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Introducing Persian Kitten

I have a persian kitten, four months old. have had her for a month. She is calm and sweet. generally stays out of trouble but a couple of times pooed in a wrong place, but that was an exception. Uses the various toys and gadgets I got her, scratchers etc.

Some issues:
1. stealing food: I once fed her a bit of butter (was that a mistake?) and later she got up on my dining table and liked the butter on the bread. I make a loud tututu sound and she runs but is back. I wonder if I can rub a little pepper or something cats hate on the butter so she looses the appetite for food on the table?
2. What can I give her for treats? Is people's food encouragement of bad habits (i.e. stealing food)? Do I have to buy cat treats?
3. She does get smelly after two weeks. I would love to bathe her more often--weekly or biweekly. I heard that some show cats are bathed weekly, as long as they use a special conditioner etc it should be OK. any tips?
4. She does not like to be groomed. I guess it's painful. Should I apply detangling spray before? I bought FURminator deTangling Waterless Spray

. I have tried 5 different combs and brushes, she starts scratching and biting pretty soon, and if I don't stop turns into hissing. Since she needs to be combed every day, that's a bit of a problem...
5.Any great ideas to reduce shedding?
6.Litter box. I use sawdust pellets as recommended. Is there a litter box that has a double bottom with mesh so the disintegrated pellets can go down so I can clean daily?
7. Do I need to brush her teeth regularly?
8. I feed her dry kibble by Royal Canine, and it recommends 100ml per day divided into three meals. but she is really hungry all the time. Should I just give her as much as she wants? In that case when do I start reducing her food so she does not get fat as she gets older?

So many questions! thanks so much!
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Oh my goodness what a cutie! I don't think I've ever seen a Persian with dilute calico coloring! I've never had a longhaired kitty, so I can't tell you much about caring for her fur, but some general things:

1, 2 & 8. You could certainly try putting something on or next to the butter. Vinegar, lemon, or celery should do the trick. My cat looooves butter too. I put a little bit on a separate plate and put it by her feeding area. I think most of us give a little human food to our kitties, but I wouldn't let your kitty eat where you're eating. That could get annoying for you. Kitties don't really need treats, especially not cat treats. Most of them have icky ingredients. Freeze-dried chicken or fish are healthy, but they are expensive. My kitty gets butter sometimes, or some roast chicken, the water from a can of tuna packed in water, occasionally a little bit of bacon, as treats.

Wet food is generally healthier for cats than kibble, and feeding a lot of kibble can definitely lead to overweight kitties. People with a lot of kitten experience generally seem to feed kittens wet food 3 or 4 times a day but also leave a little kibble out. When to stop free feeding/cut back on food? Most people seem to do so by 12 months at the latest.

3. I'm not sure why your kitty gets smelly? Is she getting pee or poo stuck to her hindquarters? If so, you might have a groomer give her a trim back there on a regular basis. I don't bathe my cat unless she gets herself dirty, but again, I've never had a longhaired kitty.

4. Some cats just really don't like being brushed. I use a flea comb on mine, and she loves it, but I had another cat who hated it. Some members have said that their cats tolerated a human hair brush, with plastic bristles, but not any kind of cat comb or brush. This might be a situation where treats could be useful...You could also try starting while she's asleep, and alternately petting/combing her. Start with just a few strokes, before she gets upset, and gradually lengthen the amount of time you spend combing her. On my cat who hated the comb, I dampened my hands and stroked her fur. She liked that, and it got off quite a bit of fur, but it won't do anything for the undercoat.

5. Ha.

6. I believe there is at least one, but I can't remember the name.

7. If you can, it would definitely be a good thing. I've never done it. I just take my kitties in for dentals when necessary.

