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Adoption advice

My cat is 5 years old, I feel he is very lonely, he cries to attract strays and watches them through the window, he is indoor cat and doesn't go out. I'm considering getting him a companion kitty. I was looking at local human society website and there are some lovely kitties I would take home. My question is, should I take a kitten or grown cat? My cat is a bit skittish and really sissy, he can't stand confrontation, so I would think a kitten wouldn't scare him. What do you think would be the best for him?

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A kitten might sense weakness and beat the crap out of him - intended as play but it could really mean trouble for a skittish kitty. OR it could go the other way - really depends on the nature of a kitten or cat. Why not adopt a somewhat older kitty and VERY slowly introduce them. There is lots of information on this site on how to introduce (and NOT how) your cats to each other. Is your cat fixed? Normally a cat will growl or go berserk when they see an outdoor cat in what they perceive as their territory. I've never heard of an indoor cat crying for togetherness with an outdoor cat.

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He is fixed, I am not sure why he is crying, but he sits by the window and starts mewing until strays come then they look at each other and he follows them from kitchen window, to the backyard window. Also everyone in my family works/goes to school, he is basically alone all day, so I thought with another cat he wouldn't be bored and they would keep each other company.

Gosha - shy 5 y.o. Rasta - vicious kitten

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I think it's a great idea to get another cat, but it really depends on the nature of both of them whether, or how well, it will work out. I've been adopting adult and senior cats for over 25 years and have found that there is no fixed solution as to them getting along. Normally the cats will work things out - either by being buddies or by agreeing to disagree and keeping their distance from each other. Good luck with your selection!

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I have not personally added a new cat to an existing cat, but from what I have read on this forum over the past few months, getting a cat of similar age might be better. With a kitten, the kitten could bully your current cat as Marcia said, or the kitten might just annoy your cat with all its extra energy, making him more skittish and uncomfortable. With a cat that is a few years old, you could have a better sense of its personality and decide if it will be compatible with your cat.
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Jr. Cat
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My roommate's cat is about 5 now and my boyfriend and I discussed it for a while as to what we should do with the addition of a new cat. We (as a household) talked it over and figured that since she didn't get along well with older cats, that kittens were the way to go. We figured since she isn't very socialized with cats (or kittens) in general that we'd likely have to get a pair since she might not be amused with them.

So far (its been a little over a month) and it's been a good decision. The older cat hasn't really warmed up to them and hisses from time to time when they try to play, but doesn't outright hate them (she's tried to fight other cats that we've cat-sitted before).

I think it's dependent on your cat's personality. Since he seems to be a bit more socialized (as in, doesn't freak out at the sight of other cats) then I think you might safely be able to go either way so long as you take the time to slowly introduce one another. Quarantine the new cat to a safe room, after about a week, start switch items between the new and the old cat so they get familiar with the scents, then monitor interactions (but make sure you're slowly doing it).
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i would also suggest IF it's a possibility - to foster a cat (or a few if you need to) first to see how your resident kitty does with him/her. since they all have their own personalities and foibles, this would give you a chance to see if your kitty would do well with someone permanent in his home. i sorta wish we had done this ourselves before committing to another cat. we also thought our 1st cat was lonely, but i believe now she really would've preferred to remain an ONLY cat at home. as it is, there is NO way i would return our 2nd and yes, 3rd cat, to the non-profit agency that rescued them. they are 14 yrs old and 7 years old and buddies themselves, and i can't stand the thought of them being shuffled around again feeling like no one loves them.

also, i second the idea of an adult cat with a more established personality, so you don't run the risk of a kitten turning into a bully as he/she gets older and bigger. it would be horrible to see your current baby being intimidated by a newcomer.

oh! and i've discovered there's a slightly higher chance of a male spraying if there's a fight for territory. just to make things simpler in the future for myself, i'll probably stick to the senior females. good luck!
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Yeah, I would definitely go with a cat three years or older, as that's when their personalities come through, I mean even in the first few years they're still just rambunctious kittens that look like cats.

Our Jake is a 1 1/2 or so according to the shelter, and he is identical to a kitten, he's always ready to play, and if he really wants to play he'll let you know (start nipping feet and such), but he doesn't get into things like kittens tend to, and he doesn't eat things off the floor which is good. From what I know, a lot of cats between the ages 0-2 or 3 still act a lot like kittens, and their adult personalities don't show through until 3 or older.

If you go for an older cat you'll know how they'll act, that way you can pick out a cat who is calmer, and gets along with other cats, to make it easier for your current kitty.

Either way, good luck with your decision!
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Tom Cat
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Adoption advice

We just adopted a 10 month old cat 3 weeks ago & we have an almost 14 year old cat. I must say, he has become more playful since bringing in the new kitty.

My younger cat has tried to play with my older cat by jumping on him but he just stares at her like she is crazy. Lol They seem to like each other & the dog gets along with her too. We never had any confrontations with any of them.

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I think it really does just depend on the personality of the two cats.. Also, some cats just like people just don't get along. We have 3 cats and 2 fosters here at the moment. Meeka, is a bit of a princess when it comes to newcomers. Whether they be kittens or adults, she gets upset and hisses at them whenever their paths cross. The boys on the other hand are both pretty laid back and have accepted new kitties with no troubles. One of the fosters that we have here at the moment was in foster care with one other cat before he came here and he had to be moved urgently as he was apparently attacking the resident kitty to the point that she was too scared to come out from under the lounge and was becoming ill. He's absolutely fine here with FOUR other cats, he'll only really play with the kitten and spends most of his time hanging out on his own but the other cats really don't phase him. It makes me think that maybe there was something about the kitty he was living with before that he just didn't like..
I like what others have suggested about fostering - some rescue groups may even do a 'foster with intent to adopt' type arrangement so you can gauge how thins might go before committing. In my experience, kittens are often easier to introduce but if you speak with the shelter/foster carer and aim to get a laid back adult cat that gets along with other adult cats where it is already, that should make things easier for you as well. Good luck with the decision

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