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New to Cat World- Kitten Behavior Normal

Hello. I have had this kitten for 3 weeks. She is 11 weeks today. I had her to the vet to get her first round of shots and deworming. Her health is great. I never owned a cat before and its has been some time since my wife did, she really can't remember kitten behavior.

Since we had her we can lift her up and if we are standing and walking she does ok in our arms. If we stand still she will bite you if she can get you or pull your hand to her and bite. Petting her usually end up with her snipping at your fingers. She has been fine with my two year old, but has recently started nipping at her fingers.

Its never hard enough that we would bleed. She will go behind the couch and climb up the back with her nails. She defiantly is not a cuddle kitten, we try she gets right up or pushes away and does her thing. She was climbing up on every, even buried her nails into my leg and made me bleed, so I trimmed her nails. This seemed to help for a few days. She has been recently just walking up to everything and giving it a bite. Teething? I tried replacing the biting with a toy. Not chewing just biting constantly. I have told her to stop, tried water bottle, yelling, clap with hands for correction, nothing works! She goes right back doing what ever it was.

She has only hissed at our dogs when we first brought her home. Now they are ok. Tries to milk off my own dog that is spayed and purs with her. Is all this behavior normal or is it my luck that I got a bad kitten? My wife said she only remembers her cats/kitten always cuddling up with her and never acting this crazy. The lady I got the kitten from seems that she has kittens for sale often. Said her other cat just had a litter when I was picking this one up. She did tell me this one was the more quite and would just watch the siblings play.

Yes. I play with her daily with wands and other toys. She has toys beyond toys, activity toys, scratching post, etc.
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fyi she is a domestic short hair
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No, not a bad kittie. This is normal behavior in a kitten that was taken from it's litter mates and mamacat too early at 8 wks. She has missed out on a crucial socialization period that goes from 5 wks. of age to 12 wks. when they learn to control their bite by wrestling with their litter mates or biting mamcat and also learn to control their claws as well. They learn to read cat body language and manners....from mama cat, and unfortunately your little girl seems to have missed out on the lessons. Don't ever use your hands or fingers to play with her, and if she bites, have a stuffed mousie, or other toy to give her to chew on instead. A cardboard box with a side cut down that she can reach makes good teething material. Nursing on your dog, or something else is normal behavior. Your little girl sounds pretty spunky and feisty, but normal. Spraying with water doesn't usually work well and should be avoided as well as yelling, clapping hands.....instead train her to come to you by making a special sound....such as "pssst pssst" and then give her a treat....repeat until she clues in to the sound and will come to you readily. You don't always need to reward her with a treat, but can substitute with a small toy, a ping pong ball, a little ball of paper or foil, or one of those plastic spirals (at pet stores--a fave with my cats). Keep the tips of her nails trimmed, and always end the trimming with a treat so that she looks forward to having them done. This is the time to train her, not when she's an adult. Also get her used to being bathed and groomed when she's about 4 mos. old, especially if she is longhair. Small kittens can get chilled quickly and really don't need a bath unless infested with fleas. Bath water should be quite warm, not hot, as a cat's body temp is higher than a human.....appox. 103F. Get her accustomed to a carrier and car rides, so that when you do have to take her to the vet it won't be a big deal trying to get her in a carrier. Oftentimes kittens that age are too antsy and busy to be cuddle bugs, but keep picking her up and only let her down when she stops wiggling to get away. When you're carrying her have some toy or something else for her to chew on instead of your fingers. Pet her often especially when you feed her, or when she is sleepy. All the best with your new kitty.

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