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Bites me for NO REASON

I am desperate and have been searching everywhere for help!

My cat continues to randomly bite me! I will be sitting at my desk minding my own business and she will sneak up and either bite my feet, ankle, leg, or anything that she can reach. I will pay attention to her, play with her and do anything that will give her attention and she continues to do this.

If anyone has had this happen or knows what I might be able to try to stop this?


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How old is she? Makes a BIG difference.

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I agree with Marcia.
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What kind of a bite? Like a little nibble/playful bit or are we talking attack and try (or succeed) to draw blood?

My 9mo doesn't bite, but if i'm moving a part of my body in any repeat motion, he runs up and 'attacks' me with his paws. The motion attracts him. I did have a horse that was a complete *** and bit me on my side when I was sitting on the fence one day.

As far as stopping, you might try keeping a spray bottle near you and spaying him when he does it. He'll get the message quickly if he hates water.
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Don't forget. If he draws blood, wash your wound quickly with soap and water. Any sign of infection, go to the doctor. Infections from serious cat bites can be really bad.
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I see from your other post that your cat is only ten months old.

Cats aren't born with bite inhibition; they have to be taught it. When kittens play with other kittens, they teach each other how to play nicely. Your kitten can learn it from you too, though.

When Zephyr was little and would bite, I would tell him a firm "No!", then cross my arms and turn away from him for about thirty seconds. It didn't take him long to figure out that I would stop playing if he bit me, so if he wanted a playmate he had to be nice.

If your cat bites you and you give her attention as a result, you're actually reinforcing the lesson that biting gives her what she wants. You don't have to ignore her very long for her to get the message, but I don't recommend immediately giving her what she's looking for, either. You have to show her that she gets what she wants when she behaves, not for misbehaving.

It also may help to only play with your cat with toys, not with your hands and feet. Some cats have trouble figuring out when play biting is and isn't allowed if you ever let them get away with it, so it may be best to just put a stop to that in your play.

Your kitten isn't a bad cat, she just needs to be taught. If you're consistent with her, she should calm down soon.

I would also mention that for me and for a lot of cat people I've talked to, 9-10 months was a really tough age. Older kittens can be real pills. It's just a phase that they have to grow out of.

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Thanks, Blakeney Green, for answering my question about age of the cat!! 10 months old is still a kitten and a very rambunctous age at that! I would say he needs to be taught manners. Our Billy was 4 months and had an attack mode that really was over the top! It was play, but his little teeth were SHARP! I would grab his scruff and yell NO!! or grab and yell OW!!! He gradually got the message that the grab and yell meant for him to STOP.

Cat owners' prayer: "Lord help me be the person my cat thinks I am"
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Jr. Cat
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My two 7 month old kittens occassionally mouth my hands. I try to substitute one of several toys (actually dog toys but they are small and the cats like mouthing them) and they will bite it instead- I believe this is mouthing due to teething (though I could be wrong because I have never had kittens before) and is not play in my cat's case.

Mine have a VERY hard time not biting feet that move under a blanket- so I will distract them by throwing a small catnip-y toy which they LOVE to chase (away from my feet!) Then I play with them using a long sticky thing with feathers on it they love chasing/attacking.

I went through bite inhibition with a German Shepherd pup a few years ago. It takes patience but as long as you stay calm and consistent with training it all works out. I am not a believer in punishing an animal for interacting with me so I always try to redirect the biting to a toy or if the animal can't play without biting I get up and walk away.
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I think Blakeney Green said it best, oh a keep a spray bottle of water handy. When she bites she gets a guaranteed reaction from you so she needs to find another way of communicating. You've got yourself a handful with that one.
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Once my late CC bit me when I was holding him...I know he was telling me something but I bent down and bit his ear and let him down...He never bit me again. I mentioned this to the wife once and she tried it....he turned and bit her on the lip and she released him.....guess what works for one doesn't always work for another person. CC was not a biter, this was an isolated incident but he was a bit of a bully to younger Kermit.

We took in a young feral female who I like to play with. She can be very agressive if I let the play get too serious. She had to have some enemas a year ago (almost a year after we took her in) and was very possessive about her ah other end. It was a no no to pet her near her tail. Slowly I got her over this. I used the term 'good girl' when I wanted rough play to end (her teeth and claws are sharp). I would reassure her that play is play and huggies are huggies. It seems to work as I can end play with that term and sometimes she gets a cat treat after a bit of play.

With CC we used a water bottle a couple of times and thereafter if I pointed my finger and went Swish Swish, he would stop bad behavior. I don't know why that worked but it did.
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