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Jr. Cat
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Question Kitten a little too adventurous...

Hi guys, we have a 9 week old kitten. Most adorable little boy.

He's a naughty and VERY persistent little man! Very adventurous!

A quick question...he's learnt very quickly how to climb up onto the couch and bed. We obviously don't mind him on the couch or bed, but our one couch is up against the back of the kitchen counter (live in an open plan flat/apartment so can't put the couch anywhere else), and he always climbs up onto it. We are very scared he tries to jump from the other side. It is WAY to high for him as a small kitten and we've seen him get into position to jump, just don't want him to hurt himself. He's very persistent, we keep taking him off, and he climbs back up. The more we take him off, the more determined he is! We've tried moving the couch away from the counter but he still tried to jump the gap and didn't make it...our hearts stopped for a second!

Also when my Fiance tries to eat breakfast/lunch/supper...he climbs up her leg or on the couch and wants to basically get in the plate! We've only had him a few days and never fed him off our plates, so it's not learned behavoiur.

Any suggestions on how to stop any of this behaviour? I know he is a kitten and exploring...but any help?
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Tom Cat
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Cats are smart, really, too smart, for their own good.

Moosey knows that when she does something wrong, she will get sprayed with the squirt bottle. If she is terrorizing the kitten, or on the desk, she gets sprayed. When the kitten starts to hiss, Moosey looks around to see if we are going to squirt her.

There are products you can spray to keep cats away from certain areas, however, I am not sure if they are available in your area.

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Premier Cat
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Kittens are just babies and need to learn boundaries. Our Billy was the only kitten we've ever adopted - he was 4 months old so needed to be taught boundaries. I used to take his scruff, put him down and say NO!!. After a few times of that he learned. Think of them as small children. If it persists or you are not home enough to teach the boundary lesson personally there are sprays or scat mats you can buy. YouTube of full of videos of cats jumping and missing, I would not worry too much about that - he'll learn first time he knocks his noggin' good. If that is his pic in your avatar he is adorable!!!!

Cat owners' prayer: "Lord help me be the person my cat thinks I am"
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Jr. Cat
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Hi, thank you for your replies! Yes, that's him in the picture. No matter how naughty he gets or how many sleepless nights he gives us...he just has to do something cute, and all is forgiven! He's fallen asleep on my lap as I type this!
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Tom Cat
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At nine weeks, his bones are just beginning to get hard with calcium and he probably would not break a bone if he jumped off a 36 inch regulation counter. You could put a chair on the other side of the counter for him to climb down when he get to the edge and he MAY use it. HA!

Think of him as a child that needs guidance; I know human kids don't have claws: but, he is young and needs to know what he is and is not permitted to do. Keep putting him down on the floor if he is trying to eat your food; if he does not stop doing that, hiss at him like his mother or siblings would ("stay away from MY food). If a hiss does not do it, do an angry mom-cat growl; speak his language and he will react. The ultimate thing mom-cat does to a baby who is not listening, is tap it firmly on the head with her paw. You can do this too, but you must not hit him too hard; just one finger, gently, on the top of the head. He will look up at you with an expression of "HUH?" Really, a hiss should do it. Teach him the difference between your food and his food now or it will be a fight for his entire life.
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Tom Cat
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Kitten a little too adventurous...

As a kitten, my cat was pretty clumsy. He'd try to make a big jump and totally miss. I wouldn't see him try to make that jump again for a few weeks.

Before I got him a windowsill perch, he used to like to sit on the narrow windowsill. He only ever made that jump from the end table which I moved. He tried to make that jump from the floor, and slammed into the window because if how narrow the sill was.

Other than hurt pride, they're pretty resilient. Even a small kitten jumping off a counter probably won't hurt himself. Watching probably hurts you more than it hurts him! They grow so fast. In a couple of weeks it won't even be an issue. He'll be big enough for you not to worry!

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Kittens bounce! Ha ha! When I had my first kitten (just 9 months ago) he would jump from my arms all the time, I couldn't believe he didn't get hurt. He bounced from the back of the couch to the bed to the desk. He'd jump and run everywhere (which is why I named him Kricket). He never got hurt. They can be a little clumsy, but I would still let him explore on his own. Chances of a kitten breaking a bone because they jumped off a counter is very slim. A small dog on the other hand is another story, LOL! Good luck with your crazy curious little one!
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My kittens are about 15 weeks now so ive been where you are now. You give up worrying after a while haha! We are still setting boundaries but they are getting more stubborn now! Eating from our plates is a big nono but oscar is so stubborn. Hissing at him is the only thing he pays attention to!
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I'm pretty sure all kittens are a little too adventurous. When I first got Luna, I was TERRIFIED of letting her outside of her 'safe' room without direct supervision. I could not stop thinking about all the hazards that awaited her in the rest of the house. Now that she is free-roaming, I'm finding her all sorts of places! Now that she is bigger, she can jump higher. I came home from work one day to find her on top of my kitchen table. Thing is, my kitchen table is a bar table. It is very high. I could not believe she had jumped up there (albeit with the help of one of my bar stools). I dread the day where she figures out how to jump on top of my kitchen counter. She is always jumping in open drawers, the fridge, etc. I have to always keep the toilet seat down in case she falls in. She is big enough now that it wouldn't hurt her most likely, but ... ew. I have a cupboard under the stairs la Harry Potter, and I opened it this evening to check out my shampoo and conditioner stash, and in she jumped, crawled in to where I couldn't reach her! Luckily she loves spending time with me, so she follows me around the house so I can supervise her.

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Tom Cat
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I am sure Luna thought she found gold in the understair cubby! Just the sort of area cats absolutely love to skulk around through! She probably thought "Thanks, Mom!" when you opened the door for her!
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