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Originally Posted by Kelly524 View Post
I don't really have anything substantial to add here, other than this. My mom has a cat who pees on any kind of small rug she puts down. She has hardwood floors, and had some little area rugs in one of the bedrooms, and a bath mat. No matter if the litter box is 100% fresh, he will pee on those rugs. She doesn't know what it is about them, but she finally gave up and took them up. Maybe your kitty just doesn't like rugs!
I dont know what it is about them either. But the thing we are most afraid of is if we were to take up all the rugs, what would be next? couches? beds? or just 100% litter? we would rather him go on a little washable rug than on a much more expensive hard if not impossible to clean couch/bed.

I was trying to spray less of my pheramone/calming spray as i was running low. but i got more today so, i will begin going nuts with it again. i really hope that it was making the difference. I will buy and use spray until im blue in the face before having to do the unthinkable. (i say that because hes older and bigger... he wouldnt be one of the first to get adopted, and i know what happens when they run out of room).

i just HOPE it wont come to that. with all my might.
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Can extra attention and playing help with inappropriate urination/anxiety?

I was just doing some reading on cats feeling at ease in their territory.

Could this truly help?

I normally dont bother with much play as they dont seem that interested unless catnip is involved. lately though ive been leaving catnip toys out more often...

Some days are just busier and they dont get as much attention besides a quick pat on the head... would making sure to take 5 minutes to talk to them/pet them (mostly him as she has no issues) really help? Dont get me wrong, most days im around... but the odd days where im not...

They always have food, clean water, and clean litterboxes. (if theyre not clean, its because theyre about to be cleaned). Would beginning to clean them twice a day help?

Just trying to cover all my bases.

We had another issue today on the one by the back door. But, it was just after there were roofers here fixing a problem area (with loud tools and such). I am guessing that time was anxiety related.

Just really trying to do all i can to have behaving kitties and therefore a happier mother to live with.
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Cleaning litter boxes twice a day really is important!
And some really good play time could indeed help Stress issues!
I'm sure others will have suggestions!

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I noticed play helped:
Tame my male who gets too aggressive with mama cat.
Helps my male feel more comfortable with me.

But that is because they don't play with each very much.
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Originally Posted by cat owner again View Post
But that is because they don't play with each very much.
mine either. the occasional chasing match but other than that they just kind of keep to themselves. There is the odd sniffing each other and the very occasional her grooming him... but really not much.

Interesting that it is your male that is stressed too. Hmm...
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Since you STILL haven't ruled out a medical issue, imo it's a moot point. You still don't even know if this is behavioral and without being sure it's all just conjecture.
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Yes it does. We've been dealing with inappropriate urination and aggression issues with our four - 2 x 3yr olds + 2 new kittens (ex fosters); now 11 & 12 months old. I've added structured play to their day and it makes a huge difference. We play for around 20-45 mins with da bird, stings on sticks, da mouse - anything I can think of really. Our outside session includes the 2 big girls (one of whom Coco, is being aggressive with one of the littlies; Lisbeth, who is timid) and Tyrion; our 11 month old boy who is incredibly athletic and active. This session burns off Coco's excess energy (she also needs to lose weight so it helps with that as well) thus reducing her aggression and it burns off some of Tyrion's massive energy reserves thus allowing me to sleep in until 6.30 am before he wakes me up, instead of 3am!
During this session, my daughter plays with a laser pointer with timid Lisbeth inside, by herself. This is helping to build her confidence and sometimes now she will come outside and join in.
Yes, it takes time and effort but it's TOTALLY worth it. It puts them all in a happier mood emotionally and is good for them physically. They now line up at the door to go out and play and 'nag' me of I'm running late. Once they've played they generally wind down for a bit = flop & drop hehe, and then they have their dinner. If I've managed to get Coco to move her furry fat a**e enough she'll generally leave Lisbeth alone for the rest of the evening, which is just heaven!

Jen - owned by ...

Miss Effie, & Wee Lisbeth
RIP Mme Coco, Basil, Horse & Toby
Be Happy in your new forever home Mr Tyrion
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Originally Posted by MowMow View Post
Since you STILL haven't ruled out a medical issue, imo it's a moot point. You still don't even know if this is behavioral and without being sure it's all just conjecture.
Its been going on off and on for years though. Thats what has us highly doubting its medical. He would be dead by now if something was has been wrong for that long. Not to mention he has been visibly eating and drinking, and will still play with his catnip toys. Unwell cats dont eat or play in our experience. Like I said though theyre due to go in next week and we will ask about it... but i really doubt its medical at this point.

Not to mention, with already having a bout of issues, leaving nothing out but a bit of plastic kibbles for him to pee in is not exactly on my priority list... it will only lead to probably more inappropriate issues.

On another note though, I am glad to see that extra attention will possibly help!
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They can live for years with urinary issues. An otherwise healthy cat can live with a UTI, or other minor (although painful and uncomfortable) infection for ages. As long as no secondary infection or issue crops up there's no guarantee it'll go away magically by itself, or that it will get worse and kill him...BTW the fact that your argument LITERALLY is "well he's still alive, so it must be ok" is incredibly flawed and ridiculous. Not to mention sad for your cat!

On top of that cats are well known for masking symptoms until something is horribly wrong. So the fact that he 'seems fine' is also not a valid argument.

Jitzu had a UTI for about a year before I caught on, I didn't know anything about cats at the time and we just thought she was mean and hated me...then when I got a bladder infection it clicked. My thought process literally went like this:

"My back hurts SO BAD! I can't even move come cuddle me mean kitty. Ouch! Why are you always mad when I touch your back?" *lightbulb*

Sure enough, as the vet told me the symptoms it was like checking off a list. Grumpy/irritable all the time, drinks tons, pees tons (to be fair I had no comparison of her healthy behaviour, so some of this was only obvious in retrospect), reacts painfully to touch just above hips where the kidneys are located, pres EVERYWHERE, especially on soft things and plastic bags.

If you haven't been to the vet the rest of this work is pretty much moot. You need to be sure its not medical before moving on to the next steps. Also, (pet peeve here) f its recurring just because it WASN'T medical before doesn't rule it out NOW.

...get him tested. Bottom line.

Becky and the cats: Jitzu (11), Torri (9), Doran (8 ), and Muffin (8 )
The boys at 8 - not lol

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Dont UTIs in males always lead to blocking, or at least straining? Ive watched him pee in the box, nothing unusual, no straining. free open stream.

All i meant by saying that he is still alive so everything must be fine is that if something was truly that wrong with his health, since roughly 6-7 years ago when problems initially started (and then stopped for months and months, and then started again). he would be dead. it literally seems to do with the summer months. sick cats arent only sick in the summer!

Hes not any of those other symptoms you mentioned at all. Hes not even peeing "everywhere"... its occasional mis-uses. even the other day on the back rug, i even hoping it wouldnt get discovered by my mom left it there (i washed it that night), and even still with that scent still on it, he walked past that to go and use the litterboxes.

but please, everyone, THEYRE GOING TO THE VET NEXT WEEK. so please, stop harping on me about that. any other legit advice for the meantime is more than welcome.
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