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Alanna kneads when she's on my stomach, more like bladder area, first thing in the morning!

My kitten Kricket does it when he's getting petted. He closes his eyes and stretches his paws, then starts grooming himself… and me (ouch)! I can't bear to make him stop though, he's just showing love The other day he groomed me so much I had sores on my neck and chest that are still healing. He tries to groom me a couple times a week.
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Artie is always kneading me!
Every night, while watching TV, I cover up with a throw and he immediately jumps on my lap, circles around, kneads for about 10 minutes (my forearm, or my upper thigh) and then settles down to sleep.

When he feels especially needy, as in last week during the storm, he kept sitting next to my chair, jumped up on my lap-no throw on me yet-, got upset because I was not covered, then jumped on the top of the chair
Something I have recently noticed: When he is lying, I will sometimes go over to pet him. He will stretch and then briefly knead whatever he is lying on, my bed, carpet, me, etc...and sometimes he will let out a yawn and a tiny, soft, happy meow...
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Murphy kneads me all the time, but never my husband. That led me to wonder if they sort of know who their mothers are and do it to women more than men.

A couple other ironclad things that apply to Murphy kneading: First, he'll knead for a while and then run away. He never kneads and sticks around. Secondly, if you pet him whilel he's kneading, he stops kneading and runs away. It's like men . . . when they feel like they've shown too much emotion, they just run away.

Holly and Murphy
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Tom Cat
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Originally Posted by grrawritsjordi View Post
Haha, Ziggy drools too! Moosey wouldn't even think about kneading.
Well, of course Moosey made a fool out of me this morning. She was kneading my face and pillow, which reminded me that she used to do that in the morning, but hadn't done it for quite some time (which made me forget about it). I realized that she had stopped doing it because Ziggy has been sleeping with us a lot more now, and Moosey does not like it, so she doesn't show as much affection in the morning, but last night we booted little Zigs out because she was exploring around keeping us awake, so this morning Moosey was loving and purring. She does this thing where she streches out on her stomach next to me, then kneads my pillow, face and arm until I get up.

Every time I look into that little face, I get so emotional because she is such a darling little baby.
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All six of mine do it but under different circumstances.
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I am not sure when she was separated from her mother. The shelter didn't get her until October, and by then she was already 8 months old.

I thought it was probably because she was content because she always purrs when she does it with her eyes half shut! lol My other two cats which are from the same litter and I've had them since August purr a lot, but NEVER knead. Not even their bed or anything. The kitties I had when I was a kid would knead their bed (person or otherwise) and then lay down and go to sleep, but Emmy rarely lays down. They clipped her nails for me when I adopted her, but I guess they are starting to grow out a bit because I could feel them the past couple days. Almost time for a trim again, methinks, if she likes to do this so much!
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Luna kneads a lot. She has even given me the occasional back massage.
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The whole crew kneads plus they tend to do the sucky thing too. I don't mind the kneading but the sucking leaves damp spots. Don't defend them by attributing it to poor weaning even tho they were all bottle babies. Most of them are in their late teens. The youngest is 4. I blame it on the fact that they imprinted on me as the mom & I never had the b**ls to be harsh & be the mean mom to put a complete stop to it. So here I sit with one on the mom-shelf (yeah, he's got a bite of shirt & is sucking & kneading while maintaining a solid purr with the added bonus of drool).
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Default Kneading

Kittens need their mamas bellies when they want milk. So cats do this, when they're older, because of contentment and happiness.

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Default Kneading

Only two of my three cats will knead. The one will knead any soft surface/blanket, anytime you put a blanket down she runs over and knead/purrs like crazy. The youngest one loves to knead/massage my dog. She will actually sit on her back and massage her neck like a masseuse. It's so cute. Lol

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