I hope others will be by with more suggestions for you!
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Your Persian is lovely and adorable and not too old to get trained to enjoy being groomed every day. Don't use a brush as it doesn't do as good a job as a comb. I've always used a metal "Greyhound" type of comb (it's the brand name not for the dog breed) that is polished rounded tip steel tines and has coarser tines on one side and finer ones on the other. I learned many years ago from the Persian breeders at shows that a comb is much better for grooming longhairs than a brush. Since your kitty wasn't trained from a young kitten to accept grooming, start small and it when she's sleepy or when she's eating a yummy treat, or wipe a smear of butter on her paws to distract while you comb. For tats, cut away at them very gently a little at a time while she's very relaxed or don't have to get a mat all at one time. Get her to associate that nice things happen when she's being groomed. Stop if she's getting agitated. Give her lots of praise in a sing song voice and always end with a treat after you've finished grooming. Soon she should look forward to seeing you with the comb in your hand. When she's starting to enjoy it, do the grooming in the same place each day. I find a bathroom counter is ideal for height and better in a confined space with door closed. Just do the spots he likes scratched (chin, cheeks, maybe on back just in front of tail) in the beginning and only do enough that she isn't getting annoyed. Eventually stretch out the time and to different areas of the body. Some cats are very ticklish in the tummy area or inside of their back legs. To keep her from getting her britches soiled with poop, cut hair away about one inch diameter around the anus with blunt nose scissors, available at Amazon and pet stores. Yes, all show cats get bathed before a cat show, especially Persians, but you may be able to stretch it out with grooming and careful handling to only 3 or 4 times a year or even less. A lot depends on the quality of her coat....some coats mat easily if they have a cottony texture, others hardly at all if it's silkier. Don't handle your cat if you or others in your company have greasy fingers from food or snack foods (buttered popcorn, etc.) as the grease will get on the coat and attract dust and dirt. Also household maintenance is important as well to keep floors and surfaces well swiffered/vacuumed/dusted as that can dirty the coat. For a quick freshen up between any bathing, wipe the cat down thoroughly with a Sani-Wipe, then follow with a towel dipped in hot water and well wrung out so that it's not drippy and rub the cat all over; this will remove any residue from the Sani-Wipe, and remove any greasiness. Fluff up the coat with a comb and let air dry. Hope some of these tips are helpful. Nothing is more beautiful than a well-groomed Persian. All the best!

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During this grooming training period, I should have added that treats, whether freeze dried meat like "Pure Bites" or roasted chicken should only be given after the grooming session and at no other time of the day. This is to get her to associate grooming with something extra special and delicious. Happy grooming!

"There are no ordinary cats.";"Time spent with a cat is never wasted."~ Colette
"A loving cat can mend a wounded heart." ~ Unknown Author
Alkitotle aka "Alkee", "Lambie" (July 2/04 - Oct. 2/15) -- white Devon Rex
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Congratulations, she is ADORABLE!

My response is going to be quick--but catloverami gave you amazing advice already, so not too much needs added.

Yes, I personally use detangling spray--actually, that same exact one (the one for cats)--on my Persians before I brush them. It helps for sure. I also hold the root of the hair down with my hand and brush the ends, then get closer to the skin (if that makes sense) so I don't tug too much. Like Ami said, always give tons of praise in a happy voice so they learn brushing is a good thing. I also second trimming the hair around the butt to keep them clean and not stinky.

My vet(s) have always said not to restrict a kitten's food. They're still growing, after all! What I did with mine is left dry food out 24/7 but their main meals were wet food. I would give them about 3oz or so a day and the dry food was there in case they got hungry or needed supplementing. Wet food is definitely the superior options for cats in general (read Feeding Your Cat: Know the Basics of Feline Nutrition for a great resource) and it keeps them fuller longer since it has more protein and moisture. My Persians are all very good sizes still--at 3, 2 and 6 months. All a great weight and very healthy!

Good luck with your new baby! They are the best!

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Generally people food isn't good for cats. Some cats have a taste for it, my Robin Hood likes a little cheese , now and then. You're better off discouraging her from 2 -legged fare, a little butter won't hurt her, but she's better off with canned cat food and...


The best, by far is bil-jac, but they can get pricey. Cats also go for Greenies and Blue Buffalo.

She IS adorable! She reminds me of a gray kitten I cared for, Dolly, but with lotsa fur!
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Dear all, thank you so much for such great answers! I have taken all your advice! Sorry for not getting back earlier--for a while I was not able to find this website agian. Thanks so much!
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