All of my (now 5) cats are quiet as church mouses! Hardly a peep at all from anyone- ever. What I love the most about one of them is that Missy (avatar) will trill. It's that quiet rolling gutteral meow sound - but it's not a meow at all. It's called trilling. I just love that sound.
Missy and Zipper get SO excited when I go upstairs because that usually means I will turn on my bathtub faucet for them. They LOVE that!!!

Cat owners' prayer: "Lord help me be the person my cat thinks I am"
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Senior Cat
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When we come home, or come into a room where she is, Squeek plops down on the floor and roles back and forth on her back like a fluffy wiggleworm until we come give her 'tentions'. Or sometimes, just walks around us peeping and trilling and rubbing her head on everything in sight.

In the morning, Lickorish gives furry foot-rubs rubbing herself on my feet as I'm getting out of bed. She also does 'panther power' salutes stretching her paw high into the air. I've been wanting to get a picture of her doing that, but haven't managed it yet. When we're relaxing in the living room, if I get up, she gets up too and meows in a demanding tone for me to pet her, then when I do she'll flop over and let me rub her belly and just stretch and roll a little being in kitty kat heaven.
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Premier Cat
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Murphy tucks me in every night. He camps out on the end of my bed while I'm getting ready for bed, stays there for the first 10-15 minutes after the lights are out, and then takes off. I swear, it's like he wants to know I'm tucked in.

Holly and Murphy
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Cool Cat
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Baron stands up on his hind feet and puts his front paws on my thigh while I'm standing and stretches real big and pats me for attention.
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pretty much everything, to be honest.. (I'm not saying she's in reality adorable constantly, but to me she is).. one particlar though is when she hears the garage door, she'll go to the window facing it and I can see her little face looking out when walking to the door from garage.
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Cat Addict
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Blaze falls over sometimes at just a look, like he just flops. I've always found it really cute. He has such a vocal range, too. He also used to play hide and seek which was fun; when he'd find me he'd meow at me.

Blacky is so calm and composed and independent, I really like that about her. She'll always appear in the yard if you're doing something out there, and while she isn't much of a meower, she often meows before coming up the stairs or while walking down the hall towards my bedroom; she doesn't want to make the effort without me being in my room. It's cute to hear her calling to me.

Jasper I'm still just getting to know the soft side of since he's semi-feral, but I love that he's a lap cat, and I love how he trills a lot, and when he meows it's a very sweet meow unless he's stressed or asking for food, then it sounds a little too frantic for my liking. He also will sit on my lap and eye my forehead, like he's tentatively planning to give me a headbutt, and sometimes he follows through, it's really cute and a little nerve racking to be sized up by him like that. I just don't know if the headbutt will turn into teeth and claws.

Along with the dogs Tara and Coco.
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MowMow -
I love that MowMOw lays belly up a lot. He always looks so cute looking at me upside down.

It's adorable when he's fast asleep and I stroke him, he always trills at me. He rarely lifts his head and sometimes doesn't even open his eyes, but he lets out a little trill of greeting.

It's adorable when he pokes me in the middle of the night because I'm not laying in a position conducive to cuddle him. Once I move he settles in and purrs like crazy.

I love when he randomly hunts me down just to nuzzle noses with me and leaves again.

I think it's cute when he sits on the bathroom sink in the mornings while I'm on the throne. We yawn at each other and blink...bleary eyed for a while.

Book is cute because he follows me everywhere. If I go in bathroom, he follows and flops on the bath mat. I go to craft and he follows me in there and sits on the bookshelf next to my desk. I'm in the kitchen, he's on the bar stool watching.

I like when he falls asleep and doesn't hear me leave the room. HE wakes up and calls, when I answer him he joins me and purrs like crazy.

I love how he goes instant motor when I touch him. The second we make contact he starts rumbling at me.

I could go on for hours....

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Maxx likes to lean up when we're cuddling and nibble on my chin. Does anyone else have a cat that does that, or know why?
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Tom Cat
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Moosey loves having her chin rubbed and she trills as well. Also, she seems to meow for no apparent reason. Usually it is if she has been in the bedroom and we are in the living room and she can't see us. Like she is saying "Hey! Where are you?" or "Hey! I'm right here". She also wakes me up every morning with kitty kisses and rubs.

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